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Treasures of the Lamps is a game of Playtech inspired by the Genius of the lamp, to the Arabesque world and to the splendid womennull As we will see shortly, in fact, among the protagonists of this game there are three splendid girls in skimpy clothes and winking looks. During this guide we will see the particular characteristics of this device, the bonus games and the traditional and special symbols.

Treasures of the Lamps: Features and graphics

As often happens when it comes to games made from Playtech, the graphics are really very interesting. There is also a typical song from the Arab countries that allows you to interact with the game with the game. Treasures of the Lamps is a slot with five rollers and three lines, with twenty payment lines in total, even if you cannot decide on how many of them to focus on each lap.

The Treasures of the Lamps Slot RTP is 95%, and therefore it is average compared to others slot machine online. The volatility, however, is high And this means that there will not be often winning combinations. However, when you have the good fortune to see more symbols equal in the same payment line, you must know that the prizes will be quite high.

Come si gioca a Treasures of the Lamps?

First of all you have to decide the episode to be done at each lap And they range from a minimum of 20 cents to a maximum of $ 200.

Then you have to click on the Giro button that you find at the bottom right. You can also use the automatic mode thanks to which you can choose a set number of laps (10, 25, 50 or 99) to be made at the Treasures of the Lamps automaticallynull In both normal and automatic mode, then, it is possible to set the turbo. In practice, the rollers will turn much faster than usual and this means that you can make more games in less time.

Traditional and special symbols of the Treasures of the Lamps slot

Among the symbols of the Treasures of the Lamps slot We find those related to the world of French cards, which however, as often happens with Playtech are stylized to become an integral part of the game. In addition to these, then, there are scimitarre, temples and white horsesnull The symbols with the highest prizes, however, are those that represent the three genes of the lamp which in this case are the three women. In order we find the genius with the blue background, which can lead to a win of 500 times the amount played, the genius with the yellow background (700 times the amount) and then the one with the red background (1,000 times the episode).

Special symbols

In Treasures of the Lamps there are several special symbols. Here are what they are:

Wild: This symbol is represented by the magic lamp and has the opportunity to replace all the symbols on the screen. Also, then, It is also the most important symbol regarding the winningsnull If five of these symbols come out In a payment line, in fact, you win 5,000 times the episode.

Scatter symbols: There are four symbols that are part of this category. Three of them can also come out simultaneously and therefore take action together. Let’s talk about “10 Plays”, “x5 Multiplier” e “Free Games”null With the first, 10 free laps are obtained, with the second a multiplier of the winnings equal to five times the win and with the third a number of free random turns.

The other symbol scatter, however, is it Stargazer Bonus that activates the game of the same name.

Stargazer Bonus

This is one of the particular functions of the Treasures of the Lamps game and is activated when it appears on the screen The Stargazer Scatter symbolnull Once this particular mode is activated, then, a new screen will open with dozens of stars. Your goal will be to click on each star to compose a constellation. Every time you choose a star, then, a cash prize will be awarded and one of the genes of the lamp will be evoked.

  • The woman with the red background award cash prizes and extra selections.
  • The genius with red hair and the golden background, instead, assign other cash prizes.
  • Glory, on the other hand, or the genius with the celestial background, Increase the cash prize of the stars.
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