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Fanduel, Flutter Entertainment company, has appointed Carolyn Renzin as a new head of his legal office.

Carolyn is part of the group since 2019 And now, in addition to his role as Chief Compliance Officer, he has further responsibilities.

Ma Let’s immediately discover something more on Renzin and on his career in this article drawn up by our sector experts.

Who is Carolyn Renzin, the new head of Fanduel’s legal office?

The hour responsible for the group’s legal office, Renzin, as already mentioned He has been working in the company since 2019, the year in which he had entered as vice -president for compliance and regulation.

A January 2023 had been promoted to Chief Compliance Officer, position that still maintains and that will carry out with its new tasks as head of the legal office.

Previously also has Work for the United States Court of Appeal and 6 years at JpMorgan Chase & Co.

The reasons for the new appointment

The appointment of Renzi to New Head of Fanduel’s Legal Office It is just one of the recent company changes at the managerial level.

In fact, only Last month the company appointed Christian Genetski as a new president and Mike Ripensperger as commercial director.

Genetski, after over 7 years as Chief Legal Officer and a year as Chief Commercial Officer was promoted to President, while Raffensperger had the new position after covering the role of commercial director for 4 and a half years.

The declarations on the new head of Fanduel’s legal office

For Fanduel, who appoints a new manager of the legal office, The president spoke Christian Genetic.

These are his words: Carolyn is a leader and a passionate, brilliant, empathetic and extremely laborious colleague”.

And he continued saying: “During his stay in Fanduel, has guided a transformative change for our company, building a regulatory and compliance function suitable for the current and future dimensions of our company”.

I’m sure it’s the right choice to guide our high -performance legal team. “, He then concluded Christian.

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