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In the next paragraphs we will see in detail the Terminator Roulettenull As you can also easily understand from the name, it is a game of the roulette inspired by the Famous film character of the eighties and nineties. We will also see Some of the features that make the Terminator Roulette Win Studios (the professionalvider software that made it), different from the other roulette in circulation.

Before starting our path, however, it is good to specify that it is a European roulette and not American. This is understood that she has only one number 0 and not double 0.

Graphics and particular features of the Win Studios Terminator Roulette

On the screen of this game you will find the roulette at the top. On the lower part of Terminator Roulette, however, there is the Table with numbers and all the various secondary episodesnull On the high left, there are the various chips to place the episodes. Under the chips, you will find a small roulette. Clicking on it will become larger and will come in handy to bet on special episodes such as close to 0 or orphansnull Everything is practically at hand and very simple to use, also with mobile devices.

Win Studios, then, confirms that the RNG of this game is totally safe and therefore the extracted numbers are absolutely random. The RTP of this game, however, is 94.74%, On average therefore also with the various online slot machines.

The graphic peculiarity that we detect is given by the figure of an armed robot in the background that you find on the right side behind the keys.

As for the types of episodes and the value of potential terminator roulette winnings, know that they are practically the same as those of any other roulettenull But if you don’t have much experience, you can always take a look at ours full guide on the subject.

Il Bonus Terminator

The other fundamental characteristics that makes Terminator Roulette absolutely particular and different from the other online slot machines, It is the Terminator episodenull In practice, if you notice, both on the table (behind 0) and on the wheel (to the left of 0) there is a blue box. In a nutshell, this is the Terminator bonus in which you can participate if two conditions occur.

  • The first is that you place an episode on the Terminator Bet box represented on the game table.
  • The second essential condition is that, of course, The ball stops right on that slot.

If you both come true, then you will be entitled to participate in the bonus gamenull A new screen will open with 20 hexagons on the screen. Behind each of them there will be a prize that can be a multiplier of your initial episode, or a multiplier of the total win in the bonus game. Once finished the round bonus of the Terminator Roulette Win Studios, then, you will return to the main screen.

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