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WINUTU without deposit bonus: $ 1000 to registration

Bonus available to new players who have verified the account

This short guide that follows, written by our expert Ludovica, explains in detail the No deposit bonus by Vincitu Casino, which provides for Free money for the new user, for a total amount of $ 1000.

It is a fun bonus, which means that it can be used on some games, but cannot be taken.

To get it Just register on Vincitu Casino (of which we wrote a special guide) and, unlike the welcome bonus, to receive it It is not necessary to make any deposit of money.

Ma Let’s go to see this bonus in more detail offered by the operator.

The no deposit bonus

Already from the name it can be understood that to access the promotion of the no deposit bonus of Vincitu Casino It is not necessary to make a deposit of money on your game account.

Indeed, The value of $ 1000 is issued immediately after registering with the subsequent confirmation of its identity, which can be taken by sending documents and photos to the email [email protected] or by inserting everything in the appropriate section of the site.

This free money given to the registration from Vincitu, however, are as said a fun bonus. This means that To be able to exploit it to the end, you have to play it where required and then collect what is the so -called real bonus.

The steps needed to receive this bonus

Receive the no deposit bonus offered by Vincitu Casino is simple enough.

As already mentioned It is necessary to register for the site, and you can do it through This linknull Enter the page following the link on the right you see a Green button with “Register” written And you have to click it. Subsequently you have to Enter all the data requested in the various modules who browse each other by clicking on the “Next” button.

Now, however, It is also necessary to forward the copies of the required documents, including a selfie in which his identity document is shown. Once all the required documents are forwarded, Within 24 hours, there will be confirmation of registration and 1000 $ are received In free money from the Winth Wingless Bonus.

At this point, however, it must be remembered that it is a fun bonus and, to use it, you must undergo various conditions. One of the most important is that It can only be used in certain games, and we see them immediately in the next paragraph.

Free -deposit bonus in free money Vincitu: where to use it

The free -deposit bonus in free money offered from Vincitu to registration is 1000 $, an important valuenull As we said, it can only be used on certain games dictated by the operator and, in this case, are the games produced by playson present in the section of the fun bonus games.

The operator chose to insert A special section from which to access the selected games, making it easily accessible by users.

The type of games chosen by the operator for the winning no deposit bonus are the slots, and it must be recognized that the offer is discreet.

Get the fun bonus, is it possible?

No, Collecting the winless bonus of Vincitu is not possible And in these lines I immediately explain the reason.

The 1000 $ fun bonus must be played at least 60 timesnull This means that if the bonus is $ 1000, it is necessary to create a volume of game sufficient to reach 60 thousand $ in the default games.

The progress to achieve the goal of the Fun Bonus can be controlled through theindicator located under the slot machinesnull When the amount of the Fun Bonus is exhausted is the moment in which the promotion ends. The duration of this bonus is 3 days.

Subsequently, in the event that you can reach the expected goal, and then the amount of the bonus has been played 60 times, you receive a voucher equal to 15% of the amount.

To collect it, however, you have to do it manuallynull You have to go to the section of the site called “professionalmo users” and click where it is written “Bonus collects”.

Once the voucher is collected, it cannot be taken. In order to take something, you have to play it at least 1 time on all Playson slots And, subsequently, the winnings deriving from these games can be taken from the game account.

In the event that you reach the goal associated with the bonus, and the balance in the end was lower than the amount received as a fun bonus without deposit of Vincitu, then Only the residual balance will be received.

Moreover it is always necessary Remember to stop and collect the bonus when the expected goal is reachednull The session was not carried out and we continue to play, you will not be able to be entitled to the no deposit bonus.

The terms and conditions of the no deposit bonus

In order to access the no deposit bonus of Vincitu Casino, it is necessary respect the terms and conditions imposed by the operator.

In the case of this bonus, the rules to be respected to receive it are quite simple:

  • The promotion it cannot be given more than once to the same person.
  • You will not receive the bonus if the account is opened by Same IP address from which another game account was opened.
  • Also trying to register a family member You will not be able to get the no deposit bonus offered by Vincitu, this because It cannot be given to more than one person by family unit.
  • The company Vincitù S.r.l. has the right to refuse access to promotion, at their own unquestionable judgment, for some customers.
  • Vincitu that offers the free -deposit bonus in free money reserves the right to cancel the offer or modify terms and conditions without having to notice.
  • The user has the responsibility of checking periodically updates, changes and any cancellations.
  • The choice taken from Vincitu in case of some disputes or dispute on the right to participation and the suitability of the players who access the no deposit bonus, It will be unappeered.

Vincitu Casino offers other bonuses?

Many wonder if, in addition to the free -deposit bonus in free money, Vincitu Casino has Some other promotion dedicated to players.

Going In the “Bonus” section of the Vincitu.it website you can find some promotions with different characteristics from each other.

In the promotion we are talking about in this guide, however, there is also A part concerning the welcome bonus, or will receive 300% of the first deposit made on the new game account up to a maximum of $ 2000.

We also have this bonus written one special guide, but it is important to know that it is offered as part of the promotion for new members of the winning casino.

It is always a fun bonus that must then be converted into real bonus. To do this, you must use the sum in certain games of the same provider proposed for the no deposit bonus, or Playson.

Final conclusions on this bonus

To conclude this guide on the no deposit bonus offered by Vincitu for its section of the casino, I must say that It is an excellent offer.

The bonus you receive will not be in real and withdrawable money, but it is so in all operators’ sites.

The value is great, as however, you have $ 1000 to test the slot machines present in the appropriate section dedicated to this Fun Bonus.

Respecting the episode requirements, and using this bonus in combination to the welcome one, You can really enjoy an excellent promotion.

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