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For new players 100% of the first deposit up to $ 1050 with a minimum top -up of $ 10
For the new players of 50% reimbursement on the games lost up to a maximum of $ 200 with a first minimum top -up of $ 5
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For new players with a first minimum top -up of 20 $
For new players with a first minimum top -up of 10 $
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Valid Until: Dic 31, 2023
Bonus obtainable to the first minimum top -up of 20 $

Like any player, you too are probably looking for casino with welcome bonuses. If we are right, this guide is right for you, Because you will understand how to find the best platforms with welcome bonusnull Don’t worry, it’s not very difficult, just pay particular attention to some aspects, which of course we will illustrate in detail. We are sure that at the end of this guide You will know with certainty how to choose the best welcome bonuses, promotions for users already registered and how to choose the right casino for you. By reading Top-Us-Casino reviews, you will learn all the fundamental aspects to keep in mind. First of all we have to understand what bonuses are, how they work and what the main ones are.

Welcome bonuses are that category of bonus to which you can aspire by registering for the first time in an online casino

Welcome bonuses

The welcome bonuses are distinguished in deposit bonus (therefore with a first payment on the mandatory game account) and no deposit bonuses. In both cases the advantages are obtained with registration in a new online casino.

No deposit bonus

The first provides for prizes or advantages only for having enrolled on an online gaming platform. Usually just enough validate the account by sending a front-party copy of your identity document and the contract signednull But do not expect large bonuses since it is usually a few euros of additional credit or free spin for slot machines. This does not take away, however that we are talking about a practically free bonus and without even having to deposit a minimum figurenull So it is an excellent advantage to use to play without money, but still aiming for real money winnings.

It is certainly ideal for those who do not want to carry out an initial deposit, but at the same time start playing on the platform, discover its characteristics and only after using their money.

Bonus with mandatory deposit

The second promotion instead provides for a mandatory deposit. It is usually made up of free and/or an additional credit that can be 100% or more than the first payment on the game account. This means, for example, that by paying 100 euros, another 100 can be obtained in the form of extra creditnull You will understand how advantageous this offer is. All great players are looking for deposit bonuses, also because they really allow to bet important figures or try some episodes that usually would not be done. Let’s assume that you receive for example one hundred euros of credit bonuses: what to do with this money?

For example, there are those who will use them in the course of the whole period for which they are active, citing every single episode and having fun trying some game that, without this credit, would never have tried. Others, on the other hand, could also make twenty episodes from 5 euros each to the roulette or blackjack, or perhaps, as long as it is allowed, make only one play trying to double. Everyone can therefore manage it as he believes, but it is a good opportunity to try some game or try their luck as never before.

Other types of welcome bonus

In some cases you may get a cashback on the first game, or a refund of a certain percentage, if your first episode is loser.

In other cases you may benefit from increased shares if you want to bet on sporting events. In short, there is always some important advantage that awaits you.

Finally, there is another intriguing bonus available to the various players that many casinos are starting to promote. Let’s talk about a sort of wheel of luck. Practically The deposit bonus consists in the possibility of virtually turning this wheel of luck and finding out which award it is possible to obtainnull Usually there are free spins, from a few tens to several hundred, and extra credit.

Terms and conditions

One of the reasons why we recommend that you continue to follow Top-Us-Casino reviews is that they are independent of any casino, given that our goal is exclusively to inform the players. And for this reason We will give you news about all important aspects, both positive and negative. Regarding the latter, for example, when choosing a welcome bonus or any other promotion, you must always be careful of terms and conditions.

Try to understand what the minimum titles are to aspire to the bonus and above all if they have betting requirements (in most cases there will be) and their entity. When we talk about betting requirements we mean the number of times that you have to play the amount of the bonus received, before starting to withdraw your winningsnull If it is not yet clear, let’s make an example: let’s assume that you have obtained 100 euros of bonuses and that the bet requirements are equivalent to 30x. It means that you must first play 3,000 euros (remember that we do not intend to load on the account, but play) before we can request a withdrawal.

Then evaluate the accepted storage methods. In some cases, in fact, even if electronic wallets such as paypal, Skrill and Neteller are accepted, they may not be valid for the first payment and for the welcome bonus. Pay attention to these details, because many players with little experience end up losing their bonuses for a small mistake.

Finally, check how long you can play the welcome bonus. Often it lasts only a few hours or days and therefore, without realizing it, you will finish the time available without having used it all.

Welcome bonus from Mobile

There are welcome bonuses also for mobile devices. Some casinos, in fact, when they inaugurate their application or when they publish some games for the first time, they could offer welcome bonuses. In any case, Know that you can use the best welcome bonuses also from smartphones and tablets without any problem.

How to request a bonus?

Let’s now discover the various methods necessary to obtain welcome bonuses. In most cases, the crediting on one’s own account will be automatic. It is enough that it complies with the bonus requirements (initial minimum deposit, payment methods, time span).

In other cases, less frequent but still possible, It will be necessary to expressly request the welcome bonus, by sending an email to customer service, or by clicking on a special keynull This solution is chosen because sometimes the players do not want any welcome bonuses, perhaps due to the betting requirements.

The other possibility is the promotional code. In practice, the offer is reserved only for those who, at the time of registration, insert the code. Don’t worry, however, because you will easily find the code both on the official website and on our reviews, if it is essential to obtain bonuses and advantages.

Bonus assignment

In many cases you will read promotional phrases of the type: “200% welcome bonus up to 1,000 euros“. And so far you will think, since it is one of the best welcome bonuses, it would be a shame to lose it. At that moment, however, you do not know that in reality the bonus is yes up to 1,000 euros, but that it will be credited to you in small tranches of 15 or 20 euros weekly. Having said that, it does not mean that the bonus goes from being one of the best to one of the worst. We just wanted to give you the idea of how much a bonus can change if you don’t read all its aspects in depth. Many players, for example, could find the fact of having a small amount of weekly money to use for their extra games useful and making some “crazy” episodes.

There are those who prefer the bonus all together, even if of less value and therefore discard promotions that include a progressive bonus. This as always depends on your needs.

Differences between the best welcome bonuses and other promotions

The main difference is of course that the no deposit welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses are reserved only for customers who register for the first time on this platform. The other promotions are for all users.

The other great advantage concerns the deposit. While wanting to take advantage of a welcome bonus for which an initial deposit is needed, this does not represent a big problem. Each player who enrolls for the first time on a game platform knows that he must still make a deposit to start aiming and with this, there is also the possibility of having prizes. In open promotions and all, instead, You may be forced to recharge even if you already have credit on your game account And therefore you should add more to take advantage of the prizes.

Finally, thanks to the welcome bonus you can take a fairly in -depth look at the site and above all to the games, without risking your money. That’s why usually in the best mess with welcome bonus there are both additional credit and free spin. In this way you can take a look at all the sections of the platform and try the games.

How to choose the best casino with welcome bonus

This is an aspect that you absolutely do not have to underestimate, since not all casinos are the perfect place to play, especially if they are not legal in USA. First, therefore, ascertain that they have the authorization of the ADM or AMS. The Customs and Monopolies Agency, which over the past few years has incorporated AAMS, is the only body in USA authorized to manage the online game and above all release the licenses. If you have doubts about the authorization of an online casino, do not worry because you just need to look for the symbol of the body that is usually found either at the top on the right, or after all. If you don’t find it then it means that something is wrong with the right direction.

The ADM has very iron rules on the authorization and therefore the casinos must make several efforts to obtain this license And, once they have succeeded, they will put it on display. Those who tend to hide it, it means that it is not so certain of her means and therefore it is perhaps better to stay away.

Take a look at everything

We have already told you at the beginning that the terms and conditions are an aspect not to be underestimated, that’s why it is right to repeat it. Check every aspect of this field, including minimum deposit, time span where you can use the bonus, accepted payment methods, betting requirements and much more. Do not make the typical error of novice players, and don’t miss any chance of victorynull A good player, in addition to knowing the rules of a game, must know all the different aspects that are in the Gambling sector. Only in this way will you be able to obtain advantages and increase the chances of victory.

Quality of games and providers

Imagine having obtained a nice bonus to play in the slot section. You are euphoric and happy but, once on the casino, find that there are only four or five of slot and they are not even among the best market titles or among the most recent ones. In short, your welcome bonus will have been practically useless, and maybe to get it you had to also recharge a large sum. In short, wouldn’t it have been better to inquire first about the games section and the quality of the same? That’s why in our reviews on casino, we always give an important space to this aspect precisely to avoid all sorts of problems with playersnull Also take a look at software suppliers. The more there are the greater the possibilities that the games section is of a high level.

Customer care

What does customer service have to do with welcome bonuses? You probably don’t know how many problems could be born with the request of a bonus. Maybe it doesn’t get you, or you get a different one from what you have chosen, or even instead of using the bonus credit you are scaled the real one. In short, something can always go wrong, so why not make sure that the mess with welcome bonus you have chosen does not also have an efficient customer service?

Check if it has a phone number, or a live chat to turn to 24 hours a day and for all days of the week. You will not believe it but some casinos, which also have among the best welcome bonuses, have a really poor customer support, only by e-mail, and sometimes that I don’t even answer in American. Better to avoid these problems, informing you with our reviews or directly on the Casino website, or alternatively on the forums dedicated to Gambling.


What is the difference between bonus with deposit and no deposit?

The main difference is that in the no deposit bonuses, as the name also suggests, there is no need to make any initial charging. You just have to register and validate the game account. In promotions with deposit, on the other hand, you need to charging to have access to the advantages.

Can I use the welcome bonus if I am already subscribed or if I have been in the past?

Unfortunately for you, the answer is no. Casino reserve the welcome bonus only and exclusively to new players evernull Consequently, if you have been a user in the past, you will not be entitled to the bonus. However, we advise you to ask the Casino customer service for information, so as to have more in -depth news. Each platform could act differently than the others, so it is always better to inquire.

If my brother and I play from the same PC but with two different accounts, can we have two welcome bonuses?

Also in this case the answer is no. The casino, through the IP address, they will know if you are playing from the same house or PC, so they will make sure that you get only one welcome bonus and not twonull The second to register will therefore not be entitled to any advantage. This solution was found after only one player enrolled all the family members in recent years to have more bonuses at his disposal and play for free.

How to redeem a bonus?

Usually the bonus credit takes place automatically, while in other cases it will be necessary to express it expressly or enter a promotional code. You will find any information in the “Terms and Conditions” section.

Can I use two welcome bonuses?

The only thing you can do is take advantage of a no deposit bonus, which will be assigned to you immediately after registration and one with deposit that you will get after the first recharge. You cannot add two no deposit bonuses or two bonuses with deposit.

Can I use a mobile bonus?

Of course, now most of the casinos with welcome bonuses also has its own section dedicated to smartphones and tablets, and consequently, you can play without problems. It is usually possible to do it with dedicated applications or directly via the device browser, thanks to Flash5 technology.


At the end of this procasino review, we are sure that you have all the information necessary to understand how to make the most of the opportunities offered by the casino with welcome bonuses, both with mandatory and without deposit deposit. Do not believe those who tell you that one promotion is the best for you compared to another, because in reality you can only know it. Each player has its own characteristics and needs of episode. Consequently, a deposit bonus may be better for you than a welcome bonus no depositnull In fact, only you can know what you need, and now, thanks to our guide, you will also have understood the aspects to which greater attention must be paid to avoid future problems. Only in this way will you be able to find the best welcome bonus for you.