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In the next paragraphs we will talk to you about one of the best successful games of Playtech, both from the graphic and playability point of view. Let’s talk about the Green Lantern slot machine, obviously dedicated to the famous superhero Green Lantern And to his film. We will see its most important characteristics, which are the symbols, both the special and traditional ones, and also how to playnull We are sure that at the end of this guide you will know with certainty if this is the perfect game for you.

Features and graphics of the Green Lantern Slot Machine

Let’s start immediately from the graphics of this slot machine and we must say that Playtech has really achieved a splendid result. The symbols, as well as the background and animations, I am really of the highest quality And it almost seems to see some scenes from the film. Even the character of the green lantern that is seen on the left of the rollers is really well done, moves continuously and is a fundamental point of the slot machine.

Let’s now analyze the characteristics of the slot machine. It is a game with five rollers and three lines, and this means that on the screen there will be fifteen symbols in totalnull Thanks to its Allways function, then, there are well 243 ways to winnull In practice, it is not necessary that the symbols are on the same line, but the important thing is that they are on adjacent rollersnull This is certainly a great advantage also because the possibilities of winning increase for sure.

The RTP of this slot machine, then, It arrives almost 94% and therefore practically average compared to the other games of slot machine online that you can find around. Volatility, on the other hand, is medium. It means that there is a good possibility of having a winning combination and that the prizes oscillate between the upper and low onesnull This is certainly one of those factors to which you need to pay attention when choosing a slot machine because it can affect your online games.

How to play Green Lantern Slot Machine

To play the Green Lantern slot Machine you must first establish the extent of the episode you want to do and it’s really simple. You just have to click on the “+” or “-” keys to increase or decrease the value of the tokennull Alongside, then, you will find the total episode. The token starts from a minimum 1 cents up to maximum 50 eurosnull Consequently, the minimum episode is 40 cents, while the maximum one reaches up to 2,000 euros for each lap. It is a truly impressive figure and that will surely attract the players who want to risk more.

Once the episode is decided, then, You won’t have to do an altering that click on the button with the green lantern symbolnull This will allow you to run the rollers.

On the left side of the screen, then, Find the “I” key which will be used to know all the most important information regarding the symbols, winning combinations and bonus games.

Next to the button to run the rollers you find two other keys that could certainly make your gaming experience better. Let’s talk about the automatic and turbocharged game button.

The Turbo button It will serve to accelerate the rotation of the rollers and this obviously will bring an advantage in terms of time. Thanks to this function, in fact, you can do more games at the same time and therefore it is perfect for those who want to go.

il game Automatic, on the other hand, it allows you to establish a number of turns (10, 25, 50 and 99) to be done automatically without having to click on the spin button each time. You can also activate the Turbo function together with that of automatic game And stop when you want.

Collapsing function

One of the most important functions of the Green Lantern Slot Machine is that collpasing. In a nutshell, every time you get a win, The symbols that are part of the payment line disappear and give way to those found above to go downnull In this way a new scenario is created that can lead to other winnings. And if there were other winnings, Once again the symbols will disappear and therefore they will give way those above to go downnull And this mode can continue from time to time as long as new winning combinations are always cyan.

The strengths of this game, in fact, do not end there. You must know that Every time there is a win you will see a green radius starting from the symbols and end up in the green lantern symbolnull In that case you will also see a sort of energy bar that will be colored with green at each consecutive winning combination obtained. If you arrive at four consecutive winnings, one of the three special missions that we will talk about in the next paragraph will be activated at random.

Remember, however, that, that at each tour without winning combinations, The bar will return to zero and you will have to redo everything from the head.

The three special missions of the Green Lantern Slot

Now let’s see in detail what are the three missions that are activated with the energy bar and their main characteristics.

Fear Fight Mission

At each tour the symbols disappear and only the Wild ones remain. In this way you will have a series of free laps with the Wild symbols at the base of the rollers and this happens on each lap, until the stacked Wild symbols reach the limit. The number of stacked Wild symbols varies according to the loading of the bar. If it is at level 1, then the game will end when there are 5 stacked Wild symbols, if you are at level two, then the Wild symbols can be 6 and 8 if you play this extra mission at the highest level.

Training Center Mission

With this mission you will have 10 Free spin To be used and the higher the charge the more Wild symbols are added to the rollers, thanks to which to obtain winning prizes and combinations.

Secret Sector Mission

With these words you will have 10 games for free. To these, then, will also be added the multipliers who will increase your potential winnings. Furthermore, in addition to the initial multiplier, As you get winnings, the multiplier will increasenull The value of the initial multiplier and the increase depends on the level you have arrived. If you are participating in this mission with the first level, then the initial multiplier will be X2 and will increase by 1 to each winning lap.

With the second level, instead you will always start from X2, but to each combinations I win by 2. With the highest level, however, start from X3 and at each winning combination increases by 2.

DC Super Heroes Jackpot

The Green Lantern Slot Machine was also born from the collaboration between Playtech and the DC e So you will also find the DC Super Heroes Jackpot which will allow you to win truly high prizesnull At each tour, in fact, the slot machine could reward you with the game to win one of the four jackpot: mini, minor, major and grand. The latter, of course, is the one with the highest prize pool.

There is no system to participate in this game, but you just have to be lucky and hope that the software choose you. We can tell you, however, that you can increase your possibilities of victory by increasing the amount of your episodenull Once you activate the Jackpot function you will find yourself in front of a fencing in which there are twenty icons. You will have to click on each of them and these will turn by showing you one of the colors that refer to one of the four jackpotsnull When you have found three equal colors you will win the corresponding jackpot. Remember not to waste too much time, otherwise the system will do everything on its own.

The symbols of the Green Lantern Slot Machine

In the Green Lantern Slot Machine there are two types of symbols, as it also happens in other games, that is, the simple ones that have no particular feature and those instead special. In the next paragraphs we will talk about both, so you will have no doubt.

Traditional symbols

This category includes those symbols that if inserted in a payment of payment offer prizes that can also be high. Among the less important ones we find 9, 10, J, Q, K and Asso, which obviously come from the world of French cardsnull To tell the truth, however, Playtech also thought of the design of these symbols that have nothing to do with his green hero, managing to give him a particular style that integrates well in the game.

Among the other traditional symbols, then we find the various characters of the film, and the most important one is obviously the protagonist of the game. The latter, for example, allows you to win 500 times the stakes.

Special symbols

There are two Wild symbols, one of which is green and one yellow. The latter appears only during the Fear Fight mission. The green Wild symbol is instead the one that always present on the slot machine and buy on all the rollers, except the firstnull It has the function of replacing all the symbols present and therefore increases your possibilities of victory.


We have reached the end of our complete guide on the Green Lantern Slot Machine and we can say that we talked about all the most important aspects. If you are not yet sure if it is the right game or not, you can always or try the demo version thanks to which you will play without spending money and obviously even without winnings in real money. Both the demo version and the real game are available directly mobile without even where to download an application.

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