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The VGCCC (Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission) has given 80 million Australian dollars (over $ 53 million) Fine to Crown Resorts For the case of payments with China Union Pay cards.

We had already talked about this case, and recently in this article We had explained how the VGCCC had started a Disciplinary procedure against the famous owner of various casinos in Australia.

Now, however, the body has taken a Final decision towards Crown Resort And our experts talk to you in this article.

The investigation

The investigation that brings the VGCCC has to give 80 million Australian dollars of fine to Crown Resorts is Match still months ago.

During this investigation it was discovered that, Between 2012 and 2016, in the Melbourne casino the property allowed customers to use China Union Pay cards to pay gambling.

Thanks to this operation, Completely illegal as it violates some sections of the Casino Control Act of 1991, Crown has obtained over 32 million Australian dollars. This is why Crown Resorts received 80 million dollars.

Violated laws that led the VGCCC to give 80 million fine to Crown

As said Crown took a 80 million fine for allowing the use of China Union Pay debit and credit cards. This Between 2012 and 2016, violating the Casino Control Act of 1991.

In particular, the group violated Two important sections of the code. These sections they touch the recycling of money from possible illegal activities and the compilation of accounting registers inherent in money management.

The Section 68 It prohibits to make players pay with credit or debt cards. The reason is that the money may come from illegal activities. But they could also be used precisely to “credit” by players who cannot afford to spend certain sums.

Instead, the Section 124 of the Code which led the VGCCC to give 80 million dollars of fine to Crown, requires the casino to keep the accounting registers through which the revenues can be controlled. This is in order to correctly calculate the taxes that Crown owes to the state.

The statements of the VGCCC and Crown on the 80 million dollars of fine

Crown, who received 80 million Australian dollars of fine, He admitted that he had made illegal maneuvers.

The President of the VGCCC, on the other hand, said: “IThe Cup process of Crown was a clandestine and deliberate process. Not only has violated the law on the control of casino, but It was also designed to help customers violate Chinese restrictions on the change of foreign currency”.

And he added: “Crown was aware of the risk that the Cup process could be illegal, but decided to run this risk. In this way, did not show any regard for compliance with his regulatory obligationsnull Indeed, he did everything to hide what he was doing. “

Crown benefited from illegal conductnull The fine will ensure that Crown to be deprived of the revenue that has obtained from the CUP process and will send a clear message of compliance with its regulatory obligations. “, then concluded by saying the president of the VGCCC, Fran Thorn, on the 80 million fine in Crown.

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