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There are more and more payment methods available online. The casinos are updated continuously and try to implement innovative payment services, such as cryptocurrencies. In this continuous evolution, however, there is a method of payment that has resisted since the dawn of the online, despite the great changes in this sector: Bank transfer.

There are many mess with bank transfer, it is also a payment method All used as widely used. It is certainly not the cheapest one, compared to others, but it is very reliable and safe.

Let’s see together what the bank transfer and the characteristics of the casinos that accept the bank transfer is.

What is the bank transfer?

The bank transfer was one of the first types of payment, used even before the diffusion of the online. With the transfer it is possible to transfer money from your bank account to the account opened in the casinos that accept wire transfers.

The transfers They can be carried out at their banking office or online with e-baging servicesnull So, to make a bank transfer, you will not necessarily have to be an expert in computer science, indeed anything else. However, you must remember that the transfers are certainly very easy and reliable but, however, they provide for banking costs.

The costs are not high, indeed most of the time they are negligible, but it depends from bank to bank. We recommend in all cases, before proceeding with this payment method, to check the amount requested by the bank for the operation. There are also bank accounts that allow their customers to make transfers for free.

How to make a bank transfer to online casinos?

Many wonder how to make a bank transfer. In reality, the procedure is very simple, both to deposit and withdraw money from the bill. Follow these simple steps to make a bank transfer:

  • Enter your code IBAN, that is, the 16 -digit code that contains both letters and numbers. You are given by the bank when you open the bank account, together with other data.
  • enter the code BIC/SWIFT.
  • Enter the name and surname of the holder.

Now let’s see specifically how it works in the mess with bank transfer.

How to make a deposit in the mess with bank transfer?

To make the filing in the mess with bank transfer, you will first have to register on the casino. After doing This will have to go to the deposite section and select, among the various types of payment, the bank transfer optionnull Obviously, to make a bank transfer you need to have a bank account that you will use for this type of operations.

To complete the transaction You will have to insert your IBAN And, in general, a causal is also required. In this way, the bank will be able to carry out further check to make sure that the transfer of money does not take place for illegal purposes.

This is the fastest method to make a bank transfer. There is also another system, a little slower, through which it is possible to make a bank transfer. You will have to go to a bank branch and make the bank transfer by filling out the appropriate forms.

The timing of money transfer from your bank account to that of the casino that accepts wire transfers are about 2-3 working days.

How to make a sampling in the mess with bank transfer?

The procedure for sampling in the casino with bank transfer is very simple. You can make a sampling when you want to collect money on your account. To carry out this withdrawal you will have to go to the Preleva section and select the bank transfer as a method.

Also in this case you will have to enter your personal data and the IBAN code that is released by the bank when you open the account. After confirming these data, you won’t have to do anything else. As for the timing of money transfer, they are 2-3 working days, but they can stretch according to the checks that the casino or the day you request the samplingnull For example, if you request it on Friday evening, probably the whole procedure will activate the l on Monday morning.

As you can see, compared to other payment methods, the timing with bank transfers are slightly longer.

Is there an assistance service in the casino with bank transfer?

The assistance service is double, as the user will be able to receive not only assistance from the casino who accepts the bank transfer, but also from the bank in which he has his own current account.

Bank assistance

When the problem concerns the banking transaction, the customer can the assistance provided by his branch and receive the support of bank employees operating in the specialized offices.

Each bank branch offers an online assistance service, email, telephone or live chat.

Casino assistance with bank transfer

The casino user can also receive assistance from the platform in which he plays, when some problems related to the transaction occurs. Each casino offers the user, in fact, a live chat assistance service, by email or in some cases by phone. Operators are often available 24 hours a day.

In addition, both the mess with the bank transfer and the banks themselves, make available to the user a FAQ section. This is really very important, because it will help you solve different types of problem independently.

professionals and cons of a bank transfer

Let’s see together now what are the pros and cons of a bank transfer.


  • Security of this payment method: It is much safer than other payment methods because the transfer of money is direct and without intermediaries. The banks, then, usually use encrypted technologies that make user data safe.
  • Payment method accepted in all casino in the world.
  • Allows you to transfer even large quantities of money in complete safety.


  • Banks require commissions for each bank transfer.
  • For the transfer of money it is necessary Wait at least 2-3 working days.
  • There could be technical drawbacks that can slow down the transfer of money.

Do users prefer the current account or e-wallet?

Surely l’e-wallet as a payment method it is much faster than the bank transfernull Precisely for this reason, in recent years, the bank transfer has been used much less. However, there are still millions of users in the world that use it.

To say which is the best between the two systems is certainly very difficult, because both have pros and cons. So it all depends on the needs and habits of the player.


The bank transfer as a payment method is accepted by all casinos. Surely It is one of the safest and most reliable payment methods, even if it presents some negative sides such as slowness in the transfer of money and banking commissions.

We recommend using bank transfers when a great money transfer is made. As we explained to you in this article, in fact, you can take advantage of a double assistance service, both by the casino and the bank where you opened the current account. Remember that, unlike e-wallets, the transactions take place directly from your bank to the casino and vice versa, without any intermediary. It can be very useful if you want to keep track of all transfers made in one account. At this point, you just have to try this payment method.

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