Cashback Blackjack: how does it work?

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In this guide we will see in detail one of the games designed by Playtech, or Cashback Blackjack. In practice it is one of the classic games related to the world of blackjack, But it has a really interesting feature, namely that of cashbacknull But let’s go in order and see everything in detail and with the utmost clarity.

How to play Cashback Blackjack

In this software version, or managed everything by a program, you have the opportunity to play five hands at the same time. Once you enter the Authorized online casino In which you are money playing Cashback Blackjack, establish the episodes you want to do and the number of hands to play. Remember that you can establish any type of episode, up to naturally to the maximum roof provided for by the table, and these can be safely different from each othernull For example, in one hand you can focus five euros and in another also 10.

the rules They are always the same that you find in other types of games. For example, in Cashback Blackjack the dealer must ask for another card when he has 16 or less. On the contrary, however, it must stay when its score is 17 (also 17 soft) or is higher.

Cashback: how does it work?

This game that will seem really very similar to you to the others that you find in the various online casinos, in reality it is definitely different for the cashbacknull In practice you will have the possibility of winning even without playing your hand, or taking back by recovering part of the episode if you have received bad cardsnull Before doing some examples to try to make everything clearer you must know that the cashback offer you receive depends both from the point and in the hand at that moment but also on the discovering card of the dealer.

  • Let’s say that you have focused ten euros on one hand and you go out 4 and j, so you have the score of 14 while the discovery card of the dealer is an ace. The system will offer you a cashback of just under four euros, also because your possibilities are obviously low. This, however, will allow you not to lose all ten euros despite the bad prospects.
  • On the contrary, however, if you have an A and a 9 and then a score of 20 and the dealer It has a disc discovered, the Blackjack cashback system will offer you over fourteen euros to leave your hand. Of course it will be up to you to decide, but in this case, accepting the offer of cashback, You will have won four euros without even playing.
  • We do the last example to show you that the system offer can also change while playing. Let’s assume that you have aimed ten euros and you have an A and a 2, while the counter has a 6 uncovered. You are certainly in an advantageous position or in any case the game is completely open, and in fact the game offers you just over ten euros in cashbacks. By asking for another card, however, the offer can grow if the point improves or decrease if the situation becomes more complex and risky.

Three secondary bets

One of the most important characteristics of the Blackjack cashback, then, also concerns the possibility of being able to focus on three secondary bets, namely:

  • Bench pair: it focuses on the fact that the two cards of the counter form a couple, which can be perfect, or the same seed and the same value, a colored couple, that is, the same value and the same color, and a red-black copy. The latter pays the mail, while the one colored twelve times the episode and the perfect one, Which is also the most difficult, it pays well 25 times the initial mail.
  • Player couple: it is similar to the previous one and the prizes are also the same. The only substantial difference is that the cards are taken into account in the player’s hand and not those of the counter.
  • 21+3: This secondary episode provides that the first two cards are taken into account in the player and the discovery card of the dealer. It focuses on the fact that they can form a point borrowed from poker. Let’s take an example to be clearer. If the three cards have the same seed they form a color and you will get a prize equal to five times the sum episode on the secondary bet. If they form a trio, the episode will be multiplied by thirty and if they form a trio of the same seed win the initial episode one hundred times.
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