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The world of game d’Azzardo is full of stories and myths concerning the most important Gamblersnull In this article, for example, we want to talk to you about one of the most important players in the world, capable of bankruptcy not one, but two but two terrestrial casinosanull Let’s talk about Kerry Packer, a very important Australian businessman and a passion for gambling.

Kerry Packer died in 2005 but the stories that concern him and his fame still remain incredible. Obviously, as often happens in this case, narratives are often rich in details perhaps invented but this is part of everything that has to do with legendsnull And Kerry Packer is certainly a legend in the world of Gambling.

Kerry Packer’s life

Packer was part of the family who held the Australian television network and was already one of the most important families in that nation also from an economic point of view. Kerry Packer, however, had the merit of continuing the path taken by the father and finding new ideas to be able to increase the fame of the TV networks.

Among these, for example, there was the foundation of World Series Cricket, or a world competition that saw the most important clubs of crickets engaged, Sport very popular in Australianull Obviously he had the exclusive rights of him and this caused a really important growth.

As mentioned, then, he was known for his games in casinos around the world, including European and European ones Las Vegas And he was very passionate about the pole, a game he practiced as soon as he could. To demonstrate his love of him towards this discipline, it is enough to say that after his death, the December 26, 2005 due to renal insufficiency, he was buried his own next to his favorite field.

Kerry Packer winnings

Packer was a really avid gambler and as soon as he had the opportunity He flew around the world to reach the various terrestrial casinosnull His fame was due to the very high episodes he made at the various tables. This Gambler, in fact, also because of his billionaire status, He loved to bet really strong, and for this too it was the nightmare of the casinonull Finding a player as a package at the table, in fact, means being exposed to the possibility of losing millions of dollars in one evening, as has happened several times. And this risked jeopardizing all the activity.

In two cases, in fact, the players of Packer they forced the casinos to definitively declare bankruptcy, semi to Las Vegas.

The first casino, called New Mexico, he was not one of the most important in the city and therefore his finances were not exactly the best. Kerry Packer sat down at the Baccarat table and at each tour he always focused as possible. Over the course of one night he obtained winnings for over $ 15 million American dollarsnull And let’s talk about 1988 and therefore that money had even more value than today.

The second episode, instead dates back to 1990 in Las Vegas, but this time at the Aspinalls casino. Packer returned to win over $ 10 million who led this casino to have to declare the end of the activities given the lack of money.

A few years later he went to one of the most beautiful and important casinos of Las Vegas, the MGM Grannull Here, playing a blackjack, won during some session of I play 33 million dollarsnull Obviously the MGM, compared to the two previous casinos, had a much stronger financial availability, but nevertheless it imposed on the package of the episode limits, precisely in order not to risk bankruptcy.

Between myth and legend: the highest head and cross in history

Let’s start this paragraph saying that the story we are about to tell you is known to everyone but that the details change continuously, so it is not possible to be sure of the figures. What matters, but is that the fact that we tell is real.

Once package was sitting at the poker table, his other great passion and had a heated discussion With a Texan magnatenull The American, therefore, to silence Kerry Packer pronounced this sentence “Shut up, I worth 60 million”.

Packer, however, without batting an eyelid pulled a coin from his pocket and said: “60 million? Heads or tails“. In practice he challenged the Texan to play everything he possessed at the launch of the coin. A scene that made the silence drop by forcing the Texan, amazed, to lower the head and return to play.


The stories on Packer, as you can see, are really interesting. On the other hand, however, the exceptional losses that Packer had to cope with. In London, for example, in one night he lost about 15 million pounds at the roulette. Always in London, but this time at Ritz, He lost almost 20 million pounds playing Blackjack with minimum episodes of 10,000 poundsnull Of course, Kerry Packer could face these losses since her assets wandered over 6 billion Australian dollars (about 4 billion American dollars).

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