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Leovegas inaugurates new study: in recent weeks the company has confirmed its will to invest in creating a study of in -house games (or ownership), Blue Guru Games. Leovegas inaugurates a new game creation study to have very high level devices and, above all, exclusively. In this way he will be able to continue the growth that has already seen him double the revenue in 2023.

The most important aspects of the birth of Blue Guru Games and Levegas which inaugurates a new study

Blue Guru Games is a professionalvider software acquired by Levegas and this, Obviously it can represent a great advantage for this dealer.

In fact, the professionalviders software are those companies that make the games, mostly we talk about slot machines which, then, are given to online casinos. Wanting to give an example, we can examine Playtech, one of the most important online slot machines manufacturers, successful educational author like age of the godsnull In fact, you can find these games in many online casino which therefore do not have the exclusive.

Have a in -house provider software instead, If he managed to bring out very interesting games, could bring a really important advantage. Leovegas, in this case, would be the only one to be able to use them at will, thus attracting the various players and pushing them to register on his platform not on that of others.

For now you have to start waiting only a few months, given that i First games of the Blue Guru Games are expected at the end of the year.

The contract is provided that Blue Guru will also be able to create games for other platforms. Obviously, however, given that 85% D Blue Guru Games is detained by Leoventures, the company that owns Leovegas and which inaugurates the new study, It can hardly distribute the best devices to the other dealers.

Levegas inaugurates new study: the statements

The ambitions after the creation of this new company are quite high as it also demonstrates the intervention of Gustaf Hagman, Group CEO of Levegas. Here are his words: “For a long time we have created exclusive games with the help of external suppliers, But now it’s the right time to step to develop the game entirely alone” – Hagman, then continues -” By drawing on our data and knowledge of casino games we will be able to guide innovation and create games that our customers really like. These can be of everything, from local niche games for individual markets to largest international games. In addition, we will create unique games and characters that can be used in our marketing, which will strengthen loyalty to our brandsnull Having great flexibility in the production of games is a competitive advantage and it will also give us a new flow of revenue over time”.

From what is learned, then, the goal of Levegas who inaugurates a new study, and therefore also that of Blue Guru Games, is to create at least 20 games in the next two yearsnull To do this you will immediately need the experience of Levegas Mobile Gaming Group, which can count 20 years of experience in the development of games.

Leovegas’ investments

In addition to Levegas which inaugurates a new study called Blue Guru Games, this is not the only investment made in this area by the dealer. At the moment, in fact, Leoveentuures, which as mentioned is the holding holder that Levegas holds, has also invested in other Studios. Among these we find casinogrounds and pixel.betnull The last investment in order of time, then was for sharedplay, or a sort of social platform on which players can share their results and confront each other. Leovegas has invested just over a million euros that earned him 25% of the newly formed company.

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