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The Gambling Commission of Great Britain fine the famous international operator Leovegas for $ 1.6 million.

The reason, as we will see in this article of our sector experts, is that The operator violated different conditions imposed by the license who has to operate in the country.

Ma What are these conditions that violated? In addition to the fine, What does the operator risk? Let’s immediately find out in the next paragraphs.

The reasons why the Gambling Commission Fine Leovegas

The reasons why the Gambling Commission of Great Britain fines the famous operator, whom we also reviewed in this guide, can be found in operations carried out between October 2019 and October 2023.

One reason is that they set control thresholds on the expenditure of the highest players of the average shopping of customersnull This means that they are too high.

Also, the players, according to Levegas, they have to stop the game for 45 minutes after 6 hours of continuous betting, but the operator did not explain the reason for this choices.

And then, Leovegas did not thoroughly check customers’ expenses, also setting up the expense notice limits too high for anti -money laundering controls.

What laws has not respected Leovegas, who now takes a fine from the Gambling Commission?

Leovec takes $ 1.6 million fine fromregulatory body Gambling Commission for not complying with various mandatory rules to maintain his license in the UK.

Among the violations, specifically there are those of the paragraphs 2 and 3 of the license of license 12.1.1 on the anti -money launderingnull Then also those of the paragraph 1, always in reference to anti -money laundering.

Also, Leovegas did not respect the paragraphs 1 (a), 1 (B) and 2 of the Code of Conduct on Social Responsibility 3.4.1 in relation to the interaction with customers.

Then, the Gambling Commission said Leovegas he also violated in code of conduct on social responsibility number 3.9.1 as regards the part of customer identificationnull And, moreover, did not act in accordance with the ordinary provision of code 2.1.1 With reference to anti -money laundering.

Gambling Commission statements

On the fine in Levegas the Gambling Commission said:We have identified this problem through a targeted compliance activity and we will continue to act against other operators If they do not learn the lessons that our enforcement work is providing. “

“This case It is a further example of how operators cannot protect customers. But also of how are not attentive to the risks of money laundering within their business. “, then concluded.

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