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In this guide we will see in detail the Great Rhino slot, obviously inspired by the rhinoceros, one of the most impressive animals in the Savana. Is made by Pragmatic Play, one of the software provider most important in the worldnull Our experts in the sector have analyzed in detail all its characteristics so as to show them in a simple and clear way. At the end of this review, you will know everything about this game so as to understand whether to start playing or looking for another.

Main features

Great Rhino is a five roller slot with three lines and twenty payment lines. Unfortunately, however, you cannot decide how many lines playnull The minimum episode is a penny for each line, therefore 20 cents in total. The maximum one, on the other hand, is $ 100. The Great Rhino RTP, on the other hand, is fixed to 96.3% and is therefore quite high. In fact, many devices have a Return to player that is between 94 and 96%. Volatility is medium, therefore it is possible to expect a good number of winning combinations which however alternate between high and low winnings.

The game is set in the savana africana As you can see from the background, and also background music has a decisive role so that it can totally immerse yourself in this slot machine.

How do you play Great Rhino Slot?

As in any online slot machine, your first goal is to set the value of the episode. To do this you have to click on the “+” and “-” buttons. The mechanism is quite simple but you still have to pay us a little attention. Remember that on Great Rhino Slot there are 20 payment linesnull You have to start deciding how many coins you want to focus on each line or line, then choose the money value and finally the total episode will be calculated. If you don’t want to follow this procedure, You can simply establish your total episode And the game will automatically calculate the value of the episode and the coins on each line.

Always on the right, but with a clearly larger dimensions, you will find the Spin key identified with two arrows that turn. Just under this button, you can find the autoplay writing. Click us on to activate this mode and its very particular characteristics. First of all you can choose the number of laps to make the slot that range from 10 to 1,000 automatically. Then you find three other buttons, here are what they are:

  • Giro turbo: It is the fastest mode of the game. In practice, the rollers will turn very fast and the counting of any winnings will also be instantaneous. It is certainly the right choice for those who want to make many spins without wasting time, even if at the same time it is the less fun version since you will not enjoy that thrill that accompanies the round of the rollers.
  • Fast lap: The speed is medium compared to the turbo and normal lap. It could be the right solution for those who want to see the rollers who turn but, at the same time, do not want to waste too much time.
  • Jump outline: By clicking on this button, the screens will not appear after a winning combination.

By clicking on the “I” button, you can see the characteristics of the symbols, prizes and various functionsnull In addition, also consider that the potential prizes obtainable with the various combinations are updated according to your episode. If you change it, you will notice that the prizes will also change.

According to a hoaphe is the root of it.

Let’s see now what are the symbols you can find in this slot, starting from those with the lowest prizes, up to those that instead offer really high winnings.

  • J-Q-K: They are the symbols that pay less. With three equal symbols I only obtained a quarter of the mail, while with four symbols half of your episode and regained the episode with five symbols in line.
  • Asso: Just as the previous symbols get a quarter and half of your initial episode and with three or four symbols respectively, while just over your episode if there are five symbols in line.
  • Flamingo: With this symbol the inhale episode obtains twice and a half times. For example, if 100 euros points, you will receive 250.
  • Hyena: you can win up to 5 times the sum played at the beginning.
  • Crocodile: Get the episode with five symbols in the payment lines up to seven times and a half.
  • Rhino: twenty times the episode if you find five of these symbols online. In addition, this is the only one who also pays with only two symbols, in addition to the Wild one.

Special and free spin symbols

The token with the rhino symbol represents the Wild symbol, that is, the one that replaces all the symbols, except for the run. It also acts as a real symbol and if you find five in line, get a maxi winning equal to 50 times the initial episode.

The symbol with the tree and the written bonus, will allow you to obtain some Free turnsnull During these free laps, you can activate the Re Respens. In these laps, the Wild symbol is represented by the rhinoceros and 14 or 15 go out you can win maxi jackpotnull With 14 symbols on the winning screen 375 times the initial mail, while if the whole screen is occupied by the symbol of the rhinos win 500 times the initial mail.

Demo and mobile

It is possible to play Great Rhino also in demo mode, that is, without spending even one euro. Obviously the winnings will be virtual but at least you can have fun without fear of losing money and knowing the game in all its characteristics. You can also focus from Mobile, both to the demo version and to the one with real money, directly from tablets and smartphones, without downloading a software or without registering on some site. You only need a mobile device with internet connection, and access the game from the browser.


At the end of this guide on Great Rhino, we can say that it is a really well done game and you see the quality of Pragmatic play. It is a mix between a classic and an innovative game and therefore manages to satisfy all playersnull Thanks to our experts in the sector you have seen all the most important features, and now you can decide whether it is the right game for you, or if it is better to take a look at the review of others slot machine online.

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