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Are you always looking for new slot machines that can make you live a fun and engaging game experience? You are tired of the usual fruit machine slot machines (the classics) or that make references To the ancient Egypt Or to the Aztec Empire? Well, Blood Suckers Slot Machine could be the game that thanks to its RTP can meet your needs!

The name of this slot translated into American is “blood sucklers” And of course, as you can imagine, reference is made to the world of vampires. This game was launched by the giant Neten and, in a short time, became one of the most loved by players in online casinos. In this article we will see together what are the characteristics of the Blood Suckers slot and what distinguishes it compared to the others.

What are the characteristics of Blood Suckers Slot Machine?

The first feature that can be seen from the first moment in which you play on this slot is the theme, certainly different from that of all the other online slot machines. Like most slot launched by provider Netent is made up of 5 rollers and has 25 episode linesnull On each line there are 4 episode levels.

You can choose the value of the tokens to use and how many use it. However, you will not be able to choose the number of lines to focus on and this can represent a problemnull In fact, you must consider that once you establish the value and level of the token, this must have multiplied by all payment lines. For example, if the token is 20 euro cents, your final episode will be 5 euros. This is an aspect that not all American players know, especially the beginners and sometimes it happens that they make higher episodes than expected.

The tokens have a value ranging from 1 cent up to 50 cents. The maximum play that can be made on this slot is 50 $.

Remember to use the tokens responsibly, based on the capital at your disposal. Do not make very high episodes if you don’t have a high budget to count on. The game is a pastime and cannot become a source of problems in any way.

RTP and volatility of the Blood Suckers slot

The Blood Suckers slot has one of the best RTP on the market And this is certainly a point that can make a difference. The Return To Player, in fact, establishes the sum of money played that term in the coffers of the prize pool and what is instead intended for the prize pool of the game. Obviously the greater this last value, indicated precisely from the Art, the greater the chances of obtaining high winnings. Usually a good slot machine should have a 95% value at least.

Blood Suckers Slot Machine presents a 98% RTP that certainly makes it among the most interesting devices in the sectornull So in addition to the fun with its themes of the world of vampires there is also a very interesting RTP.

NetenT (I would insert links to the provider that I did not find on the site) then opted in this specific slot machine for low volatility. This means that the action will not fail, that is, that the winning combinations will appear on the screen often oftennull It must be considered, however, that the prizes could be not very high. It is therefore a perfect slot for those players who do not want to have too many laps without a winning combination.

How to play?

First of all, once you have made the log-in on the Blood Suckers slot you have to choose the value of the episode. As mentioned even before, remember that to understand what your final episode is you must consider that the token will be multiplied by all available payment lines, or 25.

Then you just have to make the rollers turn. To do this, just click on the central button. If you don’t want to click every time to activate the slot you can also use the car play function. In practice, establish the episode and the number of laps you want to make the slot and the latter will do everything automatically. You can stop this mode at any time or it will stop alone once the turns are finished or when you have finished the available credit. Furthermore, the rollers will also go a little faster than the usual so that the various heats will last less.

On the left side of the screen you will then find the information box. We advise you to click on it if you have doubts about simple or special symbols or you need some additional information.

What are the symbols of the Blood Suckers slot?

Before starting to play, you obviously have to take a look at the symbols on the screen so as to understand which are the most important. In total, excluding the special symbols that we will deepen soon, there are 8 boxes to know. Everyone is obviously linked to the world of vampires and horror. The symbol with the lowest prize is the garlic, and consider that when five in line appear, you will win “only” 75 times the initial episode. The highest prize, on the other hand, is obtained with the vampire wearing a red headdressnull If five of these symbols come out on a payment line, You will win 500 times the initial mail.

In the slot there are, then, several symbols that make the game more fun and engaging: Wild, Scatter and Bonus Game. Let’s see together how they present themselves.

Wild symbol

The Wild symbol is replaced with any other symbol, except for the Scatter or bonuses and allows you to create winning combinations. It is represented with a vampire who bites the neck of a woman to suck her bloodnull In addition to replacing the other boxes present in Blood Sucker Slot, it is also a real symbol. Consider that even with two symbols you will get a prize of five times the stakes and if there were five in line, the prize will be multiplied by 7,500 times the stake at the beginning.

Simbolo Scatter di Blood Suckers slot machine

The Scatter symbols allow you to unlock free rpm in any position they appear in the Blood Suckers slotnull If there are 3 onwards Symbols Scatter is activated, the free spin mode is activated. This allows you to get 10 free games. It is a very interesting bonus and you must know that the maximum winnings obtained in free spin mode on this slot is $ 50,730, a truly incredible figure.

Bonus Game

This is certainly one of the most interesting and fun bonuses of this slot machine. When 3 bonus symbols from right to left appear, you can enter the Blood Suckers Slot Machine bonus game. When you access this mode you can see 12 coffins in front of you in which vampires and bats are enclosed. Every time you manage to open a coffin inside which there will be a vampire, you will get a win. If, on the other hand, if I had to choose a coffin with bats, unfortunately the game will stop. In total there are nine winning coffins and three who will end the bonus game.

It certainly represents an innovative and fun game mode for the player and above all distinguishes this game compared to Other devices you can find around.

Can you play mobile?

Yes, this slot machine has an excellent level of playability, like many others supplied by Netent. This also allows you to play with the tablet or with your smartphone. It is not important where you are, the only thing you need will be an Internet connection that is not particularly slownull Thanks to the continuous investments of Netent in the sector of Mobile game You will not even need to compulsorily download an application. Just access the site where Blood Sucker Slot and start playing. This system is available for both players who use Android and for those who use phone or smartphones IOS.

What and netent?

Netent is one of the most famous online slot machines providers in the world marketnull This supplier makes its games available to many online casinos which are really much loved by the publicnull Its strength is certainly the slot machines that offer very high RTPs and innovative and fun issues. Blood Suckers Slot Machine together with Starburst are two of the most appreciated devices in the world of Gambling, but not the only ones. In fact, in the course of his long career he created many success games.


We have reached the end of this guide, created as always thanks to the help and analysis of our professional players. We can say without too many problems that thanks to its game mode, to the captivating and really high Art theme, the Blood Suckers Slot Machine is a very interesting gamenull Certainly you can see the high quality touch of Netten and the success achieved seems completely deserved.

Our final vote on Blood Suckers Slot Machine of Netten is therefore a nice 5 out of 5.

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