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In this guide we will see in detail all the most important features of one of the online slot machines that has achieved the most success in USA: we are talking about 4 Fowl Playnull It is a game created by Maga Electronics, Made in USA professionalvider softwarenull We will see what the main characteristics are, how to play and also what the symbols are.

Graphics and characteristics

Playing this slot is fun enough since Magly Electronics focused a lot on bright colors and on creating that a graphics that would allow players not to get bored. It is a five roller slot and three linesnull In total there are ten payment lines and it is not possible to decide how many of them to focus.

The 4 Fowl Play Slot Return To Player is 90.2% and this is certainly a point to keep in mind. It is, in fact, a not very high value, especially with respect to the average of the others slot machine created in recent years.

Volatility, on the other hand, is medium so there is a good alternation of winning combinations and premiums or both high and low.

How to play 4 Fowl Play Slot

The most interesting aspect, however, is the one concerning the four in one game, And that’s why it is called 4 Fowl Play, better also known as the hen slotnull In a nutshell, you will have the opportunity to focus on four screens at the same time. In practice, before each game it is possible to decide on how many screens you want to play and to do it just click on the “Hands” button.

At the beginning of 4 Fowl Play Slot you will notice that there are three upper screens with a sort of grid or shutters above. Once you click on your hands, this will take off from one of the three screens, And you can click again to unlock the third screen and in the same way you can also choose to play on the fourthnull At this point you have to click on Spin, or the blue button that you find in the center. The rollers on the main screen, and also those of the screens unlocked at the top will begin to turn.

The place is the fourth of the four to plays cells

What happens at this point? That both on the main screen and on the others you will have the possibility of a reperto and decide which rollers you want to run againnull The advantage is that you don’t have to choose the same rollers but, you can also opt for the first and third on the main screen and the fourth and fifth on one of the small ones at the top. Remember, that you can’t wait a long time to choose the rollers you want to turn and those you prefer to keep. In case you think about it too much, the software will do everything automatically. Obviously, therefore, The possibilities of victory increase and you will have the opportunity to decide something.

In many online slot machines, in fact, the game is very simple and the player does not have many choices to take, indeed I hope there are no exactly. With 4 Fowl slots, however, albeit obviously the games are regulated by an RNG, or a generator of random numbers (and also of the slot combinations), you have the feeling of being able to affectnull And this is certainly one of the reasons behind this extraordinary success.

The other keys

The latest keys of 4 Fowl Play that is worth knowing are car and bet carsnull With the first you can run the slot from 5 up to 500 rpm. In practice, the slot I will do everything automatically, and therefore also the choice of the Respin and the rollers to be made.

With Bet, however, you will establish the episode. First of all, consider that if you play on four different screens, the episode will also be multiplied by four. The minimum episode is 25 cents and the maximum of 4 eurosnull As a result, the minimum episode if you want to play on four screens simultaneously is 1 euro, while the maximum is 16 euros.

And symbols

In a hen slot the symbols could only be connected to the world of the farm and animals. There are also two special symbols that can help you during the games to increase prizes or receive Free spinnull Here are what they are.

  • Wild: it is represented by one Volpe And it has the function of replacing all the symbols on the 4 Fowl Play Slot, except for the bonus one.
  • bonus: It is the symbol of the hen and at least three go out on the screen you will be entitled to participate in the bonus game. In practice, a new screen will open with a fence on which chickens are placed. By clicking on each of them, they will deport an egg that can be white, silver or goldennull The last two are obviously those with the highest prizes.


Once at the end of this guide on 4 Fowl Play we saw in detail a really interesting game, which manages to put adrenaline together and the possibility of choice thanks to four rollers. Too bad for the very low RTP compared to the average.

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