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Panther Pays is a slot machine conceived and published by Playtech, one of the most important provider software on the world scenenull It is a game linked to the world of animals and which has certainly achieved excellent success from American players, in this guide we will try to discover the reasons for this popularity and its main characteristics. At the end of the article you will surely have much clearer ideas As for this slot machine and you will know if it is the ideal game for you or not.

Features and graphics

Panther Pays Slot has five rollers and five lines, so in total there are 25 symbols on the screen. This is already a first feature to underline as it is bigger than many other gamesnull Note also that there are 50 payment lines. However, you will not be able to choose how many to be aiming.

Panther Pays Return To Player is set over 96% and therefore beyond the average of the other slots that you can find in others online gamesnull Volatility, instead, It is medium and it means that there will be the right compromise of winning combinations and both high and low prizes.

The graphics are well cared for but still quite simple, as well as the symbols of this slot which are realistic but not exceptional for this.

How do you play Panther Pays?

As in any game, you must first establish your episode. We really want to underline this aspect, also because in some games we have found quite complex and therefore often confusing systems and which led to the errornull In Panther Pays Slot, however, everything is very simple and fast. On the left side you will find the “+” and “-” keys to increase or decrease your episode for each lap. You can bet from 50 cents up to 500 euros to each spin.

On the upper right, instead you find the green button to run the rollers and two other keys that could come in handy. Here are what they are:

  • Car Spin: This button is indicated with the two arrows that chase each other and is used to activate the automatic spin mode. In a nutshell you can make the slot turn its rollers automatically for 5, 10, 50 and 100 rpm, or infinity.
  • Turbo: By clicking on this button, the rollers will turn much faster and therefore the games will last less.

At the bottom of the left, then, find the “I“. By clicking on it you will see all the possible winning combinations with a prize and special symbols.

Regular and special symbols

As you have understood, the Panther Pays slot is linked to the theme of nature and the animal world and obviously the symbols are also, or at least a part of the symbols. In total there are eleven iconsnull Six of these are linked to the world of cards and go from 9 to the ace. These are also the symbols that offer the lowest prizes.

In addition to these, then, there are five other symbols, this time linked to the world of animals:

  • Rana;
  • Baboon;
  • Ethnic mask;
  • Parrot;
  • Black Panther.

The latter symbol, in addition to being the protagonist of the game, is also the one with the highest prizes. In addition, starting from the ethnic mask it is possible to obtain a premist even with only two symbols in line.

There are also two special symbols that you absolutely must know:

  • Wild: It is represented by a diamond and can appear on all the rollers except the former. It has the function of replacing all the symbols on the slot machine, except for the scatter.
  • Scatter: This, however, is a gold medal with the emerald green center. In addition to being a symbol like the others, and therefore also to bring winnings, if en comeings three on the rollers you will be entitled to 10 free spins.

Demo and mobile

As we always recommend to our readers, If you are interested in playing the Panther Pays, it is always better to do a few trial laps with the demo modenull In practice you will have a virtual account at your disposal with which you can play for as long as you prefer. This is certainly the best system to find out if it is a slot that can do to your case or Look for others on our sitenull And above all you will not lose money.

If you want, You can also decide to play from smartphones or tablets directly from browsernull Playtech is one of the top providers in circulation and has invested a lot to ensure that his games were available directly from the browser, So without having to download any software or have to register on some site.


Here we are at the end of this guide on Panther Pays slot machinenull We have seen everything there is to know about this game such as symbols and bonus features, in addition to the main characteristics. At this point you will not have any problem in understanding, without wasting too much time, if it is a good game to aim.

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