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In this article we will see in detail how the Pinball Roulette Created by the well -known professionalvider software Playtechnull This game, in fact, presents some interesting features Both from a graphic point of view and as regards potential winnings, which make it very interesting. Let’s start our guide immediately.

Graphics and characteristics

We are talking about a game table of a traditional French roulette, then with only one 0 green color and the numbers from 1 to 36 which alternate between black and rednull The episodes and winnings are the traditional ones and if you don’t know them, you can safely control them with the our complete guidenull The real peculiarity lies in the wheel that is not actually there. The Roulette Packtech Pinball, Indeed and a Flipper.

In practice, after focusing and clicked on the play button, you will move on to the flipper screen. On the lower part you will see the various slots that follow the order provided in the traditional roulette. They move from right to left, while the ball is launched as in a normal flippernull Then, it is the case to decide in which slot it will fall.

Of the background, there are the classic Pinball sounds every time the ball touches one of the pegs or when he reboundsnull Then the base will fall true and then end up in one of the slots. Another useful feature is that the number you aimed on will have a yellow arrow that identifies them. Once the ball has concluded its race, then, the Croupier will say the number he won and the color.

You can also use automatic play mode, which will allow you to choose a number of rpm (from 10 to 99) that you want to automatically do at the Pinball Roulettenull In this way, therefore, you will just have to look and hope that the ball stops right on the number you have focused on.

Limits and episode of Pinball Roulette

As for the betting limits, You must know that you can start from an episode of minimum 2 cents up to a maximum of 40 thousand euros of episodes placed on the tablenull Be careful, however, because you cannot point all the money only on a type of episode or a number. For example, on the full number you can place Only 500 euros, while on the episodes such as red and black, even and odd or 1-18 or 19-36, you can also focus 10 thousand euros.

On the lower part of the screen, then find the various cuts of chips.

Bet or collect

One of the most important characteristics of the PINBALL ROULDETS PLAYSECH, and also the one most appreciated by users, It is the bonus game that we spore every time you win An episode. In practice, after each victory you can decide whether to collect the win normally or if to put it into play. In the latter case, with another mini flipper You have the opportunity to get some multipliers up to X10, so you can also decush your win. Obviously, if the ball does not hit any multiplier, you will lose it totally.

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