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AGCOM (Authority for guarantees in communications) from a fine to Google of 700 thousand $ for not having respected the ban on advertising on gambling.

But, as we will see in this article by the our sector experts, The internet giant is not the only one to have been caught in the act.

So let’s find out what happened in detail, and to whom AGCOM has inflicted a salty fine.

What is Agcom?

AGCOM, the body that fines Google for $ 700 thousand for allowing advertising on gambling, He is the American communication manager.

It is an independent authority created in USA with Law 294 of 1997 And its task is to ensure that operators compete correctly, as well as that of protecting end users.

Performs control and regulation function In sectors such as publishing, post office, in the audiovisual, internet and telecommunications sector.

The reasons why Agcom Field Google

AGCOM fines Google for having Violate the regulations in force in USA relating to advertising on gambling.

The reason is that in some channels of the Top Ads Agency on YouTube, which is owned by Google, advertisements have been published that violate the “Dignity Decree”, or the decree that violates advertising on gambling.

AGCOM held Google responsible as she had given the SPIKE of Top Ads the status of “verified partner”null With this status, in fact, YouTube had automatically made Google himself responsible for controlling the content published by the channel.

But Google is not the only one to have received a fine from Agcom

AGCOM fines Google for 700 thousand $, but at the same time The advertising agency that violated the “Dignity Decree” is also fine.

Indeed, Top Ads, the Spike Canal Agency, also received a penalty of a value, moreover, higher than Google.

Top Ads will now have to pay a figure of 750 thousand $, or 50 thousand $ more than Google. The reasons are the same as the famous company and the most famous research engine in the world is accused.

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