Gonzo’s Quest Slot Machine of Netten: The features

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Gonzo’s Quest is a historical slot machine, inspired by Gonzalo Pizarro and the search for El Dorado.

Do you love playing slot machines but have you tired of seeing the usual themes? This is a very common problem among slot machines playersnull Precisely for this reason every day on the market are launched new Slot with engaging themes and music, in addition to high quality bonus and graphics games. So if you are looking for a new game, The Gonzo’s Quest Slot Machine with Free Spins and also available in free version could be exactly what you are looking for.

The theme of this game is inspired by the story of Gonzalo Pizarro, the conqueror who was looking for the legendary and dreamy city of Eldorado. According to this legend in the city of El Dorado The lost wealth could be found, that is, so much gold that they can cover the roads and any home. During the game, as well as the conqueror Gonzalo Pizarro, you will try to reach the hidden gold step by step.

The background of this slot resumes the atmospheres of the Yucatan jungle and thanks to the audio you can hear animal verses. This is a really important aspect because it allows you to totally immerse yourself in the game and therefore the weather will surely spend fast.

What are the characteristics of Gonzo’s Quest?

The Gonzo’s Quest Slot Machine, with Free Spins and also in free version, was launched on the market in 2013 by one of the most famous provider in online casinos: NetEnt. It offers 20 fixed episode lines even if you cannot decide how many of them to focus. There are five rollers and three lines, therefore in total there are therefore symbols, which in reality are marble blocks.

Before the episode you will have to select the value of the tokens. The tokens can have a value ranging from 1 cent up to 50 cents. On this aspect, however, there is a point to underline that perhaps not everyone knows. When we talk about minimum or maximum episode we mean the sum of money that you decide to focus on a single linenull Considering, however, there are 20, and that you cannot decide on how many to be bet, the value of the token must be multiplied by the twenty lines present. Just to make you an example, if you decide to aim for 50 cents, your total token will be 10 eurosnull The maximum episode on this online slot machine is $ 50, so you can focus up to a maximum of 10,000 tokens. In fact, you can raise the level of your token to your liking starting from 1 (minimum level) up to 10 (maximum level).

The Gonzo’s Quest Slot Machine, in addition to the free spins, offers many 3D version bonuses and the game experience is certainly very fun and engaging.

How do you play Gonzo’s Quest?

There is not much to know to aim for this slot machine. Once the game is opened you must establish the value of your token, and always remember that you have to multiply it by 20, or for the number of lines on which you points. Once you have decided you can click on the central button, the one with the arrows, to start the rollers. On the left side you will find the “I” symbol. By clicking on it you can see the various information on the slot.

To the left of the central button then, find the car playnull In practice, you can establish that the rollers of the Gonzo’s Quest Slot automatically turn for a number from 10 to 1,000 rpmnull In this way you will only have to look at the screen and wait for the winning combinations to appear. You can stop this function at any time, or it will stop automatically when the slot has made the set number of laps or you will have finished the credit.

The last key to know is Max Bet, thanks to which you can choose the maximum episode possible only with a click.

What is the RTP of this slot machine?

The RTP indicates the Return To Player, or the percentage of money played that returns to the prize pool and the one that ends up in the concessionaire coffers. It is a very important parameter that must absolutely be taken into consideration before betting money in a slot machinenull Each slot has a different RTP value. If the RTP is low, the slot will have a low performance, if it is high the return to the player will obviously be higher.

On average, a slot machine to be considered good should have an index from 95% upwards. The Gonzo’s Quest slot respects this requirement because its RTP is 96%, one of the best on the market.

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Machine volatility

Volatility is another important parameter to be kept in mind when playing in a slot machine. In fact, the frequency and importance of a win depends on itnull As for Gonzo’s Quest Slot, know that it has medium -high volatility. This means that the winning combinations are not very frequent, but when they appear on the screen they give really high winnings. It is excellent news for those players who aspire to win the highest prize pools even at the cost of waiting for a few laps more.

What are the symbols in Gonzo’s Quest?

The symbols on this slot machine are different and offer very interesting player advantages. Each of these symbols has an attractive graphics that recalls the myth of El Dorado. Let’s see what they are together.

Traditional symbols are characterized by a different color and a face that recalls the divinities of Central America. The gray block is the one that pays less, or 200 times the amount of the episode if five symbols are released online, while the blue block can get to give you a win of 2,500 times the sum played.

Now let’s see what are the special symbols.

Wild symbol

The Wild symbol is represented with a square block at whose center there is a golden question mark reminiscent of the function of the symbolnull The Wild, in fact, is a joker that takes on any value to form a winning combination. It may only and exclusively appear on rollers 2, 3 and 4. It is certainly one of the most important symbols since it allows to obtain more frequent and even richer combinations.

symbols gold Mayan

This symbol, represented by a gold mask of a Maya, is a very interesting bonus for the user. When 3 symbols of this type appear in line, the free fall mode can be accessednull The symbols must start from the first roller to the left. In this mode you can get free rpm. These symbols can only appear in rollers 1,2,3. Then consider that during these laps on Gonzo’s Quest Slot Machine there is always the possibility of obtaining other free spins.

Avalanche mode

This is the most interesting mode of Gonzo’s Quest Slot. Every time you get a winning combination, know that the game has not ended there. The marble blocks that are part of that combination, in fact, they will disappear the sudden and leave their place to other blocks that will arrive in waterfallnull This means that you can get a new winning combination, and if this happens the blocks would disappear again. At each new consecutive combination, the multiplier of the winnings also increases (which you can see at the top right). It is clear that this can guarantee you really high winnings as well as making your experience more adrenaline.

Consider that the maximum win on this online slot machine was $ 112,500. Keep in mind a factor, however, that is that if you get more than a winning combination in the same lap, Only the symbols of the combination that gives you the highest prize will disappear.

Can you play free on Gonzo’s Quest Slot Machine?

Like all the other Netten slots, this also has a demo version. This means that you can play it even without betting money. Gonzo’s Quest Slot Machine Free represents a very interesting version for those who want to analyze the functioning and points of strength and weakness of this slot. Our advice is always to play a few games with a virtual account, so as to understand if this slot is actually the right one for you. In addition, you can play all the time you want without having the concern to spend money.

Is there a mobile version?

Yes, you can play in the mobile version. This slot is optimized for any device, so you can also play with your smartphone or tablet in any position you are. You can focus both with a device Android virusnull Usually there are two systems to play from mobile: either through an application to download, or via browser. In fact, NetenT has invested a lot in this sector, guaranteeing players to be able to aim simply by accessing the browser of their smartphone or tablet browsernull You will only need an possibly not too slow internet connection and a game account in one of the online casino that presents this device.


At the end of this guide on the Gonzo’s Quest slot we can say, also thanks to the analysis carried out by our experts in the sector, that it is really an excellent device from all points of viewnull And surely it certainly deserves the success achieved so far.

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