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Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account

In this guide we will focus on a very important and, above all, refined world of casino aspects by most of the American players and beyond: The no deposit bonusesnull Knowing well how this type of promotion works will need you to choose the best no deposit bonuses available on the market and above all understand if they are perfect for you. We will also give you some advice on how to find the mess with reliable and safe no deposit bonuses.

What are the no deposit bonuses

The no deposit welcome bonuses are a very popular type of offer reserved for players who register for the first time in an online gaming platform. Their peculiarity, as you can guess, is that there is no need to make a deposit, so they are completely free, even if you will then have to respect conditions to subsequently collect the potential winnings, but we will talk about this in the next paragraphs. Let’s now see, however, what are the main welcome bonuses without deposit on the market.

Types of Welcome Bonus Without Store

Each casino can offer several advantages to players who decide to register for the first time on an online casino. Some offers are very particular and sometimes unique, but in general line there are formulas you need to know because you will often meet them in your favorite sites.

Extra credit

It is certainly one of the most frequent ways, and consists of a sum of money that the casino gives you to play on its platform. Better to be clear, often it is small figures, but since they are money for free, why not take advantage of it? Thanks to this money, however, you will first be able to test the platform and discover its features And, secondly, even to aim for real winnings. Obviously it cannot be withdrawn.

Usually this credit can be used in all games and therefore all you have to do is choose your favorite game and start aiming.

No deposit bonus slot

In this paragraph we talk about the no deposit bonuses, Better known as free spinnull They are nothing but free laps that you can use in all available slots or on some of them. This depends on the conditions that the dealer offers. Also in this case it is a few dozen free spins to the maximum thanks to which, however, you can try devices that you did not know or challenge the fate in your favorite slot. They are, of course, among the no deposit bonuses most coveted by lovers of this type of casino games.


This is certainly a less frequent formula, that is, a refund on a series of games that performs in a given time, for example a week. In practice, the manager will give you back a percentage of the sums played and lost. It is an excellent opportunity especially for players who have an important amount of episodes.

Casino with no deposit bonus or mandatory charging

In this paragraph we will focus, however, on a very important aspect, which you will surely have to know: the difference between the bonuses without immediate deposit and those that instead require a first recharge. In the latter case, in fact, you will necessarily have to make a newly registered top -upnull Once the deposit is made, you will have the opportunity to get bonuses or extra credit.


Obviously, the first difference between Welcome Bonus without deposit and the one with deposit, is that you will necessarily have to make a depositnull The second difference is the extent of the advantages that bonuses will give you. Both, for example, can give you extra credit but in the no deposit bonuses there is talk of a few euros, while in those with mandatory top -ups you can also get a few hundred euros.

The other big difference is that, very often, the bonuses without immediate deposit are instantaneous. That is, you will receive your prizes immediately. On the contrary, some charging bonuses may instead give you the opportunity to obtain the prizes distributed over time, for example a small sum every week.

Advantages of the immediate no deposit bonus

To end this part of our article on no deposit bonuses, we make a quick summary on the main advantages of the immediate without deposit bonus.

  • No money: The first great advantage is represented by the fact that you will not have to make any top -ups and therefore do not invest even a euro to start playing. This is an element to consider when choosing a casino, also because before subscribing you will never be sure that it is the perfect platform for you. After trying it for free, however, you will be sure if it is really the right one or if you have to look elsewhere.
  • Try the platform: Thanks to the prizes you can safely test the platform without putting your money into play but, at the same time, aim for real winnings. You could do the same thing with the demo version of the games, but in that case you would have no chance of winning money.
  • Games selection: some online casino do not make available to their users the possibility of seeing the selection of games before registration. Thanks to the no deposit bonus casino, however, not only can you see all the games available, but also try them.

How to get no deposit welcome bonuses

There are several methods for obtaining no deposit casino bonuses. In the next paragraphs we will tell you what they are So you will not risk losing any prize or advantagenull Many players, in fact, for the mere fact of not knowing the procedures, lose the opportunity to use bonuses.

Remember that the no deposit welcome bonus casino are reserved only for players who register for the first time on that casinonull Otherwise you will not get the bonus. This also applies if in recent years you had a game account on that site, which was then closed.

Registration only

In many cases just register and you will not have to do is fill in the different fields of registration, and then confirm your decision. To do this, you will have to click on a link that will arrive on the email. Precisely for this, when you enter your address, make sure it is valid and that you can enter the e -mail box at any time. If I don’t have to receive the message, take a look in the spam box, or in that promotions. This can happen for example for users of Gmail.

Account validation

The other system for obtaining the no deposit bonus is the validation of the account, that is, you will have to send the dealer a copy of your identity document and, in some cases, a copy of the contract. Once this step is made, you will be entitled to your prizes.

professionalmotional code

In some casinos there are promotional codes, often periodic, to be included in the recording phase to request the bonus. Without these, you will not be entitled to get an immediate bonus without mandatory deposit.


When requested a no deposit casino bonus, We must also be careful of some particular conditions. In fact, some of them will make it impossible to get the prizes. Among these is certainly the fact that only a member of the family can request a no deposit bonus. If, for example, two brothers play from the same PC but with two different game accounts, Only one of the two can take advantage of the promotionnull This clause was created to prevent paste players from enrolling all the members of their family, even those who have nothing to do with the game, just to get more prizes and no deposit bonuses.

The dealers now check the IP address and for this they know if the request for a new registration dates back to the same house.

Terms and conditions

Even immediate deposit bonuses must comply with some precise indications imposed by the dealer, that you will find within the Terms and Conditions sectionnull This is one of those pages that many players do not read before taking advantage of a bonus and, for this reason, make mistakes that make them lose the bonus, or are not aware of some important details.

For example, Not everyone knows that even the best no deposit bonuses are not infinite, but they have very specific times of validity. Some last a few days and, once this time passed, they will be lost forever.

Others, on the other hand, do not understand that the no deposit bonuses may not be available for all devices in the casino, but only for some of them. Maybe among these there is also some slots that you don’t like, and you will end up having to play on force.

Betting requirements

We wanted to dedicate an entire paragraph at this point, because it is perhaps the most important you will find in the Termini e Condition section, and also what could make you difficult life after using the bonus casino without deposit. By betting requirements we mean the number of times that you will have to play the amount of the bonus before you can collect your potential winningsnull Let’s make a small example to be clear.

Let’s assume that you obtained a Welcome Bonus no deposit that provided for 10 euros of Credito Game free and that the betting requirement provided for by the casino is 30x. In a nutshell, you will have to play the amount of the bonus thirty times (30x) before you can collect your potential winnings, therefore 300 euros.

Many players do not know this condition and end up requesting bonuses that have very high bet requirements, without even knowing it. In order not to make the same mistake too, All you have to do is read this section before subscribing and requesting a no deposit bonus.

How to choose the best online casino with no deposit bonuses

Here is now to another very important paragraph, That is what you need to understand how to find the best online casino with welcome bonus no deposit available on the marketnull We will tell you the main features to pay attention trying to explain to you what the main points are.


First of all to play online in an online casino you have to make sure it is absolutely legal and certified. In short words, You must know if it has a license to be operational in USA, granted by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, in the past AAMSnull This license is the only one in USA to make sure that the platform you are playing on is legal and has no rigged games that will always make you lose. At the same time you will also know that your money will be safe as, if the no deposit bonus casino you have failed, You would always get a refund of the money you had on the game account.

How to understand if it has a license?

To understand if the casino you have chosen has the license to operate in USA, there are two systems. Or check directly on the ADM website, where you will find an updated list of authorized sites, Or you are looking for the symbol on the casino websitenull Know that every legal mess in USA will put it in plain sight, also because to obtain that license it has certainly made many efforts. Usually the symbol, represented by a large star surrounded by twelve small stars and with the word ADM on the side, is located either at the top right or at the bottom of the page.

If you don’t find this symbol, you can ask for more information to customer service. We announce, however, that in most cases it means that the site is not authorized to operate in USA e that perhaps it is better to stay away to avoid bad soprese or rip -offs.

Games selection

Even if you have a no deposit bonus to use, there is the possibility that the casino you have chosen does not have your favorite games or that in any case its selection of games is mediocre enough. To avoid bad soprese, therefore, Make sure you know which games are on the platform before subscribingnull To do this you can customer service, take a look at the official website or the various forums in the sector, or read our reviews.


Choosing a mess that offers an immediate without deposit bonus is not simple and, certainly, among the points that you will need to take a look there is also the mobile game. Nowadays, given the constant growth of the game on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, almost all casino and software provider are working to offer the player the best experience. Of course, not all of them are at the same point and, therefore, some platforms may not have enough service.

In general there are two systems to play from mobile:

Application: You will have to download an application on your phone, log in, and start playing your favorite games. This is the least appreciated possibility by players who do not want to have casino icons on their phone.

Browser game: If the platform uses this method, all you have to do is enter the phone browser, go to your casino website, log in and start playing. This is the best option for those who do not want to download any application on the phone.

In both cases you can still carry out any type of operation, be aiming in games, request a payment or make a withdrawal.

Customer care

Have you ever thought about how really important customer service is in an online casino? professionalbably not, because luckily you have never had problems or have been solved quickly. But when you find yourself having to deal with a really poor customer support and that never responds, then you will be in large trouble.

To avoid this situation informed about the quality of the casino service by checking the reviews of the other players and informing you directly on the official website. Check, for example, if there is customer assistance through live chat and until they are available to answer your questions. If you have to have a problem with your no deposit casino bonus, we are sure that you will want fast and clear answers and that nobody makes you waste further time. Read more on this aspect in our in -depth guide on Customer care.


Once at the end of our guide on the bonus no deposit bonus, we are sure that you will now be able to recognize a bonus that does not require a mandatory charging, what are the main methods for obtaining them and the types available. Now you also know the best characteristics of the bonus casino no deposit and therefore you know what to pay attention to. Being able to know how to use an immediate no deposit bonus is part of those knowledge that will surely help you get winnings at online casino, or at least avoid leaks.

If you are interested in other information that will surely be useful to you during your experience as an online casino player, then continue reading our articles. As you know, in fact, professionals who write reviews and guides on Top-Us-Casino, analyze several aspects of the mess that analyze and test it from all points of view. They are drawn up by industry experts and experiences with experience who tested the best online casinos with no deposit bonuses before you and reviewed them. In addition, you can trust our reviews also because they are completely impartial. Our goal is not to satisfy the casino, but we are at the service of the players and our commitment is aimed only and exclusively to them.