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If you have decided to want to try the casino games, and in particular the roulette, know that it is a fairly simple game that does not have too many rules to respect. One of the things you need to know concerns the types of roulette that you can find aroundnull In fact, there is not only one type, but both in terrestrial and online casinos there are different variants. If you are wondering how many types of roulette exist, then you are in the right place, because in the subsequent paragraphs we will present all the various types, explaining characteristics and differencesnull In some cases they are only small changes, which however could be quite important. Let’s start our guide.

Traditional roulette

In this first part of our guide, we will see the types of traditional roulette, that is, the most common ones both online and on real green tables.

French roulette

This is certainly one of the most frequent types of roulette and that you can find in all casinos, both real and online. The wheel consists of 37 slots, with numbers ranging from 0 to 36. except 0, which is green, all the others are divided between red and blacknull Remember that the advantage of the counter in this traditional game is represented by 0, which is neither part of the odd nor numbers of the same, neither of the various columns or dozen. The output percentage of 0 is 2.7%, or 1 out of 37.

However, there is one of the main characteristics of the French slot compared to the English (or European) and the American slot, which we will see later, or the “en prison” rule. In practice, when the number 0 comes out on the wheel, the simple bets, that is, equal/odd and red/black, will remain imprisoned. This does not mean that they will be losers, but they will remain valid also for the next round. If, on the other hand, the 0 came out for two consecutive laps, then it is necessary to understand what the rules established by the mess in which you play. Usually, however, they will be considered lost.

European or English roulette

One of the types of roulette that creates the most confusion is the English one, also defined as Europeannull In fact, many consider it similar to the French one, and actually the differences are minimal, and almost all purely graphic. For example, the names of the bets on the green table are in English, and the bets are all impressed on one side of the roulette.

The main feature that differentiates it from the French one lies in the management of the 0. In this roulette, in fact, The “en prison” rule does not exist but that of the partage. The simple episodes therefore, exclusively when the 0 comes out, will be divided halfway between the bench and the player.

Roulette Americana

This is another of the types of roulette that you can find in all online casinos, and when you play it you have to be careful because there is a fairly important differencenull Let’s talk about the fact that there are two green boxes, that is, 0 and double 00null The latter follows all the rules valid for 0 and therefore represents a double advantage for the counter. It should then be added that in the Roulette Americana There are no “en prison” or “partage” rules. In this case there are 5.3% of possibilities (2 out of 38) that can come out the 0 or double 00.

The new roulette

In this section of our guide, however, we will focus on those games of the roulette that you will not find in the terrestrial casinos, or at least it is really very unlikely. These types of roulette, however, are starting to spread more and more online, even in mobile platforms, and therefore you need to know them quite well.

The online roulette

Before starting to discover these new games, let’s clarify a point that sometimes is not clear, especially to those players overlooking the first time in the world of online casino. When you play on a platform and choose a French roulette, there will be the same rules as the traditional one, as it happens for the European or American onenull These are simply online versions of the famous wheel game.

Roulette in live streaming

The roulette in live streaming It is one of the types of roulette that are collecting excellent success in the world of online casino. If you don’t know it, know that it is an online game that consists of a live streaming connection with a real dealer sitting on a real green table. You will always play online and you will place your bets on a virtual green table, But you will see the Croupier live launching the ball in a real roulette and wait for the outcome.

This mode has three advantages in particular:

  • Sensations: playing a real roulette, albeit remotely and with a real croupier, offers more intense sensations that almost give the impression of being in a real online casino.
  • Safety: American players, and not only, then noticed that they feel more safe, since there is no software to launch the ball but a person in the flesh and blood, and in addition it is possible to see it until it stops null Obviously it is just sensations, given that when you play in A room authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ex Aams) You can always be sure that the game is regular.
  • Interaction: another peculiarity is the possibility of interacting live with the dealer, ask him questions exclusively on the game and receive the answer. In this way you can also dissolve your doubts about Roulette. You can also speak, always in chat, with the other players at the green table.

Other types of roulette

The world of online game is taking steps forward both from the point of view of technology and innovations. One of the objectives of the various software suppliers, for example, is to create new games or revisit traditional ones. But how many types of roulette exist online? There is no precise number, also because at any moment they could create a new versionnull What we can tell you, however, is that the most frequent types are the multi -wheel roulette, multi ball and push.

Multi wheel

This type of roulette consists of a game that instead of a wheel has several (up to a maximum of 8). It means that you can make the same episode that will be worth for various roulette at the same timenull Of course it means that the amount of the episodes will have to be increased, but with it also the possibility of obtaining a victory. Also know that it will be up to you to establish on how many slots play simultaneously.

Multi ball

This variant is among the very popular types of roulette since it allows a higher number of winnings, even if of smaller value. It is practically the same game as a traditional roulette, but instead of one, the dealer will launch the most balls in the wheelnull Obviously more winning numbers will be, and this is why there are no bets such as black or red or even or odd, but it focuses exclusively on the desired number. The number of balls in the game depends on the casino in which you play, so check carefully.


This is perhaps one of the most recent and it is still difficult to find it in USA, although probably in the coming months you will start becoming more frequent. It is a mix between the roulette and the bingo, as it is also understood by the name, Spin (lap of the wheel) and bingo. There are no more 37 numbers but four rows of numbers ranging from 1 to 10null Each row is marked with a color: red, yellow, blue and neutral (in the latter case only on the number). In addition, it is also possible to focus even or odd or on the numbers from 1 to 5 or from 6 to 10. There is then a green box, a color obviously borrowed from the 0 of the roulette.

For example, you can decide to focus on the possibility that the number 6 comes out and that it is red. The wheel is also a mix between the traditional roulette and the bingo. At the center of the virtual wheel in fact there is a car like that of the bingo that will extract a number from 1 to 10, and then the ball will start turning in the wheel characterized by 31 slots, of which 1 green, 10 yellow, 10 red and 10 bluenull Once you stop on a certain slot, the color of the number will be established and therefore you will move on to the betting phase of the bets.


Here we are at the end of this guide on the types of roulette, and we are sure that you will now be able to answer the question “how many types of roulette exist”. I Noth these surt professionalfection., which as we always remember are experts in the sector and professional players, they decided to achieve this in -depth analysis to prevent you from having doubts or confusion on all the various roulette that existnull In the first part we focused on the types that you can find most frequently around in traditional and online casinos, while in the second we saw the variants that are increasingly spreading in the online versions of Casino. Now you shouldn’t have any problems finding the device that best suits your tastes. Remember that in many cases you can also try them in demo mode, so as to understand if they actually are the right game for you.

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