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Eurobet welcome bonus: up to $ 1010 of Extra credit

For the new players at the first recharge.

In this guide we will explain to you in every detail How the Eurobet Welcome Bonus works, O Welcome Bonus, or the offer created by this online casino and bookmaker for its new users when registering.

We decided to achieve this in -depth analysis, thanks as usual to support the our experts in the sector, To try to help as many players is possiblenull Knowing a welcome bonus fully, as well as a promotion, means understanding how the bonus works, what are the terms and conditions to be respected but also much more.

Furthermore, only in this way, knowing both the strengths and the flaws of a certain offer, It is possible to know if it is a promotion to be able to grasp on the fly, or you are better to wait for another.

Eurobet: a legal casino and bookmaker

Before starting to speak in detail of the Eurobet Bonus Welcome to registration and how it works, we see some features of this dealer.

Let’s start by saying that It is a totally legal and reliable site Since it has the authorization of thewhonull This, in fact, is the only body that regulates the game at a distance, check that everything is made in the right way and, above all, issues the various authorizations after careful control.

This means that the games are safe and that nobody will ever try to scam or cheat younull Your winnings will always be paid without any problem.

The company was born in 1995 And it was one of the companies that first invested in the online betting sectornull Then, of course, he also tried to fit into the online casino games and slot machines sector and it must be said that the results were very encouraging. Just take a look at the data obtained in 2023, where he conquered 6.6% of the money spent by Americans in the Gambling sector. In addition, it has over 850 betting points throughout the national territory.

For some years The company was purchased by Entain, one of the most powerful English holding, from the world point of view, of the online casino and sports betting sector.

How is the eurobet bonus for registration? How does it work?

First of all, let’s try to understand what we are talking about. The Eurobet registration bonus is a promotion that allows players who have just subscribed to obtain a figure of extra money which can go up to a maximum of 1.010 euronull It is, however, a fun bonus that must be unlocked.

If you don’t know what a fun bonus is, you don’t have to worry. In fact, with this denomination, we mean a sum of money that is credited to your gaming account but that cannot be takennull Furthermore, The potential winnings will not be availablenull To ensure that the Fun Bonus will become Real, then there will be a series of betting requirements as we will also see later.

Now that you know the first useful information on the Eurobet Bonus, Let’s see specifically how it works and what its mechanism is.

Eurobet Welcome Bonus: how to get the most

We start understanding how the bonus is obtained by following the various steps to be done so as not to lose any advantage or even the bonus.

The warehouse

After registering and having opened a game account for the first time, A deposit must be made within seven days from the time of registrationnull It is a fairly simple action, but there are some aspects that deserve some attention Also because the value of the extra credit depends on the first deposit.

Let’s start saying that there is a Minimum deposit to make, or $ 10. If you make a first recharge of a lower amount you will not be able to take advantage of the bonus.

Based on the value of the deposed, then, the percentage that you will get also establishednull If, for example, The top -up ranges from an amount of 10 up to a maximum of 100 euros, you will get an extra credit equal to 25%null Consequently, the maximum value of the EuroBet Eurobet Welcome Bonus you can get is $ 25, to know well to understand how it works.

If instead, For the first time, verses on your game account a figure ranging from 101 to 300 eurosThen the bonus becomes 50%. In this case, therefore, you will get practically half of what deposit and then the maximum roof rises at 150 eurosnull If, for example, verses 180 $, you will receive an extra credit of $ 90.

Then there is the last step which is the one in which there are the highest figures. Anyone who will pay an amount that starts from 301 up to $ 1,000, will receive an extra credit equal to 100% of what has been reloadednull It means, therefore, that the maximum threshold rises up to $ 1,000. By assuming that your payment is $ 400, you can get a Eurobet bonus of the same value.

This credit must be unlocked by respecting the betting requirements provided for by each range, which we will talk to you in the next paragraph.

First, however, there are still two aspects to be taken into consideration. The first is that, whatever the amount you paid on the account, You will immediately get a bonus of $ 10.

The second point concerns payment methods. To understand how it works you must know, in fact, that You will not be able to use all the planned systems on Eurobet For the Welcome Bonus. At least to take advantage of the EuroBet welcome bonus, in fact, You will not be able to recharge with Skrill, Paysafecard and Netellernull In this case, in fact, the top -up will obviously be successful so you will find the credit on the game account, but it will not be used to be able to use the promotion reserved for new subscribers. If, therefore, you don’t want to lose anything, we advise you to choose the right method.

EuroBet Welcome Bonus up to $ 1,000 to registration: betting requirements

In previous paragraphs we have seen how to get and how the real bonus of 5 euros works to be used for online slot machines. In this article, however, we will see What are the betting requirements for the part of the Eurobet bonus welcome to the registration which can bring up to a maximum of $ 1,000, in addition to seeing how it works.

This sum of money, in fact, will be credited to your account, but it will be necessary to reach thresholds and satisfy requirements. We have already seen that there are three bands based on the value of the first top -up, or one that has a bonus equal to 25% of the top -up, the one with 50% and finally the one with 100%. Each of these three sections has a different betting requirement.

Before moving on to find out which they are, however, let’s try to understand what a betting requirement is and because it is so important.

When we talk about betting requirement, both for the Eurobet bonus as well as for other welcome bonuses and various promotions, we mean a value established by the dealer that indicates the number of times that you will have to focus in real money this sum of money before you can turn it in Real Bonusnull If you do not reach this threshold, in fact, it will be completely useless to win money using the bonus because it cannot be withdrawn.

When it comes to betting requirements, then, you must also try to know the temporal lax at your disposal to reach this limit.

Speaking of the Bonus Welcome Eurobet and how it works, we have three different thresholds that we will see in a comfortable table in which we will also recapitulate the percentages that are obtained and the maximum value of the bonus.

Recharged amount Percentage of the bonus Maximum value obtainable Betting requirements
And 10 $ 1 $ 1 $ 25% 25$ 60x
And 101 $ at 300 $ 50% 150$ 50x
From 301 $ or more 100% 1.000$ 40x

From this simple table it is noted that, The higher the sum of money paid on the account for the first time, the lower the betting requirements arenull This, however, is quite normal also because you have to consider that it could not be so easy to be able to satisfy them all. Keep in mind, in fact, that if you have obtained a bonus of $ 20 you will have to play it in real money 60 times. In total, therefore, you should have a amount of episodes of $ 1,200.

If, on the other hand, you have obtained $ 700, you will have to play it 40 times, that is, a figure of $ 28,000.

At the beginning, then, we told you to be careful also at the time frame that you would have had available to play this bonus. With the Registration Eurobet Bonus you will have 15 days. If you have not unlocked the bonus within this period of time, then you will lose all the results achieved until thennull This implies that you can no longer even unlock the bonus and collect your potential winnings.

How games contribute

To make the situation even more complicated, Then, there is the fact that not all games contribute in the same waynull In a nutshell, if it points to slot machine online, for example, everything you bet will also be worth satisfying the threshold of betting requirements. This, however, happens for many other games. In order not to cause you confusion and to give you all the correct information, take a look at this table.

game Percentage contribution
Exclusive roulette: Classic roulette, European roulette and Global Roulette 30%
All other roulette, including live 10%
Card games 10%
Video Poker 10%
All other games 10%

From this scheme, therefore, it is understood that, for example, playing $ 100 to online blackjack, only and exclusively for the thresholds established by the bet requirements, only 10 $ will be worthnull Roulette games slightly higher and, as mentioned, online slot machines of any kind will be worth 100%.

The latest conditions to be respected

Now let’s take a look at the last conditions to be respected in order not to risk sending everything to the air thus taking the bonus.

  • Watch out for charging methods: We have already said it previously. You can’t recharge with Neteller, Skrill o paysafecard.
  • Only for new members and a person per family: In this case too it is a repetition. Practically, The bonus must be requested by a person who enrolls for the first time on the Eurobet platformnull And therefore, even if in the past he has signed a contract, then canceled or regularly closed, you will not be entitled to take advantage of this promotion. Remember, then, that it is possible to request a Eurobet welcome bonus only by a person per family unitnull If, for example, in the house you are two or three to play from the same PC, only one of you can take advantage of the promotionnull The system, in fact, recognizes users who play from the same PC through the IP address. This is a rule implemented by many online casino Legal in USA simply because, at least in recent years, many players have tried to be smart. In practice, they enrolled on the various various family sites that perhaps with the world of online casino had nothing to do.

Eurobet bonus: what happens when it becomes real

Let’s assume that you got the bonus, you met the bet requirements and now, it has finally become Real. But what does it mean specifically? Having managed to transform this bonus in Real will not yet allow you to withdraw this credit, but you can do it with the potential winnings you have obtained by playing it.

Be careful, though, to another important aspectnull This credit in the form of Real Bonus cannot be played in each section of the Eurobet site. You can use it, in fact, they are in Vegas and Casino.

In practice you will not be able to play it in most devices with live dealers connected through streaming, poker or in the Casino Legend and Bingo sections.

This, however, is not an insurmountable problem since in the vegas and casino sections, Find hundreds of games between slot machines and card games in software version. There is no shortage of blackjack, roulette and its versions and baccarat. In the casino section, then, by clicking on Live again a window will open with the only two games with live Croupier to which you can play: The classic roulette, or the French version, and the American Roulettenull The latter game, then, is made by Playtech, certainly among the most important provider software in the sector.

Real EuroBet Slot bonus of 5 euros: everything you need to know

As we said before, once the first recharge on this site is completed, you will arrive within 24 hours a bonus worth 5 euros to be used for slot machinesnull As we also indicated in the title, it is a real bonus. It means that it cannot be taken but, once played entirely, the potential winnings obtained will be playing by playing it. And this will allow you not to have to respect any betting requirement.

Here’s what else you have to know about this part of the promotion.

Solo Slot Premium

You can use it Extra credit obtained immediately after deposit only on the site premium slotsnull If you don’t know where to find them, you don’t have to worry because we tell you now. Eurobet has several sections dedicated to the world of casino games and therefore you could easily have some small difficulties in identifying the premium slots. To find them, however, just go to the “Vegas” section of the site and then click on “Slot Premium”null At this point a page will open with all the online slot machines that are part of this section, including, for example, we find Book of Venus, Naples is, hens and the infested house. The games that are part of this category are an exclusive Eurobetnull This means that you will not find them on other legal online casino games sites in USA.

These slots can also be tried in demo mode with a virtual account, even if first, however, you must register and have accessnull The other important feature to highlight is that you can also play in mobile, both through the app and through the browser.

Validated game account

Another fundamental requirement to obtain this sum of money to be used in the premium slots, It is the validation of the game accountnull In short words, You will have to have sent a copy of your identity document to the site so as to allow him to understand if you are a real person or notnull You must know that this is a common practice in the world of online casino, also because thewhoestablishes that dealers they must always have a documentation of the registered players and who make deposits and withdrawals on their site.

In fact, perhaps you don’t know that even if I didn’t want to take advantage of the Eurobet welcome bonus, you should still validate the game account. The only difference is that in this case you would have 30 days. If you do not conclude this operation within the indicated period of time, in fact, the account is suspended.

Having said that, therefore, to take advantage of the promotion you must have concluded this procedure. There are several systems to do it. You can send your document via the desktop, mobile or app site site.

Credit and time of use

Remember that, as mentioned above and as we will repeat for safety after, to obtain this extra credit you will not be able to use Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard, And the amount must be at least 10 $null The bonus, then, once the deposit is correctly carried out, will be credited within the next 24 hours.

Furthermore, The 5 $ bonus will remain active for seven days on your account gamenull If beyond this date you have not yet consumed it, both everything and partially, it will be lost and you will not be able to recover it in any way.

Only one user for family and new contract

This bonus is then dedicated only to users who have opened a game account for the first time on Eurobet. Attention to one aspect, though, That is, that with this one does not mean that you have to open a game account from scratch but that you must never have had a contract with them.

This means that, if in the past I had an account on Eurobet, even if then regularly closed, you cannot still take advantage of the welcome offer. Your name, in fact, It would be as a former player and therefore the Eurobet Bonus Welcome will not be available for you.


Now let’s try to answer in detail to the frequently questions of American players on the Eurobet registration bonus.

What is the maximum figure that can be obtained with the Eurobet Bonus Welcome?

The maximum sum you can get is $ 1.005. Of these, the first 5 are credited within 24 hours of the deposit while the other $ 1,000 are A pendant fun bonusnull Bet requirements must be met to make it a real bonus and then aim to collect the winnings.

Is the Eurobet registration bonus safe?

Of course, the bonus is safe as the Eurobet platform is. This dealer, in fact, is absolutely safe and legal since he obtained the ADM license and therefore his games are fully functional and reliable.

Can I play any game I want?

No, the Eurobet registration bonus, or Welcome Bonus, includes well -defined games that you can play. With the 5 euro real bonus you get just after completing the deposit, in fact, You can only play slot machines in the Premium slot sectionnull With the remaining part, however, you can focus on all the games in the Casino and Vegas section.

What does it mean to validate the game account?

It means sending a copy of your identity document to the site so as to allow him to understand if you are a real person. It is a practice required by all legal sites in USA. In any case, in fact, if this practice does not complete within 30 days, your account will be suspended.

Can I use more welcome offers together?

No, you can use a Eurobet registration bonus and therefore you will have to choose whether to use what we have presented to you in our article, or that relating to sports betting.


In this guide on the Eurobet registration bonus we have tried to give you all the most important information concerning this welcome bonus. In this way all readers will be able to understand if it is actually a promotion that deserves to be used, or if the flaws are too important.

We thought, together with our experts, to see in detail how this EuroBet Welcome Bonus works works, also because many players often don’t know that behind a welcome bonus for new members often There are also conditions to be respectednull And among these, then, there are certainly the betting requirements.

Now instead, We are sure that you will have no problem understanding that this is the right bonus or not.

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