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When it comes to Roulette online, often players already start bored because it is usually the same game without any peculiarities. Each professionalvider software, however, tries to give its imprint to the games, And here are the devices that differ from others in certain aspectsnull In this article, For example, we will see everything on the Scientific Games Original Roulettenull Before you start, however, let’s say immediately that SG Roulette is a European roulette, or with only one 0 and with the names of the episodes in English.

Graphics of the SG roulette

In Scientific Games Original Roulette there is a strong reference to tradition without excess. In the center, in fact there is the extended and quite large table so that all players can place the chips without making mistakesnull On the lower part, then, there are the various keys to play. You will find, for example, the Giro button on the right side of the screen. As you have noticed, then, there is no roulette that appears only when the appropriate button is pressed. In this way, in fact, even the round of the roulette is clearly visible and it is immediately clear on which slot the white ball ended.

The RTP of Roulette SG is decidedly high, since we are talking about over 97%.

How do you focus on the scientific games original Roulette?

As you have noticed, from our description there are no usual chips on which to click to focus. This is because just press the bet you prefer on the bet and you will see Fiches appear. Initially, its value will be 20 cents but by clicking on it you can bring it up to 250 euros.

As for the minimum and maximum amounts of Scientific Games Original Roulette, then, you must know that at least 20 cents can be focused on every type of episode and at least one euro for each for each lapnull If you do not reach this figure, in fact, you will not be able to start the SG roulette. The maximum amounts, however, are decidedly important. Just consider that we speak of 4,500 euros on an external bet, namely red and black, even or odd and 1-18/19-36null The maximum episode on each lap, however, is 10,000 euros.

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