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il blackjack It is one of the most famous games in the world for hundreds of years. Its origin is still not Chiara and USA and France are competing for paternity. In reality, however, his great popularity and his final name have arrived in Americanull For some years he has been returning to having a huge following, also managing to counter the predominance of sports poker. This probably took place because it is a very simple and fast game, unlike Texana poker that can last long enough. So if you also want to get closer to this French card game, you are in the right place. In the next paragraphs we will tell you where to play Blackjack, both in terrestrial structures and where to play Blackjack online. And we will also give you some advice to avoid choosing the wrong place.

Where to play Blackjack in person?

If you are looking for a place to play Blackjack in USA sitting at a green table with Croupier, then we must tell you that the possibilities you have are quite reduced. In USA, in fact, at the moment there are only three terrestrial casinos that have the blackjack with Croupiernull This is the Casino from the valley of Saint-Vincent, the Sanremo casino and those of Venice. Until a few years ago, then, there was that of champion, failed in 2018. Even the mess of Saint-Vincent does not pass it very well, given that until a few weeks ago a bankruptcy procedure was underway, then interrupted null It must then be considered that all three are found in northern USA, precisely in Liguria (Sanremo), Veneto (Venice) and Valle d’Aosta (Saint-Vincent).

In practice, if you are wondering where to play Blackjack in Rome, the capital of USA, your question will not answer because there is no real casino. In recent years there has been talk of building a structure capable of attracting players in the center and southern USA, But in reality only maxi structures with poker and blackjack were born in video mode, but nothing that can be compared to a casinonull The nearest structure Rome, for example, is paradoxically abroad. In fact, these are die of the Titan, salt located in the State of San Marinonull Also in this case, however, there are no real green tables, but only games in software mode.

The reason for this lack of land game is probably found in a series of unclear rules provided for by the American statenull In reality, it seems that the gambling houses have been created more to stop the flow of players abroad rather than to create structures that could allow Americans to play quietly in their country. This is demonstrated by the fact that it is the Venice casino made that all the players who moved to Croatia and Slovenia should not go up more than these kilometers and could play directly in USA. Same thing with Sanremo who is very close to Montecarlo and the French Riviera.

So if you want to play Blackjack in USA in person, and do not live in the northern regions, then you will have to travel many kilometers reallynull The most valid alternative, of course, is to play online. And we will talk about this in the next paragraphs.

Online casino: this is where to play Blackjack online

In USA, as we have seen, it is really very difficult to be able to go to one of the terrestrial casinos, unless you live in northern USA. Also for this reason, there are many online gaming platforms that have been finding considerable success in recent yearsnull Just consider that the online game is more than doubled over the past four years and if we look at the casino and slot machine situation, the trend is even more important. In 2016, in fact, this sector collected 438 million euros, while At the end of 2023, we have moved on to a 1.2 billion euros, practically triple.

Of course the advantages of playing in online casino There are really many. Let’s see which they are talking about Blackjack online specifically.

  • Comfortnull Other than traveling tens or hundreds of kilometers to reach the physical casino. With the online version you can play directly from the bed or from the sofa at home. You can also aim while you are in the queue at the mail or when you are by trainnull In short, the convenience of being able to aim for the game of 21 on online casinos is undeniable and unparalleled. Obviously the sensations compared to a terrestrial casino are others, but for this reason the live version has been introduced. In practice you can connect via streaming directly to a green table and to a real dealer that will distribute the cards, manage the game and also answer the questions of the players sitting at the tablenull A real revolution that manages to unite the convenience of the Oonline at the royal green table.
  • Money managementnull Here is a point of which you must absolutely take into account, namely money. In a traditional casino you will not find many blackjack tables and those that are there could have a certain sum of minimal place. In the online version, however, the situation is totally different. There are several tables that can be pointed to even one cents at a time, just to give a little thrill to your play. If you don’t even want to aim for a penny, you can also choose the demo mode thanks to which you can play even without spending a euronull If, on the contrary, you like to aim a little more, without ever overdoing it, you will surely find the table that best suits your game needs.
  • Welcome offers: Among the characteristics that you will never find in a physical casino, there are above all the welcome bonuses. In practice, every casino to ensure that you decide to enroll in its gaming platform, will give you prizes and advantages only to have registered and have reloaded your game account. Usually there are also offers of Welcome without deposit, but they are mostly intended for slot machinesnull Those with deposit, on the other hand, are mainly based on your first top -up and will give you extra credit to use in the games you prefer. Remember, however, that there are always conditions to be respected both to receive maximum benefits and to withdraw potential winnings

How to choose the best online casino for Blackjack

We have seen that the online game is definitely the one you have the most advantages. At this point, however, we try to understand how to find the best site to play Blackjack online. Here are some parameters to follow:

  • License: Choose always legal and authorized platforms by the Customs and Monopolies Agency. It is the only body in USA to authorize the game at a distance.
  • Deposit methods: One of the first steps to play with real money is, of course, to recharge your account. Then check if your favorite system is available, whether it is an e-wallet or a credit card.
  • Customer care: We always give a lot of importance at this point because we believe that when you have some problems, it is always better to deal with operators ready to answer as soon as possible and clearly to your questions.
  • How many blackjacks are there: If you want to play mainly at the game of 21, check how many tables are there, the minimum and maximum amounts to point.
  • Live game: Another fundamental point is the presence, or not, of the Blackjack in the Live Dealer version. It is now the fashion of the moment and also one of the best opportunities to combine online with the traditional casino, so it is very easy to find a platform that has this game mode between its sections. Better, however, always take a look before registering and recharging the bill unnecessarily.

Some tips to avoid problems

If you do not want to end up playing in unreliable places, always remember that in USA there are only three terrestrial casinos, at least at the moment, in which it is possible to play. If someone offers you to go to his trust casino, but these three do not return, then he will want to bring you either in a room where there are only video casino games or in a clandestine biscanull The first type could also be legal, but the second certainly is not. In a nutshell, these are game rooms without any authorization and often managed by characters that are not recommended and linked to the world of organized crime.

The risks are varied but we want to talk to you in particular about two of these. The first is that you could find yourself playing with Croupier that Barano. Imagine, then, that the game is not made up and that you also have a lot of luck, managing to take away a lot of money to this bisca. Are you really convinced that they will let you go out safely? Better not to run these dangers and choose only authorized terrestrial rooms.

The same speech that also applies to online casinos that to be legal and safe for American players must be authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency. Without this authorization, in fact, you risk playing with rigged software and therefore you will always losenull In addition, these sites could be closed by ADM from one moment and the other and therefore you can no longer recover the money you loaded on the gaming account.


We reached the end of this article on where to play Blackjack. The picture that emerged that it is the game in the terrestrial casinos, albeit is certainly the most interesting and with particular emotions, is very difficult to put into practice. The online version is decidedly more comfortable since you can aim for blackjack practically everywhere and also with a simple smartphone or tablet.

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