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Welcome bonus sisal: 100% up to $ 1,050

For new players 100% of the first deposit up to $ 1050 with a minimum top -up of $ 10

This guide, drawn up by our experts and pro of the sector, was created to explain to you How the welcome bonus works worksnull We will stop to speak above all of the part of the bonus that is received by carrying out a Minimum first deposit of 10 $, we will explain how to receive it and how to use it, and we will also tell you about the more important conditions to be respected. In a nutshell, in this guide, we want to give you all the information necessary to understand if The Sisal welcome bonus is the one that’s right for you.

Sisal Casino

Let’s start talking about Sisal Casino, the sisal entertainment patch of sisf.anull on which it is possible to receive the Sisal Bonus Welcome.

The online casino of Sisal, or of the Famous all American brand created by Massimo della Pergola a Milan in 1945, is certified who (Customs and Monopolies Agency) and is therefore Completely legal in USA.

On this casino they can be found many games different, come on Card games more recent to more traditional ones, from slot machine ai Quick Games It’s you Live games, and much more.

In short, Sisal Casino, as explained in ours full guide, It is one of the best supplied, famous and used in USA.

The selection of games and providers on Sisal Casino Online

Speaking of games e professionalviders present on the Sisal casino, on which you can receive the welcome bonus we are talking about in this guide, we must immediately say that most of the available options are all, or almost, developed by Playtech.

In fact, being the famous provider He developed well I have badly the whole operator portal, also provided most of the games. Among the most famous can be found Age of EgyptT E Slot of the famous Age of the Gods saga.

Also Live games are developed by Playtech, which recently opened a production center for games with live dealers in Latvia.

The second most present provider is NetEnt, who provided Sisal Games like Dead or Alive e Blood Suckers.

Bonus Sisal

So let’s go see what Sisal offers how Bonus to players who register for the first time on this certified platform, and in particular in the sections of the games from casino and slot machines.

The moment we are writing this guide Sisal offers 2 different bonus After the registration: one to validate the identity document used for registration, e a second after making a first deposit of a minimum of 10 $ on the game account.

Benvenuto Sisal bonus: no deposit

A First part of the Sisal bonus, that is to say 5 $, they receive without having to make a first deposit, but the simple registration and validation of the document identity used for signing the game account on the platform.

We will not go very much on this part of the bonus, as We created another special guide, but it is a small money value that can be used between Slots, roulette, all baccarats, dice, all wheels of luck and hi-it.

Is given to the account holder Game when, after loading your document, the validation is made. IS practically accessible immediately after validation and lasts 30 days from the moment of receipt.

To receive it they must respect terms and there are also conditions, but these are the same as the welcome bonus with deposit that we will see in the next paragraphs.

Sisal welcome bonus: with deposit

Of Sisal bonus with deposit, on the other hand, we will explain to you Everything you need to know in the smallest detail.

We decided to write this guide because, at the end of it, be able to Decide whether Sisal’s online casino casino with its bonuses is the right choice for you or if you have to aim for a different ADM certified casino with other bonuses.

What does it give?

This bonus sisal you allows you to receive 100% on the first top -up up to a Maximum of 1050 $ so progressivenull It can be used in casino games, slot machines and quick games.

Being progressive it is credited to brackets, that is to say 10 $ ogni 135 “Status Point” earn playing certain games. To earn the maximum, or 13500, you have to top up at least 1000 $. And you have to play it on certain games as we list below to earn these “status points”:

  • Status point on slot 1 = 3 $ spent in play
  • 1 status point on Quick Games = 2 $ spent in play
  • 1 status point in casino games = 5 $ spent in play

In the 30 days following the recharge, the “status points” are calculated and paid, and then they can be spent within a maximum of 30 days from the date of credit on the game account.

But let’s go to see now How to register To be able to get this Sisal bonus.

How to register in Sisal for the bonus

Signing to Sisal to receive the welcome bonus is simple, but in order not to leave room for errors we have this List of simple steps to follow to register.

  1. Go up Sisal Casino.
  2. Click on Register and enter the Wlccasino-1005 bonus code.
  3. professionalceed by clicking on Continue and fill out everything with your data.
  4. Enter i data from your passport, your identity card, or one of the other accepted identity documents for the registration.
  5. Accepts the terms and conditions, and all the other boxes that must be sprouted to continue.

The document must be forwarded for validation, But this step can be taken immediately or within 30 days from the date of registrationnull In the event that the document for validation in the 30 days is not sent, the account will be suspended.

Carry out the first deposit

In order to enjoy the Sisal Bonus Welcome, one must carry out a first minimum top -up of 10 $null This first deposit can be made through the multiple forms of payment that can be seen by clicking on the button “Reload”.

Among the various systems made available to users there are the Postepay, Online bank, Visa e MasterCard (Even teacher), Neeller, Paysafecard, Skrill, Skrill 1 loss, paypal, Bank transfer and also directly in a Sisal store.

Obviously with each of these systems amounts that can be paid are different, But for the major weekly they can be deposited Between $ 10 and $ 10000, con Bank transfer instead there are no limits to climb that descending.

Also the timings, like the amounts, can vary according to the deposit method used to enjoy the Sisal bonus. However, most of the systems must be said that it allows you to carry out a immediate deposit on the account, except the bank transfer that requires the timing provided by the Bank, or the deposit at the Sisal Center that needs time because you have to go to the shop.

But how exactly does the Sisal Benvenza bonus work?

Now that we have explained how to carry out it is the registration that the first deposit To receive the Sisal bonus, you have to start play and use the money deposited in the game account.

The bonus, in fact, you will be paid at the end of the 30 days by the bonus activation confirmation, which takes place immediately after the validation of the document.

In these 30 days some will be accumulated “status point”, or points that have a different economic value depending on the game on which they are aimed as we see below:

  • Status point in casino games 1 = 5 $ spent in play
  • A status point on slot = 3 $ spent in play
  • 1 status point on Quick Games = 2 $ spent in play

At the end of the 30 days the points are counted and the Sisal Welcome bonus is released.

However, everything happens Only if all the episode requirements are respected that we see below in the next paragraph.

The episode requirements

The episode of the Sisal bonus are clear and It is necessary to know them in order to understand if this bonus is for you.

As we have already mentioned This bonus is progressive And it accumulates differently according to the games. At the end of the 30 days of validity of the bonus will be counted and you will receive the bonus that is equal to 10 $ ogni 135 Status Point.

We also said that Each game category has a different validity in the accumulation of these pointsnull For example By playing slots you get a point every $ 3 of play. Instead to Casino games 1 point every 5 $ spent in play and ai Quick Games 1 point every 2 $ expenses.

Having this information is very important, as They explain exactly where to play to maximize the value of the Sisal welcome bonus.

Terms and conditions for the Sisal bonus

In this section we report all Terms and conditions of the Sisal Welcome Bonusnull You will find all the information on the accessibility of this bonus, on its validity and on everything you need to know in order to get it.

It is very important to know terms and conditions To avoid bad surprises, and we decided to help you report all below:

  • The validity of the promotion is linked to registration which must be carried out online, through links or QR code received from Sisal stores.
  • The bonuses are credited only to the game accounts that have thevalidated identity, not self -soups and active when the crediting is carried out.
  • The copy of the chosen identity document must be sent during the registration process, or loaded in no more than 30 days on the reserved area via app or browser, or still sent in an attachment via email to [email protected].
  • After a maximum of 24 hours, the validation process is concluded.
  • Sisal, per avoid fraud, It may require other documents to verify the identity of the applicant.
  • To see the Sisal bonus accredited, you must also have confirmed the e-mail address.
  • The game account can be Open only by adult users.
  • The promotion is given only once for each game accountnull It is also limited to one person, address, telephone number, IP, family and e-mai address.
  • The first deposit must be done by credit card, in the agency or receiver, with Postepay or Banco Posta, with Skrill, Neteller, Paypal or Paysafe. The transfer is not contemplated.
  • The Sisal bonus cannot be taken, only the winnings you have with it can be taken.
  • Those who have a warning for collusion or anomalous game, or the suspended account cannot receive the bonus.
  • At the time of extinction of the game account, the amount of the bonus cannot be liquidated.
  • The Sisal welcome bonuses that you get with combined games, records of second counts made by the IP itself and made -ups they are not disbursed.
  • The company has the right to suspend all the game accounts that play with minimal risk only to obtain the bonus from any type of promotion. It can also decide not to release the bonus to those who believe it is not entitled to it.

Now that you all know them, choose If the Sisal bonus and the registration to this online casino are what they do for you It will be definitely simpler, but above all you will not run into bad surprises. With this information you can also be sure not to make mistakes In registration or to be surprised if, not respecting one of the things listed, you will not receive the bonus.

Conclusion of our experts on the Sisal bonus

We arrived at the end of our guide on the Sisal Welcome Bonus. Now we think we have given you practically All the information necessary to face the choice on the use of this online casino.

With the terms and conditions, the guide for registration and for the first deposit, and with the episode requirements of this bonus you should having understood if it is the right one for you and for your needs of players.

And if this bonus for any reason did not for you, you can always take a look at all Other welcome bonuses of the certified casinos adm.

In the list we drawn up you can find of all kinds and for all needs.

The online casino we are talking about are All tested, certified and 100%reliable. As we always recommend to our readers, Do not casino not certified by ADM, you could risk to run into unpleasant inconveniences or not to receive all the information necessary to make a conscious choice of game.

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