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In this article our experts will tell you about the card game card game Frankie Dettori Magic Seven Blackjack Made by the Playtech world -renowned provider software.

Magic Seven Blackjack is another of Famous games of the saga based on the history of the American jockey Lanfranco Dettori, and you add to the slot machine Frankie Dettori magic 7null Son of art of Gianfranco Dettori, he became famous when, on September 28, 1996 in Ascott, he won all the 7 races scheduled for the day. Over the years, then, riding the Henable mare He participated and won in other many horse racing events worldwide.

But let’s go see immediately The characteristics of this blackjack, which is a very interesting variant of the classic game of cards that have become famous also thanks to all Hollywood films produced over the years.

Frankie Dettori Magic Seven Blackjack: the main features

Let’s start by saying that Magic Seven Blackjack offers a RTP (Return to Player) del 99.58%, it’s a RTP on the collateral episode of 98.49%.

This blackjack It is played with 6 decks of cards, following the classic rules of American blackjack. The typical Hole Card is used, and therefore The second hand of the game Croupier is hidden and not visible to the player.

In the event that this card was a charter 10 or an ace, the Mazziere goes to see the blackjack. The goal of this game is, like in all blackjacks, to beat the Crupier obtaining a hand that is as close as possible to 21 without going to burn.

In Magic Seven Blackjack Players can bet from one to three hands simultaneously, playing them starting from the one more right. The Crupier, on the other hand, will play his hand last. As for the use of insurance, the double, or divide, this game also works exactly like in a classic blackjack, but let’s see them immediately in more detail.

Insurance, divide and double in Magic Seven Blackjack

Insurance: In the event that the first discovery card of the Croupier was an ace, it is possible to ensure all its regular episodes against the possibility that the counter obtains a blackjack. QWhen you buy This insurance, an amount equal to half of your original episode will be removed from your balance and placed on the tablenull If the desk gets a blackjack, come paid 2 to 1 on your insurance. In this way you do not lose your initial episode, in the event that the Croupier does not get a blackjack, you will lose the insurance amount. Always keep in mind, however, that insurance has no value on the collateral episodes.

To divide: In Magic Seven Blackjack, in the event that the Your first 2 cards had the same value, they can be divided into 2 different hands. The second hand must have the same episode of the hand from which it was divided. In addition, you can ask for other cards for each divided hand, with the exception of the divided axes, to which only another card for ace is assigned. In the event that you take an ace and a 10 card in a divided hand, its total score is however considered a 21 and not as a blackjack.

Double up: It is not possible to double the episode after catching a third card, but it is possible to do it first. When the episode doubles you will automatically assign you the third card. It is possible to double all your hands and the episode, even on a divided hand.


Our experts evaluate Magic Seven Blackjack with a total score of 4 out of 5.

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