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In this article we will focus on one of the aspects that generate most confusion between users who point online, that is, the difference between American and foreign online casino casino. In many cases, in fact, there are many game platforms that, although they have a site and a customer service in American, are based abroad. But are they legal and reliable? In this guide we will answer this and other questions, and we are sure that in the end you will have certainly clearer ideas and you will be able to choose the best American casino online.

Differences between American and foreign casino

First of all you have to analyze the differences between the American and those online casinos and those foreign, and here you need attention, because it may not be as simple as you thinknull We start from an assumption, namely that American online casino do not simply understand that they have the registered office in USA, but that they have a site, a customer service and all the other services in American, and that above all have the American license of the ADM to operate in USA. This also applies because many companies that own and manage American casino online, actually have their registered office abroad.

For example, digital game is a totally American brand, which however belongs to the entain (ex GVC), a holding foreign. This is a very common situation when it comes to casino, and the choice to have, or possibly to move, an abroad is mainly due to a tax and bureaucratic question. In some countries of the world, in fact, less taxes are paid, and the process to open an online casino is much faster and cheaper.

But actually Digital game, as well as other similar platforms, can be considered an American online casino since it has all its characteristics, including the ADM license, and therefore is absolutely legal and reliable.

Casino based in USA and foreign casino: which one to choose

We certainly cannot tell you which to choose from the various casinos who have their registered office in USA and those who have a tax office abroad, Also because it depends on some variables, such as welcome bonuses, with and no deposit, the selection of games and morenull However, we can tell you that you have to choose platforms that have all their services in American and that have a license. For example, if you notice that all the pages of the site are in English or when you ask for help from customer support, they cannot answer you in your language, then maybe it is appropriate to move on to the next casino, because it is certainly not an American online casino, nor let alone An American platform that has the tax office abroad.

How to recognize authorized American casino online

In summary, to recognize an American online casino you have to check some aspects in particular:

  • Site pages: all the most important information is in American or are there some pages that have a language other than yours? The American casino online AAMS will have all the information in American and, therefore, if you have to come across a platform with a foreign language, there is no need to play it.
  • Customer care: some sites have all their pages in American to attract customers, but then in some fundamental services, such as customer support, use a different language. In a nutshell, they spend small figures to translate the site, but then they do not invest to have American operators and therefore risk putting their users in difficulty.
  • Currency used: Only if the platform uses the euro as the main currency then can you continue in the episodes, but if you notice that instead the English pound or the dollar is used, it means that you are browsing a foreign site, even if it should have information in American.
  • Payment methods: many foreign casinos have dozens of payment methods, especially electronic wallets. Often there is no paypal, and this can be a problem for American players, since it is one of the most used virtual systems.

Casino authorized by ADM (AAMS)

Among the previous criteria we have not mentioned the license of the AMS or the ADM, not because it is not important but, on the contrary, because it is indispensable and therefore deserves a separate paragraphnull The Customs and Monopolies Agency, which in the last has incorporated and replaced AAMS, is the only body in USA to be able to release licenses for the game at a distance online. If a casino does not obtain the license of this government body, it means that it cannot operate in USA, and if it does it, however, it is illegal.

Would you like to give your money to an illegal site? Surely not, so always try to understand if the site you are browsing on is an American AAMS or ADM online casino, or if it is illegal.

To do this you can check if on the home page of the site you will find the symbol of the ADM, or a star surrounded by other twelve smaller stars. All authorized American online casinos will put the symbol of their license on display, usually or at the top right or at the bottom of the pagenull If, on the other hand, I do not find it, take it as an alarm bell, because nobody would ever hide this symbol.

The best AAMS certified American casinos

Why stay away from illegal foreign casinos

Now you know how to find authorized American online casinos, but you must also understand why it is better not to play on foreign platforms. Here are some, just to give you an idea of the risks you can run.

Site closed suddenly: the ADM periodically checks the online casinos and when finding someone active in USA who, however, has never obtained the license, or has expired, blocks it immediately. This means, in a nutshell, that the site on which it is playing becomes unattainable for American users at any moment. The site naturally does not close because it will be active in other countries, But you will have many difficulties in regaining back the money you had on the game account.

Winnings never received: Another unexpected event that can occur is that the winnings obtained will never arrive on your game account. The casino could in fact block them for some reason, even if not real, and you would end up waiting for hours, days and weeks before having a clear response and above all before seeing the money you won. In American online casinos, however, the procedure is absolutely immediate And the winnings will be credited to the account as soon as the game is over.

Fair games: The most serious reason why we should never play in unauthorized casinos is that there is also the possibility that these use the software unwanted or even rigged software. In practice i software used by casino They serve to guarantee players the absolute unpredictability and randomness in games, for example in the roulette. If these were not completely protected by internal or external interference, you could play for days without ever winning.

Foreign customer service: Let’s assume that you have chosen a foreign casino because it has a better bonus, but then you subscribe and find out that in reality there is no trace of this bonus. The first thing you do is customer service, but you end up interacting with someone who does not speak American and therefore does not understand you and cannot solve your problem.

Fictitious bonuses: many players choose foreign platforms because, as far as offers are concerned, they consider them the best of American online casinos with no deposit bonuses. In some cases it is absolutely true since they offer truly enormous, formidable bonuses, unrealistic, and often, in fact, they are not true at all. Since nobody controls them, sometimes they use unclear advertising formulas making you believe they can receive thousands of euros of credit, but they don’t say they will be given to you for a few euros per week. In other cases they use very high bet requirements (discover more on this aspect in the our bonus guide) who will force you to play a lot of money first and then to be able to collect the winnings. The American online casino bonuses without deposit, however, are much clearer, and in any case, since all the information is in American, you will have no problems finding more or to ask customer service if you have any doubts.

What to look for in the best American messages

Let’s now see other aspects that you will surely have to keep in mind when you are looking for authorized American online casinos on which to register. Remember that the best American casino Americans may not have all the characteristics you are looking for, and that’s why you always have to do research or rely on the reviews you find online. We of course advise you to take a look at the reviews of Top-Us-Casino For two reasons in particular.

The first that is made by professionals in the sector, including experts and players, and the second reason is that we do not make a review just to do it, but we also take several days and weeks to discover all the details of an online casino and his platform. In fact, we want our readers to know everything about a site: its positive aspects, but above all the negative ones, and in our guides you will always find indicated if it is American or foreign online casino.


It is useless to turn around, the bonuses are the most important aspect that players are looking for when they want to subscribe to a new online casino. Of course, however, also in this case, we advise you not to choose the first option that passes in front of you, but to reflect for a moment and make a comparison among the best. For example, if you are looking for one that does not force you to charging, you can choose between American online casinos with no deposit bonuses.


Another important feature concerns the tablet and smartphone game. Today everyone has a mobile device connected to the Internet, and of course it is also used to play online. The fact of being able to play at any time, even from the home sofa or while you are in line at the supermarket, is a truly unbeatable advantage. However, not all American casinos have updated and developed their online platforms at best. This means that in some cases you will be forced to focus on games that have poor graphics or, worse still, with a really reduced playability. In these cases not only you will not have fun, but you will also risk losing a lot of money. Imagine playing poker with a really reduced screen, and with a graphics that does not fit. You will have a thousand difficulties in pressing the right button, given that the buttons to relaunch or folding are one next to the other, And the risk of making mistakes is really very high: in short, a real nightmare.

Games selection

Are you tired of the usual board or cards? Then it is appropriate to try some of the versions just released in the panorama of online casino. Perfect, if it were not that the casino you chose has only blackjack and roulette, and not even in version with live dealers, and therefore you will have to satisfy you. But why having to give up when you can choose instead of the authorized American casino online that put a really large selection of games at your disposal? Just take a look at our reviews to understand which is the best site from this point of view.

Demo mode

To have a clear idea of all the aspects and characteristics that we have just talked to you, there would be a very simple way, or the demo version of an account. In practice, the site allows you to register and try both the platform and the games with an online virtual account, so that you can have a clear idea of the situation and only then decide whether it is appropriate to make a deposit to start playing with real money.

You will find many American online casinos who will have a demo version of the platform, or at least they will make you try the games without money. We advise you to do it, Because not only you will have fun but you will also acquire experience and you can create your personal strategies to use then in the game with real money.


At the end of this guide we can say that the difference between authorized American casino American casino and the foreign ones is quite clear and that therefore you will now know how to choose with the utmost attention. Remember not to stop at the first platform that you are in front but to make a conscious choice and to compare the various possibilities between them.

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