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The reviews of the professional of Levegas Casino, one of the best known in USA.

  • Great variety of games
  • Reliable and awarded casino
  • Games can be tried without registration
  • Many live dealer games
  • Live Chat
  • There is no telephone customer support
  • There is no postepay for deposits

When looking for an online casino on which to play, as is now happening for the Leovegas casino that you want to know the main things in these reviews, very often it is believed that it is a simple choice. In reality, the decision is much more complicated than expected. In fact, there are several aspects to consider, including, for example, how many games are available, reliability and safety, but also what payment methods are available and customer servicenull These are the great four pillars that we usually face when we review the various online casino. And, on this occasion we will see in detail the platform of LeoVegas Casinonull In this way, therefore, you can easily understand if it is a site that you can trust or not.

We are sure, in fact, that each player should know in detail the characteristics of the various sites of Casino online, And above all, his strengths and problems he could encounter during his gaming experiencenull Knowing these aspects, in fact, you avoid a series of annoying complications that could first of all create problems and then waste time.

Leovegas Casino: the reviews of our experts

As mentioned, therefore, during the next paragraphs we will see in detail all the reviews of the most important characteristics of the Casino Levegas, according to our four pillars, or the most important areas to know: reliability, games and software, payment methods and customer service. For each of these Levegas reviews, then, We will give a vote expressed in stars. They range from one star (the lowest vote) up to five (the highest vote). To create these analyzes and in -depth analysis, we asked for help from our expertsnull We are talking about players who have a long career behind them in this sector and of analysts and technicians who know everything about games and online platforms.

Before starting our reviews Leovegas, however, we must say that we are talking about a totally legal gaming platform in USA. It has, in fact, the regular authorization of the Customs and Monopolies Agencynull We would like to tell you immediately that this site is legal because it is a fundamental point and should always be the first aspect to be controlled in each of the online casinos in which you would like to play.

Reputation and reliability: everything perfect

To start this before the reviews on Levegas Casino We rely on the words of our Davide, the expert on brands reliability and reputation.

He divided this before the Levegas Reviews in two parts distinguished: the first on history of the brand, the second on Reliability and possible legal problems had from the company.

The story of Levegas Casino

Levegas, the owner brand of the casino we are talking about in these reviews, was founded in 2011 by two Swedish entrepreneurs, Robin Ramm-Ericson E Gustav Hagman.

As a main objective, the company had placed itself to become leader in mobile game, and it certainly cannot be denying it has succeeded in the best way.

Ha registered office in Malta and administrative in Stockholm, but Already from 2017 it is present on the American market such as Levegas.it, launched immediately after the acquisition of 100% of Winga Srl in the same year.

It already operates in various markets regulated in European territory such as Spain, Denmark, USA and Great Britain.

Reliability and legal problems of the brand

The first point we particularly care about, concerns the reliability of the platforms we review. It is important that a site is reliable and that, therefore, none of the players and our readers can suffer scamsnull In this case we feel totally safe since Levegas, as mentioned above, is a totally legal site because it is authorized by ADM. This allows us to be sure of three points in particular.

First of all that the potential winnings will always be paid to the playersnull In fact, to obtain this license, online casinos often also make an important economic effort to respect certain parameters, as well as having to pay expensive surety. So, probably no site will ever take back if you need to pay winnings, since otherwise he would risk losing his license. In addition, even if it should fail, there is always the ADM that will refund the players.

Secondly, then, having American authorization allows us to know that the Return to play of the games is high and that all devices respect it. This means that almost all the money played ends up again in the prize pool, and therefore only a small part arrives in the pockets of the dealers.

Finally, all the sites authorized by ADM have a Random Number Generator reliable and functioning, and therefore, there is no reason to worry. All the combinations, therefore, will be absolutely random and you will not have to worry about anything.

Another aspect that attracted my attention and also that of other experts in the sector is Leosafeplay. In practice, it is a portal dedicated exclusively to the responsible game and to those players who believe and believe they have a problem with ludopathynull Each legal site in USA must have a special pages dedicated to this aspect of the game, but almost no platform has a portal completely dedicated to this aspect.

Let’s now talk about the reliability of this site and there are several points that deserve to be mentioned. First of all, for example, it is necessary to refer to the last Global Gaming Awards who were held in 2023 in London. It is an annual event in which we press the best online casinos in different respects. And Levegas was disappointed by winning the most important prize among Gambling operators, or the title of best online casino of the year.

This is a very important recognition that, surely takes arrives after the great efforts of this online casino in recent years. In 2023, for example, he has practically doubled the turnover compared to the previous year.

A goal that also arrived thanks to the commitment of the casino in giving as many games is possible to its members. To do this, it obviously had to make agreements with the different professionalvider software, but we will talk about this after in detail. It is important, however, to know that Lovegas Casino has decided to create its own in -house provider software. Let’s talk about blue guru games, a company that will create content for all casinos who wanted to use its titles, but who will commit himself to providing games and devices exclusively directly to Levegasnull This is a point that deserves reflection.

Not all online casinos, not even the most famous and important ones even have their own provider software. Levegas, on the other hand, has decided to focus a lot on the exclusivity of the contents and therefore in offering its users of games that can only be found on its site.

From the point of view of both reliability and reputation, therefore, there is very little to say. We are talking about an online gaming platform, perhaps even not well known in USA, but which is making their way. It is absolutely legal and has been awarded during the last Global Gaming Awards for best online gaming platform. This, therefore, allows me to easily give him the maximum vote, or five stars because you will not always find around you will find such a growing and safe mess.

Rating: 5 stars

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Games and software: excellent variety

This is definitely among the Levegas reviews More followed because all users want to know what games available on the site are, if they are enough and their quality.

Let’s start immediately to note that on this game platform there are three different sections, or casino, live casino and sportnull Of course, in this analysis we will only take into account the first two, that is, those in which there are the various online casino games.

Games and providers available on Levegas Casino

One of the characteristics of the platform that I appreciated immediately is the presence of Various subsections. In fact, these will help you quickly find the game you prefer. And if I did not succeed immediately, perhaps because the selection is quite wide, You can use the search mode that will allow you to search based on the name or according to the professionalvider softwarenull This is a point that really conquered me because you need to understand and see all the games available on the site and created by a particular provider. Speaking of suppliers, it is important to underline some important points.

First of all that this site collaborates with many providers, including the most important in the sector such as Play’n Go, Netten, Big Time Gamingnull In addition, in recent weeks he has also made official the new partnership with Pragmatic playnull This is another aspect to consider also because, as we will see shortly, in some sectors of the site, there are really many games.

The other point, of which we have actually already spoken above, is the presence of a in -house provider software, blue guru gamesnull This therefore guarantees that Levegas Casino has a series of games at its disposal exclusively and certainly represents a strength of this site. Not all dealers, in fact, can count on their own games provider.

Let’s go back, now, to see the various games and sections on the Levegas Casino website. In Casino, for example, We find different and interesting subsections that can serve to move you easily and find the right game without wasting too much timenull Of course, as often happens, the predominant parts of each online casino are two: online slot machines and live games. This is because we talk about the games more popular and sought after by playersnull If we talk about slot, we must say that Levegas is probably one of the best in the sector. On the site, in fact, there are over 700 slot machine online including you can choose.

Among these, of course, we find the classic slot machines, that is, those that have only three rollers and no particular animation. Then, the megaways are also present, or the slots that have six or more rollers and that are conquering more and more players and because there are thousands of potential winning combinations, both because the games have a truly incredible animation, almost as if you were in a video game. As mentioned even first, then, this large range of games is given by the collaboration of Casino Leovegas with the best provider software in the sector.

But there are also board games, where, of course, we find roulette, both in the American and European version. There is the blackjack, oltre a Dream Catcher, baccarat, football studio e Mega Ball.

The other very important feature to know is the fact that all these games, so both slot machines and board games, they can be tried in demo mode without registeringnull Just go to the site, choose the game you want to try and click on it. This, however, is not possible to do it with live games.

Speaking of live games, on Levegas Casino you can choose from over 50 games where you can connect live streaming with the dealer. There are, of course, all the most important games on the panorama, such as blackjack and roulette, in addition to Baccarat. You will also find game shows, such as Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Monopoly Live and Live Mega Ball. Almost all devices are provided by Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play, while others are made exclusively for this dealer.

It is very important to know the variety of games in the Casino Live section, also because it is one of the types of games that are finding the most successful success. This because they give a greater feeling of security and, moreover, they are much more intriguing than those in which it is played with software.

User experience

Before moving on to the other Levegas reviews, we must say that from the point of view of the platform and playability, There are no problems on this sitenull The loading of the pages is fast and the games work all perfectly. This obviously applies also for the mobile version of the site, or the one available for tablets and smartphonesnull Even in that case, in fact, I have not noticed any loading problems or bugs.

Leovegas Casino Mobile

The Leovegas casino we are talking about in these reviews is Obviously also playable by Mobile, especially considering that the mobile playability was one of the initial objectives of the company.

You can access the online casino directly from browser and The site is perfectly optimized for navigation from both smartphones and tabletsnull It allows you to manage any function on your game account, to perform deposits and withdrawals, but also to use the games you prefer.

In the event that you prefer to have a different experience from the use of the browser, however, you can try The app we are talking about in the next paragraph.

LeoVega’s casino app

Levegas Casino has developed a specially app designed for the game by Android and iOS mobile devicesnull IS downloadable from the online casino website And it allows a better gaming experience than browser.

Just download it to your device to use it in all its potentialnull Obviously the mobile game is an important part in the team’s work behind Levegas, for this reason the app, as well as the browser casino, have no negative points to underline.

For this section of the site, there is very little to say. In fact, Leovegas gets full votes from different points of view. First of all, there are hundreds of games to which it is possible to aim, which they can also be tried in the demo version, without even needing to register.

There are all the main provider software (probably the only one who is missing is Playtech) and also has a provider supplier of games. The live section is also well -stocked and therefore I can only be satisfied with this section and reward Leovegas with five stars.

Rating: 5 stars

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Payments and bonuses available: there is everything you need

Very often people do not expect to find this topic among Levegas reviews. In fact, the available payment methods, as well as bonuses, are truly a very important point to pay attention to. It is enough to consider, for example, that on these depends on the minimum or maximum amount that can be paid on the account or the maximum figure that can be withdrawn once winningsnull There are, then, the credit times and any commissions expenses are also to be considered. That’s why we dedicate an entire paragraph to this topic and we also advise you to pay close attention to him.

Payment methods on Levegas Casino

First of all, you need to know that there are not many payment methods on Levegas compared to other online casinos. You can find, in fact, the Visa credit cards e Mastercard, the bank transfer, and electronic portfolios such as Skrill, Paypal, Neteller and Paysafecard.

The minimum deposit It is only 10 euros, therefore this figure, in addition to being on average, is still accessible to practically all players. The credit times are practically null for most systems, except for the bank transfer for which, usually, They are needed from two to three working days.

As for the withdrawals, however, it should be noted that the methods we have just mentioned for deposits, Paysafecard must be eliminatednull In addition, the slightest figure that can be collected is 20 euros. It is certainly not the lowest you can find in circulation. Electronic wallets take very little time for credit, while there will be a need to wait a few days if it is a bank transfer or credit cards.

Finally, for the game arriving on the game account and for those to be taken, There are no commission expenses, at least applied by Levegasnull This is also always an important point to pay attention to, given that you risk, sometimes, to waste money in very often useless expenses. In any case, here is a table that can be useful to you to be able to make a quick comparison of all the systems available on the site.

Deposit methods
Method Limits Accreditation Costs
Immediately/Bonifico Min. 10$ – Max. 5.000$ Immediate Free
Paysafecard Min. 10$ – Max. 1.000$ Immediate Free
Neteller Min. 10$ – Max. 10.000$ Immediate Free
Skrill Min. 10$ – Max. 1.000$ Immediate Free
VISA, MasterCard, PostePay Min. 10$ – Max. 5.000$ Immediate Free
paypal Min. 10$ – Max. 4.000$ Immediate Free
method sampling
Method Limits Accreditation Costs
Trustly/Bonifico Min. 20$ – Max. 50.000$ Within 2 working days Free
Neteller Min. 20$ – Max. 4.000$ Immediate Free
Skrill Min. 20$ – Max. 4.000$ Immediate Free
VISA, MasterCard, PostePay Min. 20$ – Max. 10.000$ 2-5 working days Free
paypal Min. 20$ – Max. 4.000$ Immediate Free

Another aspect to consider when looking for an online casino concerns the safety of transfers, both incoming and outgoing. It is important, in fact, that online casino players know which system uses, if he uses it, the online casino they are playing onnull In this way, therefore, you will feel much more guaranteed. From this point of view, Leovegas has no problem since it has a secure socket layer (SSL) protocol for all transactions.

Practically, This system makes all the information that both you and the other players released on the online casino illegible when you carry out a financial operation, for example their personal or bank data. In this way, therefore, even if a hacker should be able to intrude into the system and steal the information, it will be completely useless. These, in fact, will be encrypted and, therefore, will serve them nothing.

Available bonuses

At the level of Bonuses on Levegas Casino, and of which we want to talk to you in these reviews, there are certainly the No deposit bonus and the Welcome bonus.

The first, or that Without deposit, is a bonus of 25 free spins that can be used at the Starburst slot machinenull These 25 free spins are divided into a first part of 10 free spins and a second of 15 spin.

Come Welcome bonus, Casino Leovegas offers an excellent offer. To welcome, or after the first deposit, You receive up to $ 1000 and 225 free spin To be used on the casino slot machines.

To receive both of these bonuses, it is rightly submitting to rules. For example, you need to know that bonuses they can only be received once and only to the first registration.

However, we advise you to read Our most in -depth guides on both of these two bonuses, at least you can understand how to do not make them run away.

Here we are at the end of our review on Levegas Casino’s available payment and bonuses. We have therefore seen what are the systems and also all the most important information to know to make a quick comparison. As you saw, there are Many systems to use, but some small points still don’t fully convince meFor example, Postepay is missing to make deposits on the account. For the bonuses, however, we have seen that Levegas offers an excellent offer for both welcome and without deposit.

My vote, however, is very positive, But I hope that in the near future we can try to lower the minimum limit for samples, and perhaps increase the number of systems to be used.

Rating: 4 stars

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Customer Support Service: Miss Telephone

For customer service I immediately found a series of problems. The first, in particular, concerns the fact that a telephone number is missing thanks to which you can get in touch with an operator at any time. At least until today, in fact, only two systems are available: form and live chat.

  • il form provides for the possibility of leaving a message and indicating the problem you have. In this case, my advice is always to leave the most details to operators, so as to put them in the best conditions to respond quickly and, above all, efficient. In addition, check that the method you left is correct so as to make you ask you for any additional information. As for the response times, these change according to the problem.
  • The Live Chat, on the other hand, is certainly the most immediate system to refer to. To use it, just click on the ” us” button from ten in the morning until ten in the evening. If you click on the key beyond this time, you can only rely on the form. We tested this method and it must be said that the times of waiting were really minimalnull This system, in fact, is very fast and therefore also manages not to make you waste time. The operators were also kind and quite efficient.

Many underestimate this aspect of a casino, at least until they have a problem and discover that customer service is not up to the forecast. As for the Levegas online casino, it must be said that the two methods available are certainly efficient but they are not enough.

A telephone number is missing and this is a big problem especially when you have a technical problem. Also, if you have a problem within the evening you will have to wait for the next morning to have an answernull And this, especially for those who work, is a serious problem since it makes it very difficult to be able to get in touch with an operator.

Precisely for this reason, we can say that Levegas’s client support is average but it could certainly be done better, also because we are talking about a site in Strong growth that should aim to improve this aspect too.

Rating: 3 stars

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Information about Levegas Casino

Company name Leovec
Registered office Malta
American branch LeoVegas.it
American headquarters Milano
Foundation date 2011
International turnover (2019) /
American turnover (2020) $ 21.5 million (approximately)
AAMS license number 15011
Telephone number +39 02 9475 8222
Email [email protected]

4,3 rating

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