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il Roulette game is one of the most popular both in USA and in the worldnull Every now and then, however, there are gods software provider who manage to make them a more interesting pinch Thanks to particular methods and different settingsnull This is the case, for example, by Luck O ’The Roulette Win Studios. In the next paragraphs we will see its particular characteristics and how to play.

Luck O ’The Roulette Win Studios: features

First of all let’s start saying that it is a traditional game therefore with the numbers ranging from 0 (always green in color) to 36. The real peculiarity, however, is given by the presence both on the game table on which the episodes are placed and on the wheel, of a special box, or a pot of gold coinsnull Of this symbol, however, we will talk to you later.

From a graphic point of view, however, we must underline the background, Since we are in a typical fairy landscape with meadows, rivers and tranquility, natural habitat of Irish goblinsnull On the left, then, right alongside the Fiches, there is a nice elf.

Luck’s RTP O ’The Roulette Win Studios, on the other hand, is 95%, therefore on average compared to others Roulette games e le slot machine online.

How to play Luck or The Roulette

From this point of view Luck O ’The Roulette does not create any problem with players who already have a minimum of experience with the gamenull All you have to do is choose the amount to be focused and place the chips. Then click on the Spin button or turn and find out if the ball will reserve you a stroke of luck.

The minimum episode is 10 cents, while the maximum one reaches 5,000 euros.

The bonus game

As we told you a little while ago, One of the peculiarities of the Luck or The Roulette Win Studios is the presence of a pot of gold coins on the wheelnull Let’s see in detail how it works. If you place a chips on this box and the ball stops right on the symbol of the pot, then a bonus game is activated.

In a nutshell, a new wheel will appear which, instead of traditional numbers, has multipliers. Based on the multiplier on which the ball will stop you will know what the prize is. They range from 15x to the Massimo Prize (of which there is only one box) which is 100x.

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