Casino Neteller: how this payment method works

Over time i Payment methods online have increased and making transactions has become simpler and easiernull Online casinos are also updated and add new types of payment to satisfy any users’ request.

Since the birth of the first online casinos, one of the most popular payment methods was and is still today, Neteller.

Neteller was founded in Canada in 1999. Subsequently his operational management was moved to the now famous island of Man, who is located between Great Britain and Ireland. One of the largest online casinos is also based on the same island: PokerStars.

Neteller, today, represents a point of reference for online bettors all over the worldnull Let’s see together what it is and its characteristics.

What is Neteller?

Neteller is an e-wallet managed by Optimal Payments, an English company listed on the stock exchange. Over the years, millions of people have decided to use this active payment service in more than 150 countries. More and more casino with Neteller are because they can also benefit from the great popularity of this service.

About 80% of the casino accept Neteller since the 2000s.

How to register on Neteller?

One of the advantages that distinguishes Neteller from any other payment method is the speed and simplicity with which you can register online. So let’s see together how to register and use this payment system in all Neteller casinos.

To register you have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Access on the Neteller website and click on Registrations for free;
  • After clicking, you will have to fill in the form that appears and then enter: name, surname, number, email address and passwordnull Finally click on “Register immediately”.
  • After doing this, you can access your dashboard. You will therefore have a valid account. Obviously the platform will check if the data you have entered are true. Generally they make a call in English or American to the number you have entered at the time of registration.

As you see, Registering on Neteller is very simple and for this reason it is also highly appreciated by the players.

What are the advantages of the Neteller Casino?

Neteller casinos assign bonuses to users who use this payment method. Before obtaining these bonuses, however, a minimum number of transactions (deposits and withdrawals) is requested on the casino. Further information in this area are generally present in the promotions item.The player, in this way, has incentives to use Neteller rather than another payment method.

How to deposit on the mess that accept Neteller?

To deposit with Neteller, you will have to use casinos that accept this type of payment. The deposit is very simple to carry out. Indeed, Once the account is opened on the mess that accept Neteller, you will have to select among the various payment methods, this e-wallet.

Then confirms the ID and type the security password to confirm your identity and your operation. After doing all this, A new page will open where you can log in on Neteller and complete the transaction.

As seen, it is a very simple and quick guided process.

How to pick up on Neteller casinos?

The process we have just seen for deposits also allows you to withdraw your any winnings or in any case the money on the casino.

You will have to select “withdrawal” on your account and choose Neteller, among the various payment methodsnull Enter the sum of money you want to transfer and confirm.

To proceed with the withdrawal it will therefore also be necessary to validate the transaction, and therefore you will have to insert your safety ID and then confirm your operation. The procedure is not only simple and safe, but it also allows you to protect yourself from any fraud.

What are Neteller’s timing in online casinos?

Here is another of the strengths of this payment system: the timing for financial transactions are excellent. In a few minutes, in fact, you will have the opportunity both to withdraw your winnings and to deposit the money on your gaming account.

So you can start betting or finding your potential winnings very quickly.

What are Neteller’s commissions?

The commissions that requires the Neteller platform for each transaction from e-wallet are excellent. There are many types of payment, such as Visa, where the transactions commission is 2.5% of the money to be paid.

Support and safety in the Neteller casino

When there are problems regarding their games or payments in the Neteller casino, You will have a maximum level of assistance availablenull In fact, you can the assistance of casino at any time for each problem concerning the platform. On the other hand, if the problem concerns the payment system you will have the assistance via email, telephone and live chat made available by Neteller.

Neteller uses encrypted systems that protect all sensitive data from any hacker attack. However, we advise you to read the FAQs when you find some payment problems. In this section you can find all the answers you are looking for.

What are the cons of Neteller?

It is very difficult to find a negative side of Neteller. The only very small neo of this payment system is that not all casinos still accept Neteller. In fact, there are few casinos that have not yet implemented this payment system. An example could be Intilot, a very famous online casino in USA that does not include Neteller among the various payment methods. Obviously Intralot and all other casinos that still do not allow users to use Neteller, they could include it shortly, given the continuous growth of this e-wallet.

What are the various types of neteller accounts that can be used in online casinos?

There are two types of neteller accounts that the user can open to play in online casinos.


The first account is called Express, And it is characterized by a maximum limit of $ 2,500. So it could be used by players who do not use great money amounts.


However, if you want to use an account that has a wider deposit limit, you can open the Extendend version. Remember that with Neteller you can also receive a prepaid card to make money transfers.


We have come to the conclusions of this article. We have seen what are the advantages of the Neteller casino and why it is convenient to use this payment system. The pros are many and the negative points are practically null.

Opening the account and betting in online casinos is very simplenull I remind you that this is one of the most popular payment methods in the world, used by millions of people in more than 150 countries.

It is widely used for its great reliability, speed in transfers and low commissionsnull The online casinos also give bonuses many times to those who use Neteller. You just have to try this method of payment and enjoy all the advantages related to it.

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