Casino with Skrill: Discover this payment method

Skrill is definitely the payment method which in recent years has found the most successful success on the web. Although many think that it has recently been born, it has existed since 2001 but, previously, it was known as Moneybookers. Only he has just been renamed and became operational with the name of Skrill.

It is used by millions of users all over the world because it is a very comfortable and above all safe virtual payment method.

This is one of the most used payment methods virtually, and is among the favorites of online casino players. Precisely for these reasons there are more and more casinos with Skrillnull The largest slice of customers who use Skrill lies in Europe. There are many bettors who use Skrill in online casinos because they do not intend to spread their personal information, such as the number of their card.

In fact, as it happens with PayPal, Even with Skrill it is possible to make payments without having to give the information of your card or personal datanull Simply insert the e-mail connected to the account simply.

This payment method offers many services to its customers. It can be used as a digital portfolio and allows you to make international money transfers.

How to open an account Skrill?

Before making transactions on the mess that accept Skrill, it will be necessary to open an account on this platform, but don’t worry, because it is a very simple and above all fast process.

Go to the official Skrill website and click Open an accountnull What you will have to do will be your name, surname, city, address, telephone number and above all an e-mail address. The latter point is essential because the e-mail has the same function as an IBAN code for a current account, so it allows you to transfer and receive money.

Let’s check The Step Weights To open the bill:

  • Access the Skrill registration page, provide your own email and a password of at least eight characters;
  • Choose a personal account;
  • Pour a sum from your banking, postal current or even another e-wallet, on the Skrill account.

Once you have done all this, you will only have to use this method of payment on the best mess with Skrill.

How to make a storage on the Skrill casino?

To use this method of payment in casino with Skrill you will need to access your personal account. In each Skrill casino, there is a section where you can select the various payment methods. At that point you will have to choose Skrill. You can both withdraw and deposit with this method of payment.

After clicking, a pop-up will open that will ask you to access your Skrill account. You will therefore have to insert your e-mail and your password to authenticize yourselfnull Once this is done, enter the figure you want to transfer from your Skrill account to the online casino.

The transfer is immediate, and you can immediately start focusing on your favorite games.

How to carry out a sampling in the Skrill casino?

The withdrawal procedure is very similar to that of the money deposit. Just access the sampling section, select Skrill as a payment method and insert the amount you want to withdraw. Waiting times to receive money will be slightly longer than those of the depositnull This happens because most of the mess with Skrill, before making a payment, carry out checks to make sure that everything has happened legally and that the player respects all the terms and conditions of the regulation.

professionals and cons of casino with Skrill

In this paragraph we go to see what are the strengths and weaknesses of this payment system.


  • Easy to use;
  • Safety: every time a transaction is made, the personal data of your bank account must not be entered. This is very important for players who don’t want to enter personal information in the casino with Skrillnull Skrill also uses Google Authenticator, a function of the famous search engine, which sends a password to be inserted every time you access the account;
  • Rapidity: transfers generally take place in times, especially deposits that are practically instantaneously.


Presence of commission costs: Skrill unlike other payment methods charged with commission costs. It is about 1% on the sums that are deposited on the account and 5-6% on withdrawals. So, before making a withdrawal, take these factors into consideration.

Customer Service in Skrill casinos

In all casino with Skrill there is an excellent customer service. For any problem relating to payments or withdrawals from the site, the user can be addressed to the assistance service provided by the online casino. Generally it is available 24 hours a day in live chat or by e-mail. Furthermore, if the user finds problems with his Skrill account, not solved by casinos, he can the assistance service of this payment method. In addition, there is also a FAQ section on the site where you can find all the questions and answers for the most common problems.

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