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Here are the professional reviews for Betway Casino, one of the ADM license in USA.

  • Important professionalviders Software
  • Fast payments
  • Legal site
  • You can also try games with live dealers
  • Minimum low amount
  • Missing bank transfer
  • There is no telephone number for assistance

Knowing online casinos should be a practice For players also because the game experience depends on this, for this reason we wrote these Betway Casino Reviews. However, not everyone has time to compare the various sites and not even the right knowledge. And that’s why we decided to put the our experts at your service.

BETWAAY CASINO: the professional reviews

In these reviews, for example, we will discover all the most important information concerning Betway Casinonull Our analyzes, in fact, are based on four pillars, or the Reputation and reliability, games and software available, payment methods and bonuses available, and lastly the customer support servicenull These, in fact, are for us the four fundamental points that deserve a different approach from each other.

At the end of the four Betway Casino Reviews You will find a vote expressed in stars with a score from 1 to 5, where 5 is the maximumnull Let’s start our guide immediately and go to discover this online casino games site.

Reputation and reliability: legal site but ugly episode in 2023

In this first of the four reviews on the online casino Betway, Davide will talk to you, also giving you his personal opinion, of the reputation and reliability of this brand.

He divided everything into 2 distinct sections. In the first it describes the storia del brand Betway, while in the second part he lists if he has had reliability problems or legal problems.

As you can understand they are Very important things to know on an online casino, so don’t miss this first review, so you can understand if Betway can be the operator suitable for your needs.

Brand history

In this first paragraph of Betway reviews I speak to you in short History of the brand.

Surely this online casino is not among the best known sites in the American panorama, since it is confronted with Casino who certainly have more notoriety. Despite this, however, we still speak of a platform appreciated in different countries of the world.

He was launched online for the first time in 2006 and from that moment he started his path in various nations in which he always operates with the regular authorization. In addition to USA, for example, it can be found in the United Kingdom, Malta, Denmark, Spain, Belgium and USA.

The its headquarters is in Malta, and this is not a problem since most of the online betting sites and casino have their main location on this island. Of course, it is a choice due only to a tax issue and, therefore, it does not represent a particular problem. Betway Casino, however, has several offices in Europe, including London.

Reliability and legal problems

Now, however, I talk to you about his reliability and legal problems that I found linked to the Betway brand.

Let’s start from the first important point that you absolutely must know and that we recommend that you check for each online site on which you play. We speak, in fact, of the licensewhonull This, in fact, It is the only authorized entity in USA to manage the game at a distance, and therefore also that of online casino and release authorizations. Have the license of this body that is part of the Ministry of Finance is the only method we have available to understand if a site is legal or not. And especially, To find out if the games are legal or not.

When playing on an unauthorized platform, in fact, nobody can guarantee you that there is a RTP advantageous for players and a reliable random number generatornull The latter is the generator of random combinations. In a nutshell, the presence of this system that is based on an algorithm that guarantees the absolute randomness of each symbol released to the online slot machines or every card distributed by the Croupier.

Having said that, however, it is a problem that at the moment does not concern us why Betway Casino is absolutely legal in USA since it has the regular ADM licensenull If you want to control personally, know that the license number is 15216.

Reliability, therefore, is guaranteed As well as compliance with all rules concerning the responsible game and the payment of potential winnings.

Always regarding the speech of reliability, Then, it is also to be considered that it is a site credited by ICOGOnull This private body is an English association that deals with testing and analyzing the various game platforms to understand if the players are protected or if there is someone who will try to make the clever and therefore take advantage of a non -legal way. Being approved by this third entity, therefore, is another sign of guarantee that everything is made in the right way And therefore players must not be afraid to play on this platform.

Precisely because we believe that information when it comes to casino must always be clear and precise. There is from to say, for example, that in 2023 Betway Casino was the protagonist of a disputenull In March, in fact, the company was fined for over 11.6 million pounds due to legal problems for customer protection and for anti -money laundering rules. Practically, He had allowed a player to aim within four years a figure equal to eight million pounds, of which four million lost in various games. However, she seems to have recovered from this problem that has undermined its credibility and reliability.

I think I have told you everything there is to know about this online casino games sitenull We can say that in the first of the Betway Casino reviews it emerged that it is an obviously legal site, and this is an essential point, and with different important features in its favor.

In 2023 a very high fine was deserved for problems related to the protection of the players, but in any case it seems to have come out in the best way. At the moment, however, I still don’t feel like being able to give my best and I want to wait a little more time to understand if he will be able to recover in the right waynull So for now his vote is four out of five stars.

Rating: 4 stars

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Games and software: lots of quality but little choice

In this second of the reviews on Betway Casino our Riccardo, the game and provider expert, has reviewed, even with his own personal opinion, The games and providers available, the user experience, the Betway’s mobile casino and also the app.

These are certainly between The points that affect the most to all players, also because who would register for an online casino where there are no games they like or interest?

So, to find out more about these fundamental points, Don’t miss this review of our expert, but also a professional player, Riccardo.

The games and providers available on Betway

This section is always among the favorites of online players because it allows you to know more about the number and quality of the games that can be found in online casinos. And it is certainly not a mistake. Precisely from the quality and range of devices on the platforms, in fact, it largely depends on the player’s experience both in the short and long termnull Even if a site, in fact, has games of the highest quality graphic and audio, but then in reality there are only a few dozen games, it means that in any case there will be nothing new to try within some weeks and this is certainly a problem. Players, in fact, tend to get bored easily if they do not find particular stimuli from the online casino.

On BETWAY casino, We find two sections dedicated to this type of games: online casino and live mess.

In the first section, in practice, there are all available games like the slot machine, board games and also games with live dealersnull One of the most interesting things, then, are the subsections. These, in fact, will allow you to find all the games you want in the shortest possible time. For example, there are subsections dedicated to blackjack and roulettenull In these, for example, you find twelve different games from Blackjack online, including the MultiHand or the tables where you can participate in multiple hands simultaneously.

As far as Roulette is concerned, there are only four titles but the offer is still very interesting. This is because there are all the main variants such as American roulette, European and French.

In the board games category, however, in addition to the aforementioned Blackjack and Roulette, you will also find some Baccarat tables and poker and SIC BO. It must be said, however, that we are talking about very few games in total.

The slot machines, then, are definitely the most large range of Games of Beteway Casino. In fact, there are over one hundred games to choose from. You will find classic slot machines, or those that have three rollers, no particular animation and the classic symbols such as bells and diamondsnull Of course, then, there are also games with five rollers. These certainly represent the majority, have more particular themes, for example linked to the world of ancient Egypt or ancient divinities. There are special animations and special symbols.

However, I did not find megaways games, or with more than five rollers and those with progressive jackpotsnull Most of the games, then, is made by Microgaming To which are added NetenT And other professionalvider software such as Evolution Gaming. This is an important point to keep in mind because the lack of a wide choice of games also depends on the few providers software on the site.

Among the points to underline, however, there are that the games can be tried in demo mode. That is, just click on “Practice” to be able to bet on that game with a virtual accountnull This aspect is also certainly important for an online casino since it allows you to test the games, and also the platform, without real money and above all without even registeringnull Of course, the winnings will also be fictitious, but this is obvious.

In many other online platforms, however, the situation is certainly different since it is necessary to register and, in some cases, there is not even this possibility. I always recommend readers to try games before starting to aim with real moneynull In this way, in fact, it is possible to understand the characteristics of a device, if it is actually simple to use and If its functions are particular compared to other games. And this without putting your real money into play. Thanks to this possibility, then, you can also try to test some of the most important strategies Like the counting of the blackjack cards or the various systems available for roulette.

The other section to pay attention, however, that relating to the live mess I can say that it is an average section. There are 14 games all made by Evolution Gaming, and this is certainly an important aspect, since we are talking about one of the best provider software in the sectornull There are, however, all the most important games in the casino sector such as online roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Caribbean poker (known as 3-Card Stud) and Texas Hold’emnull In addition, there are also show game such as Football Studio and Dream Catcher.

We have already said that for software games it is also possible to use the demo mode, that is to play fake money. And so far, all online casinos, with or without registration allow you to do it. One of the peculiarities of Betway Casino, however, is to make you try the games of the live mess with live dealers.

This is a really rare occasion that you will find on Betway Casino. The operation is quite simple since you have to do nothing but go to the Betway Casino website, choose the section dedicated to live games and decide which one to try. Then click on “Practice” and the window will open with the streaming connection with the dealer or the dealer with which you can also interact. If you have to finish the fake money available on the account, you just need to refine the page and you can start playing again.

User experience

Let’s go now, to know something more on game software. The Betway Casino is available in both desktop and mobile version. For both game platforms we have not encountered any problems. Everything went in the right direction and there have never been interruptions or slowdowns.

Even when we played with live dealers. This is an aspect that interests us very much because we need to consider that if the games undergo interruptions, you may not aim at the right time or be forced to skip a winning hand. And it would be a real shame.

Arrived at the end of this part of the Betway Casino Reviews, I can tell you that It proves to be a decidedly simple to use site and, above all, without annoyance both from the home PC and from the phone.

Betway Casino Mobile

Speaking of the mobile game, you will have two possibilities to play, that is, through the apps to download or directly from the browser of your device. In practice, just access the site from Mobile, enter your data and then play.

As I have already mentioned, I tested the operator’s website also as a mobile device, and I must say that it works discreetly. I do not have never had any kind of problem, And to be honest also the mobile version is intuitive and simple to use, even if in reality I think the best choice always remains to use it via desktop.

Betway App

As already mentioned above, Betway has studied aAPPOSITE APP for its casino.

If rather than playing from a mobile device via the browser you prefer the app, you can choose between that for Android or iOS devicesnull With both options you can obviously play, use the Welcome bonus, but also request assistance, make payments or withdrawals.

This is not a little, seen and considered that Not all operators allow you to carry out everything from the app For mobile device, and therefore in this case Betway I must say that he earns many points.

Now we have arrived at the end of the second of the Betway Casino Reviewsnull During this review on Betway I tried to analyze all the most important details that concerns the area of casino and software games. From this point of view, I must say that everything seemed efficient and without bugs of any kindnull Instead, speaking of the games, the situation is certainly particular.

In fact, there are some points that should be improved such as the range of games availablenull Those in software version, as well as those with Live Dealers, are quite few and this is certainly a detail not to be underestimated since users are seriously risking to get bored.

There are anyway positive points to keep in mind that allow the site to get a decidedly high score. Among these, for example, there is the fact that the games, even live ones, can be tried in demo mode. In addition, the presence of providers software such as microgaming, evolution gaming and Netent always guarantee high quality.

Having said that, however, we cannot give the maximum to the section because the games are still too few to be able to be on a par for many online casinosnull The road taken by Betway Casino, however, is the right one.

Rating: 4 stars

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Payments and bonuses: many systems but there is some lack

In this third of the reviews on Betway Casino by our Giampaolo you will find information on payments and on the bonuses of the operator.

When choosing a game platform it is always important to check all the information that concern deposits and withdrawals, as well as bonuses availablenull You must know, in fact, that some platforms may include different payment methods than other sites, There may be commission expenses, or different times for withdrawals.

Also for this reason we believe it is important to dwell on payment methods and bonuses, e Discover all the characteristics of the planned systems.

Payment methods

Let’s start immediately from the deposits. To pay money on Betway, for example, you can choose from the usual credit and debt cards, the Postepay, Paysafecard, Rapid Transfer, Skrill, Neteller and paypalnull The minimum deposit is 5 euros, and the deposit time is practically immediate. Finally, it must be said that there are no commission expenses.

For withdrawals, there is a point to underline in particular, namely the fact that the minimum deposit is very lownull In fact, we are talking about only 5 euros, that is, a figure that puts everyone in the best possible conditions, and also the players who have a very low budget at their disposal. You will not always find such a low amount, therefore, it is certainly an interesting aspect of this site.

On the other hand, however, it is also necessary to underline the lack of less technological systems, such as bank transfer or at the limit also the postal bulletin. These deposit methods, in fact, although they are not very used, slow and sometimes even onerosis, they are among the chosen by people who do not have an e-wallet or do not want to enter their bank data on a site.

Passing, instead to the samples, we must say that the methods to be used are practically the same with the addition of the bank transfernull Also in this case there are no commission expenses. The minimum amount that can be taken It is 10 euros and also in this case there is no mention of very high figures and therefore usable by everyone.

Of course, the times vary according to the system that is used, but in any case there will be not a lot to wait. For electronic wallets, for example, they may want from 2 to 24 hoursnull Although it must be considered that the payment must first of all be developed by Betway Casino, before being able to actually be paid.

Another fundamental point when it comes to deposit and withdrawals, then, concerns the Safetynull The service is active on this site 3-D secure that allows you to have a double confirmation when making a payment.

1 is a good offerte

Betway Casino, as I explain to you in this part of the reviews, also offers gods Bonus to new registered users.

The first I want to tell you about is the Betway’s welcome bonus, of which we also created one special guide It is much more detailed than this description.

This welcome bonus allows you to receive Up to $ 1,000 Extra credit to be able to use the site and live games of the site in the sections. It is obtained according to the first three deposits made on the game account following the registrationnull It allows to obtain a different bonus percentage after each of the first 3 deposits made, and change to each of them.

With the first top -up, up to $ 250 can be obtained, which correspond to 100% of the first deposit. Even with the second deposit you can obtain up to $ 250, but they are only 25% of the second top -up. With the third and final deposit that belonging to this bonus, however, up to $ 500 can be received, which in this case are 50% of the deposit, that is, 1000 $ must be paid to obtain 500 $.

Obviously the Betway’s welcome bonus is released with conditions that I explain below:

  • valid only to the first registration
  • valid only for A person per family, IP address, e-mail and home address
  • The bonus must be activated by the user In the first 7 days from registration
  • All 3 deposits must have a minimum amount of 20 $ and they must be carried out in the first 7 days from the date of opening of the account game

In addition to this bonus, Betway also has one without a deposit. The No deposit bonus of the Casino Betway provides that the user are released 5 $ immediately after validating the game accountnull For the validation of the account it will be necessary to send a valid identity document immediately after the opening of the game account itself through this link: https://betway.it/bwp/welcome-5gratis/it-it/null The 5 $ are usable in all sections of the casino, but you must keep in mind that they are given only to the first registration and only to a person per family.

Also in this case Betway Casino arrives almost at most, But something is still missing to deserve the highest scorenull The deposit methods are many and above all the minimum amount to be paid, only 5 euros, it allows everyone to start playing. Even if you have a really low budget available.

However, the bank transfer to pay money on your game account is missing. And this is a point that has left me stucco, since it is one of the methods that is always found on the game platforms. It is also perfect for players who do not have a great link with technology. The withdrawals are normal as well as the times and there are no commission expenses to face.

As for the bonuses, however, I must say that Betway does not disappoint and how most of the other operators offer the classics Welcome and no deposit bonus.

Rating: 4 stars

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Betway Casino Customer Support: Missing telephone number is missing

This is the last of our Betway reviews e We will talk about the methods made available to the online casino to customer servicenull The first point to be taken into consideration concerns above all the fact that it is not very simple to speak with the Betway Casino operators. The site, in fact, pushes you to seek the answer to your questions through frequent questions.

For non -registered players, a very comfortable live chat is active. It will allow you to ask for a few minutes all the information you need to an operatornull We tried it both to understand if it was a bot or a real person, And luckily we talked to a real operatornull We also carried out this test to understand if the operators were prepared. I asked what professionalvider software to use on the site and, only after a few minutes, we finally managed to understand it. Obviously this is certainly not a point in favor, given that i software provider They have some importance for online casinos. Furthermore, It was a very simple and, above all important, answer to be known for the operators.

The lack of a telephone service must be reported. And this is an important flaw because it is not always through Live Chat it is possible to understand each other at best. Also, talking by phone makes everything easier, especially when you have a technical problem.

Finally, therefore, we certainly appreciate the desire to make everything easier through live chat. This does not mean, however, that a telephone number would still be a system to add. In fact, it would make everything much simpler. However, we appreciate the section relating to frequent questions because there are many answers to the various questions that players ask themselves.

Rating: 4 stars

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Information about Betway

Company name Betway Limited
Registered office Malta
American headquarters
Foundation date 2006
International turnover (2019)
American turnover (2019)
AAMS license number 15216
Telephone number 800 789 057
Email [email protected]

Betway Casino Details

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4,0 rating

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