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Here are the professional reviews for PokerStars Casino, not only poker giant but also online casinos.

  • It is the most popular brand in USA, both as poker and as a casino
  • He made the history of online poker
  • The second best casino in USA as a user experience
  • First class graphics, without any bug problem
  • Offers a wide range of games, and many have them exclusively
  • Update the game balance in real time
  • It is not easy to customer service and immediate, and the systems are quite cumbersome
  • Payoneer is missing as a payment system
Bonus available on PokerStars
For new players with a first minimum top -up of 20 $

With almost two thirds of the market shares, PokerStars Casino Online USA is undoubtedly the leader of online pokernull But we at Top-Us-Casino make casino reviews, not poker rooms. So why are we reviewing Pokerstars? Because in recent years, PokerStars Casino Online has become the most popular site in USA e, the leader also in the world of online casino. What did this great growth brought? Was it just the result of the fact that the brand was already strong in poker, or are there valid reasons? Here are the PokerStars Casino Online USA Reviews of Top-Us-Casino, with the opinions of the pros on the reason for the growth of this brand.

PokerStars Casino: professional Reviews

Reputation and reliability: a poker giant, with the highest market shares also in the mess

PokerStars Casino online Italia It is one of the brands operating in the best known Gambling market in the worldnull Historically, His central focus was poker (as can be clearly deduced from the name), also because it is the one for which it was born initially. In the world of online poker, he holds almost a monopoly: More than two thirds of the global market! Any enthusiast of poker and online casino, worldwide, knows the PokerStars brand. But even those who have never played poker or online casino games have certainly seen or heard of him at least once.

Recently, however, PokerStars also opened his online casino. Let’s see immediately The story of the brand in the next paragraph. And later, in these PokerStars Casino reviews we also go to see reliability and if the brand has had legal problems.

Brand history

pokerstars It is a historical brand in poker, and it was one of the first poker rooms launched online. The site came launched back in 2001, by a Costarican company, Rational Enterprises, owned by the Israeli Scheinberg family. From that moment on, PokerStars created a series of historical tournaments, including what he made Chris Moneymaker, champion of World Series of Poker 2003null This series of events led to the famous “poker boom” or also called the “Moneymaker effect” of 2003 – 2006.

For reasons of taxation and tax relief, the company was then moved to the‘Island of Man in England Where, moreover, many other online casino companies reside. He has remained a private company for many years, becoming in 2006 The largest private Gambling company internationally with an evaluation of Ben Two billion dollars.

In December 2009, PokerStars made the record of the largest and populated poker online tournament, with almost 150 thousand participants. Subsequently, they passed their own record in 2011, with 200 thousand participants in the tournament. PokerStars had become the undisputed king of online poker, also indirectly causing the failure of the other various competitors. In the organized tournament In 2013, they turned the record once again, exceeding 225 thousand participants from all parts of the world.

In 2014, Canadian company Amaya Inc bought PokerStars for Ben $ 4.9 billion and, subsequently, it was renamed The Stars Group from the new property. The Stars Group, based in Toronto in Canada, he managed the company until 2023null Finally, in May 2023, the company (and consequently the brand) was sold to the group flutter Entertainment, in a merger with Paddy Power and Betfair, two gambling giants located and operating in the United Kingdom.

The Flutter Entertainment PLC It is an Anglo -Saxon giant, based in Dublin and listed on the London Stock Exchange with name “FLTRF“. In 2019, before buying PokerStars, Flutter Entertainment already invoiced over two billion pounds a year. In 2023 Flutter’s company turnover doubled compared to 2019, thanks above all to the acquisition of The Stars Group and the fact that Fanduel’s minority shareholders also detected.

Furthermore, 2022 was also characterized by health restrictions inherent in Covid-19null By limiting access to terrestrial casino and poker salt, he has pushed players to the use of certified online platforms come PokerStars e PokerStars Casino.

Speaking in numbers, the Turn turnover of 2023 è increased by 105.5%, which means that the increase was over 4.5 billion pounds. The largest turnover came from sports betting, while poker saw an increase of 20.3% (1.23 billion pounds) compared to 2019.

In USA, you can play since 2011. There is no American branch that manages the “.it” of PokerStars Casino online, but the USA section is managed by the Reel USA Ltd., A company in Maltanull However, they are perfectly legal: have been approved and have the ADM license n°15023 For many years, and have a great American team that manages the branch. They simply preferred to avoid opening an American company for tax reasons. PokerStars, then, can also boast the Gaming Labs integrity certificate, a third super partes entity that evaluates platforms and games of companies operating in this sector.

PokerStars Casino Online USA, however, is relatively new. The company obviously exploited success in poker for expand the brand in sports betting and casino, but this happened relatively latenull They reached an agreement with NetEnt To add casino games on their site only in 2016.

However, despite this, their growth in the world of casino in recent years has been impressive: in April 2017 they owned 7.31% of the casino market shares in USA, an already respectable figure. But this was only the beginning. In November 2023, over three years later, PokerStars Casino holds the highest market shares in USA, not only as a poker, with the11.31%, followed by Sisal with 9% e Lattomatic with 8%. Now we just have to stay to see how this 2023 will be prospected for the company, since recently has also closed an agreement with casino davos Di Stadtcasino Baden Group.

To date, PokerStars Casino Online is operating in USA as REEL USA Ltd., their tax code is 94023030128, their VAT number is the MT20174510. The company’s registered office is located in Villa Seminia, 8, Sir themes Zammit Avenue, Ta’xbiex, XBX1011, Malta.

To conclude this first of our reviews on the history of the brand I can say with absolute certainty that PokerStars Casino is one of the historical brands at the level of online operations. It is managed by one of the most famous companies operating in the casino games sector, and also that it is a giant in this world. Certainly, in addition to having a past that speaks for itself, PokerStars Casino will also have an excellent future. In the coming years we will certainly see him expand even more on a world scale, conclude agreements with the top companies in the sector, and we will see him reach numbers of users who will make any other online casino operator pale.

Reliability and legal problems of the PokerStars online casino: reviews

Below to create one of these reviews I will go to report what I think about the reliability of PokerStars Casino, based on the information relating to the company.

In my opinion, regarding the reliability of PokerStars Casino Online USA there is no doubt, at American level it is one of the best known brands, and It operates with the ADM license (Customs and Monopolies agency) number 15023. The equity of the games is guaranteed by the ARG (Random Number Generator), tested and approved by Gaming Laboratories International. The security of personal data and transactions, however, is guaranteed by a protocollo TLS (Transport Layer Security). All these protocols and licenses make it, therefore, very reliable both from the point of view of payments and of the games present on their dedicated platforms.

At the level of legal problems on the American market, they have never been encounterednull The only problem that Pokerstars had lately, and not in USA, was detected In the USA and was linked to a professionalblem with the self -exclusion systemnull In practice it did not allow players to block the storage amounts or to exclude themselves from the games in the event that they realized that they had an addiction to gambling.

There is therefore much more to say from a brand point of view in these reviews: PokerStars Casino is the most popular in USA, it is decidedly safe thanks to the licenses received and the systems used for the protection of transactions and data, and the poker site holds almost two thirds of the national and international market.

Rating: 5 stars

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Games and software: the best second ever

Remember that I wrote that digital game was the best regarding graphics and games? Well, PokerStars is the second best as a user experience In these reviews, second only to the digital game casino.

But let’s see below my opinion compared to games, available providers, user experience, mobile casino and app.

Available games and providers

As for games, I can say in these reviews that PokerStars Casino really boasts a wide rangenull Leaving the poker, which is not the focus of Top-Us-Casino, PokerStars has prestigious brands games like Netent a playtech, but also Aristocrat, Betsoft, Nextgen, Lightning Box Games, Quickspin, Microgaming. In short, there is really everything and the list of available games is very long.

Moreover, being the market leaders, they have a series of Exclusive games, which can be easily consulted in the appropriate dedicated section. If we want to take a look, for example to the Live casino section, one of the most popular types of play and that sees more and more players, we note that it is really important. There are many tables that you can sit down to start aiming with a real dealer connected via video streamingnull There are all the most famous and important games, such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

To make the difference, however, is the presence of less famous but still sought after games as Dragon Tiger, Spin a Win, Caribbean poker and Super Sic Bo, who are games that are not very simple to find or in any case not very present on other online gaming platforms. Also there are different variations of the same game And the table to choose from based on the language of the dealer and the minimum episode.

The range of slot machines is then enviable. You can find any type of slot machine, starting from the classic bar up to those that instead count several rollers, bonus games and crazy animations. In addition, thanks to the collaboration the best provider software we have told you about, you will have the best games on the market at your disposal, for example Book of Dead, Fruit Party e Starburst.

The latter, for example, is one of the most famous produced by Netent, has a RTP (Return to Player) del 96.3% Which is high, and it is a 5 -roller game, 3 lines and 10 payment lines. Fruit Party, on the other hand, is one of the most famous slots created by the provider Pragmatic playnull The theme of the game, as can also be understood by the name, is fruit. This slot has 7 rollers and 7 lines, with 258 payment lines active. The RTP of Fruit Party is 96.51%, which is high, and is obviously approved and certified.

In short, I can safely say that, at the level of Slot Machines PokerStars meets the needs of any player, from that with large financial resources, to what needs to limit his episodes.

Then there are the progressive jackpot games with prize pool that exceed various thousands of euros and also several games exclusively. Finally, they have the Casino Races, types of poker tournaments but in the world of casino, where the winner can get prizes even greater than $ 100,000null Board games have an excellent RTP, like the Classic Blackjack that has well 99.41% di Return To Player.

User experience on PokerStars

The Section of casino games on PokerStars Casino is clearly visible and positioned immediately after the Poker sectionnull But this was only recently changed, as before the casino section was a little more “in the shade” of the poker section. I have no doubts to understand why Pokerstars Casino is the most popular, why do you have these reviews and how to double its market shares in three years.

The gaming experience is really fluid, there is no mistake. In literally three and a half minutes counted I managed to open an account from scratch; Without a doubt the fastest of all. After that, any part of the site is equally fast: The pages and games load very quickly, avoiding any boring moment of waiting, I have not found nessun bug After hours of testing, e The graphics are all modern and clean, making the site very easy to navigate. Moreover, the arrangement of the menus, images and all over site is definitely user-friendly, which cannot be said of all the other game platforms.

Furthermore, a smallness that is not in other casinos, and that I find very unpleasant, but which instead PokerStars has solved, is update the balance in real time, without waiting. You have a balance of $ 50, Roulette games, you go to $ 52. Most of the other casinos have glitches, they don’t immediately see you see the difference, sometimes they tell you firm $ 0 and then if you refresh they put the right balance … things of this kind. PokerStars Casino, on the other hand, immediately updates it in real time, without the need to refresh. In short, I really didn’t find any flaw to write in reviews sul casino online PokerStars.

PokerStars Casino Mobile: all at the reach of click

Let’s talk about the Mobile playabilitynull IS It is possible to play via browser directly from the smartphone, both on Android and iOS devices, and the features are good or bad those present from computer. The playability remains discreet Also from this type of device, even if the best experience has been playing via app or computer.

PokerStars App

A convenient application is also available that you can download directly from the official website on your smartphone or tablet, developed for the different operating systems in circulation. This way you can play where and when you only want with your mobile device and a fairly fast and constant internet connectionnull Obviously you will not need to register again, but you can access the data you already use in the desktop version. If you were not already registered, you can also register directly from the mobile casino version and take advantage of any active promotions in the same way.

The application can be downloaded from both Android and iOS devices. Of course, the application is free and you will absolutely not have to pay anything. From the app you can aim but also make a deposit, ask for a withdrawal or customer service. In short, you can do everything you can do for a computer, but in my opinion with an even better general quality than from browser.

Playing with the app is possible for the games of casinò live, slot machine, roulette e blackjacknull But, in addition to these, Pokerstars Casino has already planned to add the other games shortly, which will make it a complete app.

What matters most, however, is that everything will work in the best way, that there will be no slowdown problems and that the games will all be optimized for any type of screen, device and operating system. And that’s why even from this point of view we can only give a great vote In these reviews a PokerStars casino.

So, definitely 5 stars deserved in this section of PokerStars reviews regarding the games and software offered by the platform.

Rating: 5 stars

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PokerStars Casino payments and bonuses

In this third of the reviews on PokerStars Casino we will talk about payment methods and bonuses available on the game platform. I recommend to those who read this of the PokerStars Casino reviews of pay close attention to this first part on payment methods, because they must certainly go to pay the needs of each individual user. It is therefore always better to make yourself against immediately what is offered, otherwise you can risk registering and then run into not very pleasant situations.

Payment methods on PokerStars Casino Italia

You can withdraw and deposit on PokerStars Casino with many method of payment, in fact most of those needed: Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Postepay, Paysafecard, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, Bank transfer, and even Muchbetter, TicketPremiium and Cash Charging. In short, there is really everything made available to the players, this certainly to facilitate and attract a greater number of users with different needs and habits.

The deposit is literally instantaneous, it is not to wait even a couple of secondsnull As for lower anticipation, it is certainly the fastest platform. The withdrawals are also very quicknull Obviously less instantaneous (as it actually happens in all casinos), but seem to be much faster than those of other platforms. Obviously everything also depends on the system you usually use. E-wallets, for example, are much faster than the cards. As in all online casinos, the bank transfer is definitely to be avoided.

Withdrawing is very simplenull There is a comfortable button next to “Deposite”, which will seem obvious to you, but which is actually not so obvious. Many casinos try to avoid the withdrawal making it more difficult to carry out therefore, personally, I appreciate that PokerStars does not do it. The withdrawals, however, can usually be made through one of the methods used in the last 12 months for deposits, which is quite limiting. However, there is the possibility of requesting the cancellation of these methods, and subsequently it is possible to set the chosen withdrawal method. I can therefore say that yes, the system is a bit cumbersome, but still PokerStars Casino offers a solution for this too.

Both for the account deposits and for withdrawals, You will not have to pay even a penny of commission expenses, and this is always an excellent point for all players. The minimum sum for the deposit is $ 10, therefore average, and accessible to any type of player.

PokerStars Italia Reviews: bonuses available

The PokerStars casino also offers players bonuses. The first bonus, which is called Welcome bonus, is activated with a first deposit of 20 euros. The player, after making the payment, will immediately receive 100 free spin, and another 100 free spins in the two days following the deposit.

Also, starting From June 8, 2023, PokerStars Casino Online USA has launched a new no deposit bonus for the casino section of the platform, which is $ 25. To receive this bonus, just check your account, and in about 30 minutes you will receive the $ 25 provided for by the regulation. To convert the bonus in royal money PokerStars gives 2 days, and you must also earn 2 bonus points for every $ of no deposit bonuses received. Then to raise these bonus points you have to play certain games specified on the site in the “My Stars” menu, or in the app for mobile devices.

In addition to the two bonuses previously mentioned, three other types can be found on PokerStars Casino who list below:

  • Casino Race Live: The Race Live Casino on PokerStars are available every week, start from Thursday and end on Thursdays of the following week. These live races work that For each net winnings obtained by playing in the live casino, they are assigned to the player of the points that are valid for climbing the rankingnull Every week, PokerStars with the Race Live casinos, puts the instant bonuses that can be used on the casino. These bonuses are valid for players who place themselves in the highest positions in the ranking.
  • Race casino with daily bonuses at stake: Race casinos have a daily duration. Offer a total of $ 2500 In the bonus to the players who when the Race casino ends will be placed in the top positions of the ranking that offer the prize. In order to join these Race, a minimum episode of $ 20 cents must be made on the slots indicated in the bonus. The money won cannot be taken, But it is possible to withdraw any value won by aiming for these bonuses.
  • PokerStars Rewards: I PokerStars Rewards they allow access to rewards, think especially for each player, and are available by participating in the games on PokerStars Casino. You can earn Various Reward points Any time the bets are reported, but also by participating in all the games in which real money is aimed. Once you earn these points Reward is completed by the progress bar, and then be able to have access to the winnings of bauli full of prizes, as free play and starscoin that can subsequently be used in the PokerStars Casino Rewards Store.

In general, therefore, mine General evaluation is very positive! PokerStars Casino certainly offers many bonuses for players, who can be won or earned in various ways. There are only a few payment methods, such as Payoneer, who despite not being used in USA, still expects to find it on a casino of this type, which leads me not to give it 5 stars. By bringing some improvements, however, PokerStars Casino could take maximum votes in these reviews.

VOTE: 4.5 stars

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PokerStars Customer Support Casino Italia: good but a little cumbersome

In the latter and short among the PokerStars Casino reviews I will tell you about what I think about the Customer support on the platform of this giant in the world of poker and online casino.

PokerStars is one of those sites that try to minimize support requests. He does it by inviting you to look at their guide with frequent questions that solve the common problems that the players have detected.

If you click on “Guide and Support” (put in a corner in the Footer at the bottom of the left), in fact, on this driving page. A rather useful page, but if I want to customer service and finish on this page, It takes little to understand what to do to really natural people, and don’t read the article of a blog. However, I must say, for correctness, that also through this section, in most cases, you can find a solution to the main problems that can be presented during the use of Pokerstars Casino.

To move on to the section, in fact, you must open one of these items and report that the article has not been useful to you And, only then, will you get to a page of s. If you go to the help page, then, you will find a green button at the bottom right with the writing “Contact us”. By clicking on it you will interact with a virtual operator. The operator will give you possible options of problems to select, and to whom you will have to ask to speak with a real operator. You can fill in a form Including and overcome that someone answers you as soon as possible.

A little cumbersome in my opinionnull In addition, the live chat service is available only for customers already registered and there is also a telephone to refer to. The latter service, in fact, would be very useful in case of technical failure, in which more direct assistance would be needed, as well as fast.

Among other things, I can also say that honestly, From an operator such as PokerStars Casino Online USA that holds a large part of the market I would expect to have a customer service that can also be ed by phone even by phone, given that for the number of users who use this platform they may have staff who respond to the phone anywhere in the world.

So let’s say that it could certainly be improved, perhaps with a direct chat to which a real operator responds, or with a telephone number to in the case of larger problems that can hardly be resolved quickly through the form which, however efficient, it still requires time for receive an answer from the operators. Time that, in case of big problems, perhaps relating to payments or withdrawals, need to be resolved in record time. Especially if they go to bring an economic loss to casino users.

For non -registered customers it is present A chat managed by a bot, which always and in any case refers to the various frequent questions and answers, therefore it is not of particular help in the case of problems that cannot be solved through the various guides on the site.

On the other hand, however, The staff who work in customer service is very efficient and kind, but the reasons listed above, such as the impossibility of ing them by phone, they lead me not to give him maximum votes, namely five starsnull In the poker section customer support is definitely better, but here we are talking about casino, and on this I have to give my final vote. Too bad, because improving customer service, perhaps adding a telephone and a chat available also of users not yet registered, PokerStars Casino would really be one of the best platforms available on the American market and would have a higher vote in these reviews!

Rating: 4 stars

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Information about PokerStars

Company name Flutter Entertainment PLC
Registered office Dublin
American branch REEL USA Ltd.
American headquarters Malta
Foundation date 2001
International turnover (2018) $ 2 billion (about, how much they were still The Stars Group)
American turnover (2011) $ 31 million (about, there are no more recent data)
AAMS license number 15023
Telephone number (There is no phone number)
Email (A form on the site must be completed)

4,5 rating

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