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In this guide we will see in detail one of the slot machines designed by Playtech, probably among the best software suppliers available on the market. Let’s talk about Captain’s Treasure, an inspired and tied game to the world of pirates and treasure hunt. Thanks to the analysis of our pros, sector experts and professional players, We will discover all its characteristics the special symbols, the payment lines and still high. This, in fact, is in our opinion the best way to understand if a game is actually the right one, or if it is necessary to look at the other slot machines.

Graphics and characteristics

Let’s start immediately to analyze Captain’s Treasure Slot from a technical pointnull This game has five rollers and three lines. In total, there are nine payment lines and you can also choose how many to be aimed and this is one of the characteristics to surely pay attention to. As you increase or decrease the payment lines you will also see the various colored lines that indicate the payines appear on the screen. Remember that these choice can affect your game mode both from an economic point of view, since you will have to focus less tokens and on your chances of winningnull Obviously, less the number of payment lines will be, you will have the smaller chance of victory.

The Captain’s Treasure RTP, on the other hand, is 97.1%, And this is a really important figure also considering that often the online devices present in the various authorized online casinos have a value between 94 and 96%null Volatility, on the other hand, is medium -low. That is, there will be a lot of action, so several winning combinations will appear on the screen, only that for the most part the prizes will be of low value.

As for graphics, however, we can say that it is a very simple slot. The symbols are well made even if not stylized to be an integral part of the game. For example, we find the symbols of the French cards, like J, Q and K. These have no particular feature that links them to the world of pirates or ships or gold doblons.

How to play Captain’s Treasure

Once you have access to the site, all you have to do is establish the initial episode. Captain’s Treasure Slot has a very simple and clear system, and we like this very much since it does not happen in other slot machinesnull First of all you have to decide the number of payment lines to focus on. You can choose from one to nine lines. Then the next step consists in the choice of the episode on each single line and in this case you can choose from a penny of euros up to 5 euros. This sum must be multiplied by the number of lines chosen. The calculation, however, will not have to worry because under the writing “Total bet (or Total Bet)” you will find the total amount already calculated aimed.

Once this is done, then, you just have to do is click on the spin key. If I don’t want to click every time, you can also decide to set the play car. You can then make the slot make a set number of laps (10, 25, 50 and 99) and you will only have to see the trend. However, you can stop the automatic mode at any time.

Finally, at the bottom of the left you will find the “info” button. By clicking on it you will get all the information regarding possible winning winnings and combinations.

And symbols

In Captain’s Treasure there are total ten simple symbols and two specials. Let’s see what their characteristics are. Be careful of a detail though. When we talk about winning combinations, we will also say what are the multipliers that are obtained. For example, three 9 in line give an X5 multiplier. This does not mean that you will get the total episode five times, but but five times the episode on the single linenull In a nutshell, if you have focused on nine payment line and on each of them you have a bet 1 $, then the win with three symbols of the 9 in line will be 5 euros.

Traditional symbols

9-10: They are the least important ones and offer the lowest prizes. Three in line are out, obviously we are talking about three 9 or three 10, you will win the episode on the line five times. Five in line are left, the win will be 100 times the episode.

J-Q: In this case, it ranges from a prize equal to five times the episode on the line up to a maximum of 200 times, with five symbols in line.

K: The Massimo Prize is 300 times the initial episode on the line when five come out in line.

A: In this case the win is 500 times with five symbols in a payment line.

Another and rudder: Starting from these two symbols, we start to have a victory even with only two symbols in line, obviously of each type. With five anchors or five rudders in line, the multiplier is once the episode on the lines.

Map: Also with this symbol you win when only two in line appear and you go to a minimum of 5 times The line bet up to 2500 times with a line completed only by these symbols.

Crossed sabers: This is the most important symbol regarding at least simple ones. A prize is obtained even when only one appears on the screen. If instead there are five, you win 5,000 times the initial tip.

The two special symbols

il Wild symbol It is represented by the face of a pirate And it has very interesting characteristics. First of all it can only be released on rollers 2, 3 and 4. secondly has the functionality of replacing all the other symbols on the screen but its advantages do not stop there. When they appear in a winning payment line, the premium of the instant doubles.

Scatter: This symbol is represented by the chest and also offers fairly important advantages. First of all, it is worth as a simple symbol and therefore can give prizes. The difference compared to others, however, is that his multipliers apply to the total episode and not the one on the simple lineto. They range from a multiplier 1 (so you will get your episode back) when two in line appear until one 100 are left five in line.

Furthermore, when three chests come out, even not in line you will win three free laps. During these free spins, then, another symbol will also be extracted that acquiring the functions of Scatter, in addition of course to the chest. In this way your possibilities of victory will be doubled.

Demo and Mobile game

Playtech is certainly one of the best software suppliers available on the market and this means that the mobile playability is always at the top. In fact, you can play Captain’s Treasure Slot in a mobile casino both from smartphones and tablets, without even needing to download some application,. Just access from the browser.

As we always recommend to our readers, then, always take a few laps first with the mobile version of the game. In this way you will understand personally if it is a game with which it is worth pointing or if it is better to look for another one of the various reviews that you find on Top-Us-Casino.

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