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Here are the professional reviews for Goldbet Casino, one of the most famous betting brands in USA.

  • Authorized ADM, it is reliable and safe
  • oltre 600 slot machine
  • Desktop site without bugs
  • Possibility of deposit and withdrawal with Goldbet Voucher
  • Very low levy minimum amounts
  • Excellent customer support
  • It does not have a long history on the American market
  • The graphics of the site could be improved
  • App for iOS devices full of bugs
  • Few payment methods
  • There is no no deposit bonus
Bonus available on Goldbet
For the new players of 50% reimbursement on the games lost up to a maximum of $ 200 with a first minimum top -up of $ 5
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Goldbet, founded in 2000 in Austria, is one of the latest online casino operators also live, and via App, launched in USA that we review. In fact, only in 2015 he obtained the licenza AAMS (ora ADM) to operate on the American territory.

Through their site Goldbet.it offers casino games, card games, bingo, lotteries and sports betting. From its approval for the American market, this operator has done nothing but grow and improve its offer of games, bringing him today to be one of the best known on the national territory.

Goldbet Casino is a satellite company of Lottomatica, e It is part of the Gamenet S.p.A. group From 2018.

Below, our Top-Us-Casino experts wrote various goldbet reviews. Each Goldbet Review has been written to help users understand if this online casino is what they are looking for, but above all if you can trust.

This also on Goldbet Casino is part of our series of Casino reviews dedicated to the various operators approved in USA.

But let’s see immediately what our pros write about Goldbet online casino.

Goldbet Casino: the professional reviews

In the next paragraphs our procasino experts have drawn up A list of 4 Goldbet Reviews dedicated to Goldbet Online Casino And live. Each of the our experts He analyzed and written about his experience niche, trying to test and analyze all the areas of interest of an online casino for our readers.

The first Goldbet Review, written by Davide, will deal with the reputation and reliability of this brand. The second Goldbet Review, edited by Riccardo, talks about the games and software on the sitenull The third, edited by Giampaolo, deals with the Payment systems and bonuses offerednull The fourth and last of the goldbet reviews, written by our Sara, talks about the Customer Support Service offered by the operator.

Goldbet reputation and reliability: young but definitely reliable

In this first of the Goldbet Reviews Davide talks about the reputation and reliability by Goldbet Casino. But let’s leave the word to him and let’s see what he tells us about this operator.

In this goldbet review I decided to divide the general topic of reputation and reliability into two distinct parts: Brand history, e Reliability and legal problemsnull In doing so, it is easier to consult, but above all it allows you to better understand my opinion on the two sections of the Goldbet review I written.

Storia del Brand GoldBet

Talking to you about the story of Goldbet Casino I must immediately clarify that I will not dwell much, also because It is a brand that is just over 6 years old. Given his young age, therefore, he does not have who knows what story that must be told.

Born in Austria in 2005, and more precisely a Innsbruck, where he mainly offered sports betting services, he entered USA only in 2015 with license from the Customs and Monopolies Agency number 15226.

In 2018 the Goldbet brand was acquired by Gamenet S.p.A., a company of which Apollo Management Inc and already owner of Intilot is headed, as a single shareholder with a payment of $ 265 million.

Today the Goldbet headquarters in USA is located in Rome, in via della Maglianella 65r.

As mentioned at the beginning of this part of the Goldbet review, in fact, the company is young and has no long history. However, I must also admit that it developed quickly, becoming one of the most famous game platforms among American fans, and earning the right to be reviewed by us in these Goldbet reviews.

Reliability and legal problems

In this chapter I speak to you of thereliability and legal problems that I found, during my research, related to Goldbet.

I tell you immediately that At the level of legal problems I have not found anything in importantnull In the past, however, when Goldbet was still an Austrian company had created a Faida concerning the betting centers present in the area and the Stanleybet operator. These problems mostly concerned the bets on the bets of the two operators. But after doing some research I can also say that it seems it was a thing more than anything else created by Stanleybet to try to block Goldbet operations on American territory, and consequently take its loyal customers.

Speaking instead of the reliability of Goldbet Casino online there is no doubt that it is 100%reliable. He is an operator who since 2015, the year in which he started his activities in USA, owns the License number 15226 of the Customs and Monopolies Agency (who). As you well know before issuing this license, the body carries out meticulous checks of the company, the protection systems that offers the users of the site, and also of the games it offers.

Obviously, too Goldbet online casino games (non -live) work with an RNG (Random Generator Number), the system that guarantees the total randomness of the results that come out in games such as slot machines or roulette.

Inside each slot machine there is a microprocessor similar to that of a home computer. Instead of performing the classic programs such as those of Adobe or the Office package, it makes a special program called RNG, which generates numbers that correspond to the symbols that appear on the rollers of the slot machines.

This RNG works practically with perpetual motion. Until the game works, the RNG selects random numbers every millisecondnull It generates approximately a value between 0 and 4 billion which is then translated into a specific series of numbers that correspond to the symbols that can be seen on the rollers. To understand this number, it is created when you click on the “turn” button of the slot.

RNG uses an algorithm that is nothing more than a series “preset instructions” to go to generate random numbers.

To make you Understanding better how this RNG works, I bring you the example of how it applies to slots. Roller slot machines have a number of spaces on each roller, these spaces can contain a symbol or be empty. These are indicated as “physical stops”. Most of the old mechanical slots had rollers that could contain a maximum of 20 symbols, while modern slots have rollers with 22 stops. Microprocessors technology allows the new electronic slots to be able to have a very high number of “virtual stops”.

Imagining that there are only 10 stops on each roller means that there may be 1000 different combinations. To obtain this value, the number of symbols on each coil must multiply with this formula (in the case of 3 roller slots): 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000. The 1000 random combinations that can be generated are known as a cycle. Among other things, the term “cycle” that is used is what often confuses players. Because it can lead to thinking that the slot has winning and loser cycles.

The chances of a combination of three numbers come out are therefore one in a thousand. In more practical terms, making 1000 spin to the slot should appear the same combination only once. But this is not always the case, also because by making 700,000 spin the numbers will uniform themselves to be as close as possible to reality. It is a bit as if it launched 100 times a coin. As much as the chances of the head or cross are 50-50, it is decidedly unlikely that you see out exactly 50 times head and 50 times cross after making 100 launches.

As for the protection of transactions on Goldbet Casino online, The company rests on the largest companies worldwide that guarantee high protection standards on payments and withdrawals, as well as on the personal data entered at the time of the transaction.

So, to conclude my review of Goldbet Casino, I can say that it is reliable for users from all points of viewnull But I must also add, unfortunately, that on their site They do not specify what type of encryption system they use for transactions and for the protection of customer data. E they do not specify the information about the Random Generator Number used in their games.

So my opinion, not having all the detailed information on the protection systems used, is that He deserves a not low vote but not even the maximum, 4!

Rating: 4 stars

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Games and software: excellent providers and slot choice, few options in other games

In this second part of the goldbet reviews I will go to talk about a fundamental thing in an online casino: The games and software on the platform and on the app. Without any doubt this goldbet review It will be very interested in those who, for the first time, intend to evaluate the subscription to this operator.

I thought, to make it easier to consult, to divide this review on Goldbet Casino online, and also of the app, in four parts. The first will speak of the Games and providers available, the second of the user experience on Goldbet, the third of Goldbet Casino Mobile and the last part of Goldbet Casino App.

Games and providers available on Goldbet Casino

Here I am immediately talking about a very interesting point, the games and providers available on Goldbet Casino.

Starting that on Goldbet Casino Online there are many games available, including over 600 slot machines of various famous providers. They are categorized in 4 groups under the main category “Casino”. These groups are Slot, Tavoli, GoldBet Casino Live e Soft Games. In addition to the “casino” category of our interest there is also the “cards”, where you can also find card games of the American tradition such as Briscola, scale 40, broom, scopone and many others. This section of card games traditionally played in USA is, for our compatriots, certainly an extra point for this online casino.

Going into the slot group, part of the Casino category, as mentioned above we can find further 600 titles produced by the most famous companies worldwide. Among the main providers software present are Netent, Big Time Gaming, Wmg, Tuko, Playtech, Play’n Go, Blueprint, Chance Interactive di Reel Play, GiocaOnline, Pragmatic Play, Greentube, Iron Dog, 1×2 Gaming, lightning box, Cape Cod, Scientific Games, Thunderkick, Betsoft, GAMe Nextgen.

At the level of Slot Machine, all available also in Free Play mode To be tested, we can find all the types: classic, Megaways And also with progressive jackpot. To name some of those a progressive jackpot we must certainly mention Wolf Gold, Super Lion, Gladiator Jackpot, Space Diamond and Frankie Dettori Magic Seven Jackpot.

Among the more classic ones there are Blood Suckers, The Mask, Starburst, Gonzo’S Quest, Aztec Gems, Win the hen, Book of Ra and many others. Of the megaways category, however, those in my opinion worthy of note are Great Rhino Megaways, Montezuma Megaways, Monopoly Megaways e GoldBet Branded Megaways (which is obviously an exclusive Goldbet casino online).

There is also a good selection at the roulette levelnull The most famous are the French roulette, the American Roulette and theEuropean Roulette also present in 3D version.

Not very well provided is the category of board games where there are only 12 titles including Playtech’s cashback Blakcjack, the 3 The Bakrat Di Rirodog and Zappit Blackjack of Shuffle Master.

Finally, in the categoria del Live Casino GoldBet The games in greater number are Baccarat, Roulette e Blackjack, most produced by Evolution Gaming. The Goldbet live casino games are, among other things, among the most played by the Americans. This above all because, lately, Many players believe that relying on a game in which there is a real dealer or Croupier is more reliable than aiming for money to a game whose randomness depends on algorithms. This is not true in practice, but reading several reviews on various online casinos is what you can understand. The reality is that live games are as safe and reliable as those managed by a random generator number (RNG).

So, regarding the software and providers available on Goldbet, I must say that the platform is well equipped above all in the slot machine level. Certainly, to attract more players, This operator must integrate the already existing games with more software. Especially in the sections of the live casino Goldbet games and in that of board games.

Once the software in these two sections are increased, I am sure that Goldbet Online Casino will earn even more popularity among American players.

User experience

In this part of Goldbet Review I am talking about theUser experience that, I tell you immediately, could be improved for me.

The site, developed on Playtech software, works quite well and does not give nor loading problems and not even bugs.

As for the graphics of the site, however, It is not very user-friendlynull The groups in which they are divided The games are arranged a little under the casino category, but others are in the cards categorynull Personally I don’t understand this choice made by the operator, also because then you can access some card games from the Casino section. The colors of the site, compared to the platforms of other operators, are also quite off.

I must say, instead, that The menu to select the games sub -categories is intuitive and a lot facilitates the user in the selection. As excellent is the “search” function, present in the upper part of the menu just mentioned, which allows you to look for all the games of the category giving both the name and the manufacturer of the game itself.

Opening the game account on Goldbet Casino Online is simple and fast enough. The steps are good or bad the usual ones found in all online casinos: Create your access data, enter personal data, upload an identity document and select a bonus among those offered. Then, within a maximum of 30 days, the game account must be carried out, under penalty of suspension of the same.

The last thing I want to talk to you about the user experience is the Difficulty that is found in reaching the footing menu. Being that all games are visible on the screen, when you are in the slot category, reaching this menu is a very long process. Keeping in mind that there are over 650 slot games on Goldbet Casino, it means having to flow beyond all the games to get to see the menu. I have no doubts that Goldbet, in this respect, could do much better.

So, as regards this part of Goldbet review relating to user experience, the operator must bring improvements to be able to deserve what is the highest votes.

GoldBet Casino Mobile

Now let’s see what the Goldbet Casino Mobile is, or the possibility of playing via devices such as tablets and smartphones at the Goldbet Casino online.

Also this operator, in addition to the Goldbet Casino App that we will see soon, Allows you to play directly on the via mobile device website. The site is, of course, Optimized for both smartphones and tablets. I must say that overall it works discreetly and the graphics are like that of the desktop site.

One thing that is missing is the search box for games, and the menu that from Desktop is present on the left of the screen in this case is above the list of games available in the section.

One of the negative points in my opinion, as well as using the computer site, is that to get to the footing menu you have to scroll down all the games pass, which requires even more time than computer.

Regarding the things that can be done from smartphones and tablets On Goldbet Casino Mobile, I must say that They are practically the same as from desktop. You can register and access the account, make transactions and use practically all the games present.

Also in this part of Goldbet Review I must say that the operator can do better. The problems are always related to user experience As well as as a desktop and improving that would go to earn a higher vote also in this section of the goldbet reviews.

GoldBet Casino App

Now I am talking to you about the GoldBet Casino App. This app, recently developed both for devices Android that iOS, It allows users to enjoy the same desktop casino gaming experience.

As for the version of Goldbet Casino App created for Android devices, it can be downloaded directly from the Goldbet Casino website. While the one for iOS must be downloaded from the App Store.

After the tests done, and after reading various user reviews, I can say that the Goldbet Casino App For Android it works quite well, apart from some bugs reported over time. That For iOS, however, seeing also The assessments on the App Store It is not the best. È Full of bugs and continues, even during playing to stop. Furthermore, many report that When you open a game, this does not work directly on the app, but you are redirected to Safari. Most reviews are negative and users say that as an application it is useless.

Therefore, in conclusion of this goldbet review, for the reasons listed in the four points I mentioned I can’t give maximum votes to Goldbet Casino online.

Goldbet Casino must certainly make changes to the Goldbet Casino App, and add games that are not slot machines especially in the part of the live casino Goldbet. But also from the point of view of user experience both from desktop and mobile devices it certainly has to make improvements to the site to make use of users a little simpler and more pleasant. Therefore My vote is 4 stars, not the best but not very low, given that in any case at the desktop level the site works well.

Rating: 4 stars

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Payments and bonuses on Goldbet Casino Online: a few payment methods and a no deposit bonus is missing

In this third of the goldbet reviews, by our expert Giampaolo, we will talk to you about payment systems and bonuses present su GoldBet Casino.

The review will be divided into two points: Payment methods and bonuses available on Goldbet Casino Online.

Payment methods

In this part of the Goldbet Review I am talking about the payment methods, or of deposit and withdrawal, available on Goldbet Casino online.

I must immediately say that, alas, Goldbet does not offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal systems.

The main deposit systems, such as credit cards and Visa and Mastercard debt, Paypal, Bank transfer And Skrill are all there. In addition to these they are also present Postepay, Postal transfer, postal bulletin and, in Exclusive of this casino, the Goldbet Vouchernull Compared to other operators, however, mancano Neteller e My Paysafecard which, both American and international level, are used by many players.

Noteworthy are certainly the minimum figures depositable on the game account. With most payment systems the Minimum is only $ 5 but, using the Goldbet Voucher, the figure drops up to $ 2. These minimums required for deposit make Goldbet accessible to everyone. Both players with large economic possibilities and to those who must pay attention to the expense they are making.

The storage timing are normal. Bank and postal transfers require 2 to 3 working days, deposits made with postal bulletin from 4 to 5 working days, while with all the other methods the deposit is instantaneous.

As for the withdrawals, however, the methods allowed are less than those present for deposits. Among the systems accepted for the withdrawal of the funds are: Visa and Mastercard credit cardsnull But also Postepay, Skrill, Bank transfer, Paypal, domiciled transfer and Goldbet Voucher levy.

The timing in this case are, unfortunately, long enough. Most of the systems present take up to 7 working daysnull Skrill, Paypal and the Goldbet Voucher are excluded that make the withdrawal available after 24 hours. However, there is also a decidedly positive note. The minimum sampling amounts are low. In the case of the Goldbet voucher the minimum is $ 2 and with Paypal it is $ 5. Using Skrill, Postepay and bank transfer the minimum is $ 10, while with the remaining 2 systems it is $ 50.

Obviously, as mentioned also in the first review written by Davide, All deposit and withdrawal systems are supported by the largest and most famous companies worldwidenull This guarantees the Transactions safety and the personal data that are entered to make the transactions themselves.

Therefore, in relation to deposits and withdrawals there will not be many methods present, but The minimum amounts are among the lowest in the sector.

By adding some Goldbet payment and sampling system it would certainly improve my opinion. And consequently also the score relating to this section of Goldbet Reviews.

Available bonuses

Now let’s see what are the Bonus available on Goldbet Casino Online, also for the App.

In this section Goldbet sins a little. Indeed It offers a single type of players bonus who register for the platform. This bonus is the Welcome bonus, requested only After making a first deposit On the Goldbet game account online. But let’s go to see him in more detail, also because It does not work like the classic welcome bonuses of the other online casinos.

As mentioned, to request this bonus it is necessary to carry out un first deposit of a minimum value of $ 5 on the game account, also via app. This Welcome bonus provides that The total of non -winning games made on the first day of the game is refunded. A 25% up to a maximum of $ 100. Solar day, and did not understand as 24 hours from registration.

To receive it, moreover, you have to submit to certain conditions that list below.

First of all, this reimbursement is paid only for the total non -winning games made with real money. Only to the online goldbet slot online, also via app. The 25% indicated in the total non -winning games to the slots can reach a ceiling of $ 100. The games present in the section of the Live Casino and on that tables are not valid for obtaining the Goldbet welcome bonus.

As previously mentioned, it is necessary to make a deposit of at least $ 5 on the game account after validating your identity by sending a valid document. The money accredited with the bonus cannot be taken by the player.

The total amount is rounded up to the entire figure to which the most is approachingnull For example, if they are 2.69 $ it is rounded for $ 3, if they are $ 2.30, it is rounded for $ 2. The welcome bonus expires 7 days from the moment it is paid, e It is given to the player within the 3 days following the one in which he started playing slot machines su GoldBet Casino Online.

In addition to this welcome bonus, then, on Goldbet Casino they are present Other bonuses, also for live games, which change daily or every week. But they are not bonuses that are automatically credited to the new players, and therefore do not fall into those we are talking about in these Goldbet reviews.

To conclude this short Goldbet Review, I can say that at the level of payments and bonuses, even via app, it does not deserve maximum votes. The minimum values for deposits and withdrawals are excellent, as they are really low, but the payment systems are few. As for the Goldbet bonuses, it can definitely do better. By now all the competitors online casinos offer a no deposit bonus and Goldbet, however, has never had it.

Therefore My vote for Goldbet Casino is 4 stars.

Rating: 4 stars

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Goldbet customer support: many systems

In this fourth and last of the Goldbet Casino reviews, also related to live games, our expert Sara will tell you about the service of Customer support offered by Goldbet Casino online, also for the customers of the app.

But let’s immediately read his opinion on this service:

Start this Goldbet Review telling you that To reach the section through which you can customer support, also of the Live Games Casino, you must go to the menu at the bottom of the site page, on the right side, and click on technical assistance. After clicking on this item, a screen will appear with various information, at the end of which the item ” us” is present.

By clicking on “Contact us” you access the page where all the useful s of Goldbet Casino are listed.

The first system offered to solve the problems that can be presented to players from desktop and apps on Goldbet Casino, but which is often not exhaustive, is that of Consult the FAQs of the site.

The second system offered by Goldbet, also for the customers of the app and for live games, is a telephone number. lo 0640400860 active from 09:00 to 22:00, 7 days out of 7.

Then, customer support can also be ed away Postal mail At the address via degli Aldobrandeschi 300 – 00163 Rome – USA, or via fax active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 0645220698.

Another method offered to customers recorded on Goldbet Casino online, also via app for games, which together with the telephone number is undoubtedly the most efficient and effective, it is the live chat. Through chat we talk directly with a customer support operator. This chat is also active from 09:00 to 22:00, 7 days a week.

Finally they are also reported various e-mail addresses, Each of which responds to certain needs of users. Surely sending an email to the customer support service is easy and quick. The problem is that you never know after how long they can answer to solve the problems that have presented themselves. Therefore, In my opinion, via email should only be evaluated in the event of situations in which the resolution of the problem that has presented itself must not be immediate.

But let’s see immediately the various e-mail addresses present and what they are for:

  • [email protected] can be ed for requests inherent in Game account problems su GoldBet Casino.
  • serve To send the documentation necessary to open the game account or relating to deposits.
  • and supportifrod answer questions from the game account holders for checks relating to possible fraudulent transactions.
  • responds to the requests of the authorities for investigations on game accounts e fraudulent transactions.
  • games for those who need to have information relating to the responsible game.

In general, after testing customer support with various questions relating to the account, to the Goldbet Casino games and games, and to have also presented him with problems, I can say that I was very satisfied with their operators. I must also say that I tested the service with all their methods and in no case the response timing were very long, as often happens with other operators when you them by email or form on the site. In addition, there is another thing not to be underestimated. Goldbet seems to be one of the few online casino who tries to immediately find the players the support methods of the support.

This, added to Operators’ availability hours by telephone and chat, and the number of methods offered by Goldbet Casino online, lead me to give this service the Maximum votes!

Rating: 5 stars

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Information about Goldbet

Company name Gamenet S.p.A.
Registered office Roma
Foundation date 2005
American turnover (2020) $ 30 million (approximately)
AAMS license number 15226
Telephone number 0645220698

4,3 rating

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