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Online casino try to attract more and more online players on their platforms and to do so they increase their range of games by offering the most popular and attractive slots of the market. Among these there is certainly Starburst Slot online, one of the best games produced by NetEnt also in free free play version, which is a software provider among the best in the worldnull In this guide we will see in detail all its characteristics, functionality and bonuses so as to make you understand if it is the right game for you.

Let’s start by saying that it is one of the most important slots on the world scene and that it has managed to conquer millions of players thanks to its really simple graphics and game mode.

What are the characteristics of Starburst?

The first thing that stands out immediately in the eyes is certainly the theme of this slot. If you like space but also at the same time the diamonds, this slot will enchant younull Starburst is one of the most classic slots in circulation and its music is very engaging, as well as the truly intriguing graphicsnull Also for these reasons it is one of the most appreciated.

Starburst Slot Machine has 5 rollers and three lines, consequently 15 symbols will appear on the screen. There are 10 payment lines even if you cannot decide on how many of them to focus on each lapnull The minimum episode is $ 0.01 while the maximum one is $ 1. Remember, however, that the value of the final token that points must be multiplied by ten. Let’s assume, for example, that points 1 $ as the value of the token, in the end the cost of the token will be 10 $. You can also increase the level of the episode up to 10 times and therefore up to a maximum of $ 100 for each lapnull It is good to underline, however, that the game is always to be considered a pastime and therefore never exaggerate with the episodes, but always act responsibly.

How do you play the Starburst Slot?

To start playing the Starburst Slot there is not much to know since it is, as mentioned, a really simple game with a screen user friendlynull It is suitable for all players, both the most linked to the world of slot machine online, both to those who are used to the latest generation games with high quality graphics. Once you have access to your authorized online casino, choose the Starburst slot available also for free and start aiming. You can also choose Free Starburst, playing in demo mode.

The first step is certainly to choose the value of your episodenull As mentioned before, it recalls that the amount of the token must be multiplied by the ten payment lines and therefore its final value could also be quite high.

At this point we just have to click on the central button, the biggest one just to understand, and turn the rollers. Then there are four other keys that you absolutely must know, also because they will help you both to know the game better and to speed it upnull The first starting from the left is the “I” key, or information. In practice by clicking on this button you can deepen all the news about the winning symbols and payment lines.

The other button is automatic gamenull Thanks to this function of Starburst Slot, in fact, you can make the rollers turn automatically. Obviously you can establish the episode and the number of laps you want to make the slot. You can choose between 10 and 1000 rpmnull The slot stops either when it has finished the number of laps expected or when the credits will endnull On the left side of the screen a window will open with which to follow the trend of the spin. However, you can stop them at any time and start playing normal mode.

After the button to activate the rollers, then, there is Max betnull Thanks to this button, in fact, you can set all the parameters to make the highest possible episode. This will facilitate the task and speed up the game operations.

Finally, under the screen and smaller size than the other buttons, there is a small English keynull Clicking us you will see some of the settings you can change, such as activating or deactivating the fast lap. This function will serve you to go to you turn the rollers in a decidedly faster way and therefore reduce the time of each game.

Volatility and RTP of the Starburst slot?

Another aspect to be taken into consideration both when you play at the Starburst slot for free or with real money, It concerns the RTP, or Return To Playernull It is a percentage parameter that indicates how much the sum of money played that returns to the prize pool and therefore becomes available for winnings, and the part that is intended for the dealer instead. All slots have a different RTP and this should be the first factor to consider. To be considered profitable, the slots should have an RTP of at least 95%.

Starburst does even better since his RTP is 96.1%. This means that not only is it one of the funniest slots to play in but it is, above all, one of the most profitable on the market. It also has low volatility. This term means the frequency and potential amount of the winnings, which in this case means that there is a lot of action. That is, there are several winning combinations, but mostly the prizes are low.

Remember to always pay attention to these parameters that are really fundamental both in the Starburst Slot version for free and in the one with real money.

Starburst Slot symbols

Let’s now take a look to take a look at the symbols present in Starburst Slot. As you already know, it is a slot linked to the theme of precious gems. These have various shapes and colors and each of them has different prizes. Here are the various symbols in increasing order:

  • The rhombus and violet in the shape of a rhombus It is the one that offers the lowest prizes ranging from 5 times the episode with three symbols in line up to 25 times with five symbols in line.
  • The one in the shape of a square and blue color has the same prizes as the previous symbol.
  • The orange stone, instead, It offers 7 times the episode with three symbols, and up to 40 times with five symbols.
  • With the green gem, instead you have the opportunity to conquer 8 times the amount of the episode with three symbols up to 50 times the episode with five symbols.
  • The yellow stone, instead, The episode up to 60 times if there are 5 symbols in the payment lines goes 10 times.

In addition to the precious stones, then, there are also two very familiar symbols to the players of the classic slots: the “7” and the “bar”. These are also the most profitable ones that offer 120 times to 250 times the initial episode when there are 5 equal in line symbols on the screen.

The Wild symbol

This symbol is star -shaped and each tip is of a different color. In addition to having the Jolly function, and therefore it can replace all the symbols on the screen, It has very particular characteristicsnull First of all, it allows you to get three up to three free laps and, during these Free spin, will extend to the roller where there is the possibility of obtaining truly high prizes.

Are there bonuses in the Starburst slot?

In addition to the Wild symbol, then, there is another bonus at your disposal, the “Win Both Ways”. This is certainly the most interesting. The name itself indicates its function, which translated into American means “Win in both directions”null So the direction of the combination will not be important, given that every time one from right to the left or left to right it will appear you will get a win.

Can you use from Mobile?

Yes, this slot is also available on Android and iOS furniture and tablets. Thanks to the commitment of the provider software Netent, in fact, the games are all available in You will. This means that you will not have to download any device, whether you play Starburst Slot for free and with real moneynull You don’t have to do an altering that finding the authorized online casino that presents this slot between its games, access and start playing.

Where to find Starburst Slot online in USA?

If you are interested in playing Starburst Slot online, free or paid, considered luckynull Since it is one of the most popular games in the world, almost all online dealers and play platforms will have it in their collectionsnull But remember to always choose some Casino authorized in USA by the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ex Aams). In this way, in fact, you will be sure that nobody can ever deceive yourself and that your gaming experience is always reliable. Although the game is made in the best possible way, in fact, if you choose an unauthorized online casino in USA, Nobody can make sure that third people cannot interfere during the game causing losses voluntaryly.

Among the best sites in which Starburst is present, there is for example Snai.

Demo mode

If you want to start playing Starburst Slot, but you’re not yet one hundred percent safe, then we advise you to try the demo versionnull Free Starburst, in fact, allows you to play all the time you want thanks to a virtual account. This means that you will not have to download any program and not even register in an online casino, but you can know the game, its characteristics and detailsnull In addition to the symbols and bonus games. This is certainly the best method to have the utmost gaming experience and, above all, know perfectly by understanding if it is the right one for you.

NetenT: leading supplier on the market

When we almost reached the end of our guide on the Starburst slot, it is also necessary to dwell on the creator of this game or, Netten. You must always remember that when it comes to slot and casino games, One of the fundamental elements concerns the supplier, given that quality and bonus games depend on himnull In this case you don’t really have to worry about much, since Netent is one of the best clubs in the world capable of creating games that have entered history as well as in the hearts of many American players.

It is a company listed on the Stockholm stock exchange that boasts an experience in the 25 -year gaming sector, and that’s why when you meet your game, you can be sure that it is an excellent device.


Is there the risk function?

No, Starburst Slot does not include risk or prawn function and therefore you will not have the possibility to double your winnings.

Are there bonuses to play Starburst Slot?

Certainly several platforms insert this slot into theirs Welcome offers, both with deposit and no deposit. Obviously, since it is one of the most popular slot games in the world, the various dealers try to exploit its popularity to the maximum.

Do I have to register to play Starburst for free?

No, as mentioned also in the article, To play free Starburst you don’t have to download any software or registernull You just have to click on the game and start aiming with a virtual account. In addition, this version is also available from Mobile, So you can use it with your personal smartphone or tabletnull The only thing you need is an Internet connection.


We have reached the end of this complete guide, made as always thanks to the help of experts in the sector and professional playersnull The latter have paid particular attention to Starburst Online Slot, free and not, so as to give you all the possible information. At this point we can say with a certain security that Starburst online slot, both in a paid and free version, fully respects the needs of many players and, above all, deserves the success it has had. In fact, Netent has created a really interesting game from different points of view including graphics and the USIibilities, and therefore we understand if millions of players in the world have tested him and appreciated him.

You just have to try it and immerse yourself in this fun and engaging game experience.

For us, after what we brought you back, a nice vote 5 deserves!

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