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Our expert Federico in this guide will tell you about the Black and Yellow Roulette developed by the professionalvider Win Studios software.

In the next paragraphs describe the graphics, goal and game mode of this roulette with CroPArs virtual.

The graphics of Black and Yellow Roulette

The graphics of Black and Yellow Roulette is very simple And, of course, it reflects the name. In fact The basic colors are precisely black and yellow, with superimpressed numbers and written in white color.

Below the numbered boxes are the chips of several values to be selected for the episode, and the key, cancels and cancels.

In the lowest part of the screen, however, the Caselle that report the values of the sums won, episodes and of the total balance.

How to play

The goal of the player in Black and Yellow Roulette is that of guess the exact number (or group of numbers) that will come out during the tour.

You play on a wheel made of 37 yellow and black boxes numbered from 0 to 36 And a table, also with yellow and black boxes, on which the episodes are made.

To start playing you need to Select the amount to be aimed By clicking on one (or more) chips of the desired value. In the event that an error is made and clicked on the wrong one It is always possible to cancel or delete the episode.

After which you have to Click on the “turn” button, the green one located at the bottom right of the screen. At this point the wheel begins to turn and, When stopping, the winning number of numbers) will be displayed (or the group of numbers).

Every time a play ends The value of the episode for the next one will be set as the same as the previous one. However, it is possible on Black and Yellow Roulette, double the episode By clicking on the “Double/turn” button.

By selecting the “neighbors” setting, it is also possible to place episodes of 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 consecutive numbers.

Federico’s conclusion on Black and Yellow Roulette of Win Studios

The operation of Black and Yellow Roulette is quite classicnull The thing that mainly changes are the colors that, in fact, are not the classic ones of the game.

The maximum episode limits are discreet, but theRTP of 97.3% is good.

In my opinion there are much better roulette games of this created by Win Studios, and not only at the level of the possibility of winning, but also on a graphic level. An example is the Terminator Roulette, always developed by Win Studios.

For this reason I cannot give a high score to this game which, for me, stands at 3 are 5.

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