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Here are the professional reviews for the Netbet casino, not one of the best known but one of the most valid

  • One of the best casinos in USA for the methods offered of payment and withdrawal
  • A wide range of more than 1,500 games
  • Double RNG, or guaranteed randomness of fate
  • International company founded in 2001, with AAMS license since 2008 which guarantees its safety
  • Great customer service
  • Most of the games are developed by Isoftbet and, unfortunately, have dated graphics
  • Very limited times of the call center
Bonus available on Netbet
Automatic bonus on the first deposit, for a maximum of 600 $

For now, Netbet is certainly not the first name that comes to the Americans when it comes to casino even live. It is in fact A little -known casino, almost nichenull However, like many niche things, Netbet is of decidedly remarkable quality, for a varied multitude of reasons we are going to talk to you about in this review. It has a well -developed site, a very good user experience, a good customer service and a wide range of games. But the most interesting thing is that has developed two RNG, or two random number generators, for guarantee total randomness in the draw of their games.

So what are the pro reviews of the Netbet casino? This content is part of the series of Casino reviews.

NETBET: The review of

Reputation and reliability: good even if little known

In this before the Netbet reviews I will tell you about his reputation and reliability. For convenience, and to make it easier to consult, I will go to divide into two main points. The first part will be on the history of the brand, the second on its reliability and legal problems that I can have encountered.

Storia del Brand Netbet

In this part of the review I will tell you about the history of the Netbet brand, from where it started and how it developed to the present day.

As previously mentioned, Netbet is not well known in USA; It is perhaps one of the more niche casinos. However, This does not make it less respectablenull First of all, it’s a AAMS certified casino for years, more precisely since 2008, making it one of the most “elderly” online casinos in our country. In fact, Netbet has been working in our Italic soil for 12 years, having therefore developed a good reliable reputation.

From a corporate point of view, Netbet (which in USA is recorded by BPG srl based in Rome), It is owned by the Netbet Enterprise Ltd International Company, based in Malta. The Mediterranean island, together with Gibraltar, is a bit of the silicon valley of the casino, given that most of the Holdings that have online casino are based in Malta, a reason that perhaps pushed the creators of Netbet to base it just there.

The history of the brand Netbet begins back in 2001 When, as mentioned above, the NetBet Enterprise Ltd, a company active in the Gambling and betting sector. At the beginning Netbet Enterprise He took care of the management of third-party software relating to online betting.

In 2014, thanks to the popularity that poker was taking 100% of the property of 777, then agglomerated a NetBet Pokernull Subsequently to this merger, Netbet Poker became the first online poker site to surpass the 2 million users worldwide.

Netbet Enterprise Ltd., founded in 2001, manages both the American branch of Netbet, and the other various branches in the United Kingdom, USA, Spain, Japan, Greece, Romania, Portugal and Finland. It has more than 500 employees all over the world and, in addition to specific properties for some countries such as USA, has a main site translated into eleven different languages.

After several checks I found that The company is solid, with a turnover of more than 500 million euros, correctly authorized by the various state entities in the countries in which they operate (such as the UK Gambling Commission).

Reliability and legal problems

Given the history of the brand, now I will tell you about his reliability and possible legal problems that I found on the brand.

I start by saying immediately that Netbet, as already mentioned previously, is in possession of the license of the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM, ex AAMS) number 15015 Still since 2008. As in many of you they will already know, this license is necessary to operate in a legal way in the American market and, On their site you can see the ADM logo In various points, including at the top left in the home page.

In addition to this, Netbet also collaborates with the institute that helps players suffering from gambling addiction, and you can always see it on their site thanks to the brand “Responsible game”.

At the safety level of the Netbet games it stands out for a fairly remarkable thing, It has two RNG (random number generators): ISAAC generator ed un thermal noise generatornull For those who don’t know, The RNG is the algorithm that regulates the randomness in the draw of numbers or cards in a casinonull With a rigged RNG, randomness could be counterfeit and could lead the bench to win more, forcing the player to lose. AAMS certified casinos do not have this problem, having a RNG verified, however Netbet wanted to overdo it to ensure players a really random generation of numbers with this combination of two algorithms.

As regards, however, the protection of transactions and personal data, Netbet is a securitynull He rests on the most famous world companies to carry out money transactions, which are all certified and have the most innovative safety systems for the protection of money movements.

Finally, the company gives a further guarantee of security to players having a Team of people who control the regularity of the activities that take place on their site 7 days out of 7, 24 hours a daynull This is further proof of how much Netbet keeps safety on their game portal.

Lastly I have to mention the only flaw I found. It is a small dispute on an advertising campaign that took place in 2016, but otherwise, Netbet is a solid and respectable company.

I can therefore, under the aspects that I just reviewed on Netbet Casino and Casino Live, feel calm in giving him the highest votes. 5 stars in Netbet Casino.

Rating: 5 stars

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Games and software: more than 1,500 games and two RNG, but mainly isoftbet

In this second among the various Netbet reviews I will tell you about the Games and software present on their site. I will divide the review into 4 distinct parts: Games and providers available, user experience, Netbet Casino Mobile and finally Netbet App.

Games and providers available on Netbet Casino and Casino Live

In this part of the review I am talking about the thing that you probably care about knowing, the games and providers available on Netbet Casino and Casino Live.

I start by telling you that most Netbet games are of the isoftbet software supplier, with which the brand has collaborated with a special partnership since 2013. Personally I’m not a huge isoftbet fan, a reason that prompted me not to give 5 stars, however it is only a personal choice, motivated from a graphic point of view. You can also find Nett devices, Pragmatic, IGT, and other emerging provider software such as Nyx and Playson.

The games on Netent Casino are not as many as in the other online casinos. These games are divided into various categories: Video poker, roulette, blackjack, slot machines, progressive jackpot games, live casino games, baccarat, and board games.

The category that contains the most is undoubtedly that relating to slot machines, in which four subcategories can be highlighted: Fantasy, cinema and comics, holidays, and animals.

At the level of available roulette, more than 22 different types can be found between casino and live casino. In this last section mentioned, however, To tell the truth there is not much offer since there are few games availablenull Surely The situation is better for slot games, where you can find many different devices and there is also a comfortable search mode based on the theme.

As for the other games on this casino, we can say that There are all the most popular, but don’t expect a big selection as in other casinos, because you won’t find it.

User experience

Now, in this section of my review, I am talking to you aboutExperience that the user can have on Netbet Casino, also evaluating live games.

In terms of user experience I can immediately tell you that Netbet could do much better. On the technical side, Netbet games work very well and offer a respectable user experiencenull But, when you go to see The graphics are decidedly dated and, in my opinion, quite confusion. In fact, the games are not clearly visible, they are all attached to each other and have no space that separate them. In addition, the icons are giants, and in all honesty to look at them to choose the game is not a simple business for the eyes.

With regard to The navigation menu, however, I must say that it is made fairly and easy to intuitionnull In fact, just click on the button corresponding to the category in which you want to look for the game, or write the name of it in the appropriate search box.

So, after this brief description, I absolutely cannot evaluate the user experience with full marks. Given the general quality of Netbet, one of the things they should go to work urgently is precisely this.

NetBet Casino Mobile

Now I’m going to talk to you about something that will appreciate very much the players who don’t like using a computer to access the game platform, that is The possibility of playing on Netbet Casino, also at live games, via mobile device.

All games, then, can also be tried by the mobile, given that the Netbet site is optimized for all screens and all operating systems. You just need to access your smartphone or tablet, and start playing, loading the account or withdrawing the winnings. You can do everything you want as if you were playing from the home PC. You won’t have to create another account, but just use the data you already have.

The user experience, even playing from this type of devices, remains practically identical to when playing from computer.

NetBet app

Even Netbet Casino, who also has live games, now has anDedicated app for both iOS and Android devicesnull The two versions are a little different from each other, but both offer excellent gaming experience.

Through the apps you can access the slots, blackjack, roulette, and more or less everyone the other games present as desktop. It is possible to record a new account and manage the game account as is also done as a computer, and in addition to this you can also access exclusive promotions dedicated purely to those who download the applications to play.

l’App for iOS can be found and downloaded fromApp Store, while the one for Android is available on the Netbet Casino website.

In conclusion of this second of the Netbet reviews, I don’t feel like giving maximum votes. The reasons that lead me to this are mainly linked to the user experience and games offered on Netbet Casino online, both normal and live. The company could do much better, especially on user experiencenull If they go to improve this part, in my opinion they would increase the number of users who access their site dramatically.

Rating: 4 stars

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Payments and bonuses on Netbet: one of the best in circulation

In this third part of the Netbet reviews, also made on the Live Casino, I will write some payment and bonuses systems offered by the online casino. I will divide the review into 2 distinct parts: Payment methods and bonuses available.

Payment methods

I start immediately by touching one of the fundamental points to be evaluated when you make the choice of the online casino on which to focus: the payment and withdrawal methods offered by the platform.

As for payments, Netbet is one of the best in USAnull Already abroad has developed a good reputation of safe casino with many payment methods, having been the first casino to accept bitcoin in the United Kingdomnull In USA he still does not accept Bitcoin (for now), but apart from this He really doesn’t miss anything.

From both mobile and computer devices you can use credit cards and Visa and Mastercard debt, Postepay, and several electronic wallets such as Skrill, Paysafecard, paypal E Neteller. The minimum deposit is $ 10, therefore in the norm, while the maximum limit is set at $ 1,000null Obviously there are no commission expenses and with all the methods mentioned, The deposit is immediate.

Netbet also offers the deposit system. Bank transfer But it takes a few days. It should be added, however, that, if this system is used, there is not even a maximum deposit limit. So it will be the preferential method for those who want to deposit sums over 1000 $.

As for the withdrawals, know that The minimum amount also in this case is 10 $ and therefore a sum that also allows the withdrawal of small winningsnull It is therefore ideal for players with low budget. The withdrawal times are obviously longer and range from two days with the e-wallets, to a maximum of seven working days with credit cards, and up to ten days with the bank transfer.

One thing to note for those who deposit with Paysafecard is, unfortunately, that it will not be able to make a withdrawal using the same payment methodnull Those who want to use this method for deposit must therefore make sure that they have one of the other methods available when it wants to go to collect the winnings from the game account.

In short, a great 5 stars for me about paymentsnull Indeed, I can also add that in relation to payments it is perhaps one of the best online casinos in circulation.

Bonus available on Netbet

Even Netbet Casino, also available live, offers promotions and bonuses to its playersnull Among other things, I must say that it is probably one of the online casino with multiple promotions available. Seeing more in detail on the game portal you can find 5 different categories of promotions: welcome offers, special offers, tournaments, active today, and a category of general offers.

The most important for players, which is what I will describe in this review, is a Welcome bonusnull At the time of registration they are given 50 free spin without making any deposit.

Subsequently, at the first deposit, Netbet gives 100% of the deposit itself up to a maximum of $ 600. And as the last part, validating the bill, another 100 free spin are given.

To access this bonus, of course, there are some conditions to be respected which list you below.

In primis all These bonuses can be requested only once, and from a single person by family unit.

To receive the 50 free giri Without deposit, the player must register using the “50netbet” code. The free spins you receive are Valid for 7 days since they are assigned. These free spins, very important to know, are removed if the player goes to request a withdrawal of the winnings in the period of time when the promotion is valid.

Instead, as regards the part of 100% bonus up to $ 600, will be released following the registration and a first depositnull Be careful, however, that if the money is deposited through Skrill and Neteller this part of the bonus cannot be requested.

This first deposit must, moreover, be done by also going to enter the 1deP600 code. The amount that is given is a fun bonus that can only be requested once by the player, and has a duration of 7 days since it is assigned.

To ensure that this fun bonus becomes real must be bet at least 45 times, and before being able to collect the winnings obtained through this money, the real bonus must be played again. The convertible bonus once concluded the play requirements cannot exceed the amount of $ 1500.

Finally, i 100 free laps that can be received at the account validation can only be used by desktop or mobile device. Only the approval of the identity document required at the time of registration and after the first deposit will be credited. Furthermore, the 100 free spins are available to the player for only 7 days from the moment they are credited.

To conclude this review on the bonuses and on the payment methods available on Netbet, I can only give maximum votes.

Rating: 5 stars

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Customer support: good, even if limited times

Here, in the latter of the Netbet reviews, I will tell you about my opinion and experience with their customer support after making various requests and having tested their skills.

I start by saying that To reach the customer support methods, you must click on the “Help” button present in the menu behind the casino pages. From here you can access a comfortable menu that refers to the FAQs, to a live support chat, to one chat via WhatsApp (which is a novelty), and at a button through which you can see the phone number and email available to the players.

For my experience, Netbet customer support is extremely qualitynull I had a problem while recording my account, so I started a chat, speaking with a very polite operator, and in a few minutes the problem was solved. Therefore, my experience was decidedly positive. You can the Customer Service of Netbet through a pulsantino easily identifiable in the lower right.

Also at the bottom right on the right, a chat that can also be activated with WhatsApp that sends was made available to customers directly in with the operators.

Even through FAQ the information given is very exhaustive, but you cannot always find an answer or a solution to the problems encountered on the platform.

Because of this, In addition to the live chat and the WhatsApp chat there are also a telephone number and an email. The latter, however, takes much more time to receive an answer from the operators.

The problem of Netbet customer support, however, is that the opening hours are quite limited. The call center is Open only from 2 in the afternoon to 8 in the eveningUnlike competitors that are sometimes open even 24 hours a day. The chat has a longer time, but always from 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening.

However, as mentioned before, despite the slight inconvenience of the times, the customer service is truly excellent. There is also to be added The presence of a very well -kept blog that allows players to learn more about both casino games and even smaller sports. This section demonstrates Netbet’s will in taking care of the relationship with its players and enthusiasts, allowing him to grow more and more.

It is really a nice way to interact with the bettors and to give them an excellent service. So, I feel like However, give 5 stars to Netbet despite limited times, given the very high quality of customer service. However, I will keep an eye on the situation, as if the quality of the support descended a little, then it would immediately go to 4 stars.

Rating: 5 stars

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Information about Netbet

Company name NetBet Enterprise Ltd.
Registered office Malta
American branch BPG S.r.l.
American headquarters Roma
Foundation date 2001
International turnover (2015) $ 500 million (approximately)
American turnover (2015) $ 4 million (approximately)
AAMS license number 15015
Telephone number (+39) 0694803332
Email [email protected]

4,5 rating

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