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Here are the professional reviews for Eurobet Casino, one of the most famous betting brands in USA.

  • Different payment systems
  • About a thousand of games available
  • Experience in the sector
  • CasinoLegend loyalty program
  • Customer support starts at 10 in the morning

When choosing to play in a online casino, you should always be careful to know all the characteristics and features first, for this reason we have created these reviews on Casino Eurobet and on its app. Very often, however, it happens that players choose to register or not on a site only because he has the best promotions without considering their reliabilitynull By the way, if you want to know the promotions of Eurobet dedicated to players as soon as they register for the first time, check here (insert links).

And for this reason we decided to intervene, together with our experts in the sector and professional players, to give you all the most important information on casino Eurobet.

During this deepening, in fact we will analyze four aspects for us fundamental for us such as Reputation and reliability, games and providers software available on the site, payments and bonuses, and also customer servicenull Thanks to these factors and our analysis, therefore, You will know with certainty if you can really trust the Eurobet casino or not.

Now that we have briefly talked about some fundamental points to know, we can start our reviews on Eurobet and app casino, and enter the fulcrum of the speechnull As mentioned even before, we will start from reputation and reliability and then move on to games, payments and customer service.

Eurobet Casino: professional Reviews

In the next paragraphs, our Top-Us-Casino experts have written a list of 4 Eurobet reviews created to make users understand if this online casino is suitable for them.

Each of the our experts, in these Eurobet reviews, speaks of the sector where most experiences to make this guide as reliable as possible.

Reputation and reliability: Eurobet is a quality brand

I start with the first part of the reviews on Eurobet Casino and App. Every player who chooses to focus in the various online casinos must know that, in addition to uploading money on his game account, he also leaves very important personal and banking information. And, if this information end up for one reason or another in the hands of the wrong person, the risks of finding themselves in some trouble would increase dramatically.

And that’s why our initial point concerns reputation and reliability. Our first goal, in fact, is to understand if we can first trust this game platform and give it our money and above all some personal information of a certain importance.

Storia del Brand Eurobet

Let’s start immediately talking briefly about this game platform that was born in 1995, initially imposing itself in the sports betting sector.

Over time, however, he managed to enter the field of online casinos, also in this case with excellent results. At the moment it is owned by entain, another point that will interest us a lot in the next of the Eurobet reviews.

Reliability and legal problems

From the point of view of reliability, in these reviews we can say without doubt that Casino Eurobet and apps reassures us a lot and we also explain the reasonsnull First of all, let’s talk about an absolutely legal platform in USA. This means that it has all the requirements provided by the Revenue and Monopolies Agency (ADM) And therefore he is completely safe for his players.

Eurobet Casino, in fact, operates with the authorization of thewho, and precisely the number 15016null It must be said that this is a fundamental point that should always be checked when choosing to play in a new online casino.

The license, in fact, guarantees maximum safety from different points of viewnull For example, you will always be sure that nobody can make you focus on games and rigged devices. This is because you will always deal with a Return to Player (RTP) advantageous for players and a random number generator (RNG) safe and reliablenull In addition, your winnings will always be paid, whatever the amount. If this seems normal and obvious to you, know that you are right, but it does not always happen when playing on non -legal platforms in USA. So it is a point that must always be considered with the utmost attention.

Remember, in fact, that the ADM plays a really important role of control and management of the game at a distance (even of the traditional one) and therefore tries to deeply deep effort to protect the players who point from USA.

We then pass to another point that is absolutely relevant if we talk about reliable online casino, or the professionalperty of Casino Eurobet. This platform, in fact, belongs to Entain, one of the most important British holding in the worldnull The Etain group, which until a few months ago was GVC, has decided to focus only on regulated markets eabove all, in recent weeks he has put in place a series of initiatives especially at the professionaltection of players, so as to protect them from a great risk that is that of pathological game.

And these are also factors to keep in mind when analyzing the reputation and reliability of a brand. Have a property that has demonstrated and is continuously demonstrating that it has a certain attention to the protection of players, It is certainly a good approach that deserves an appreciation Since it is not from everyone. In America, for example, he has just promoted the app “gamble responsibly america“Which allows players who believe they have a pathological problem with gambling, to find help and important support.

Finally, it must also be said that Eurobet Casino is one of the most important platform in USA both in the betting sector and in that of online casinos. Over the past three years he has managed to keep his basin of users without particular problems. For example, in 2018 he could count on 6.7% of the GGR, or money played in casino games and slots by American users. In 2019 he maintains the same percentage, And in 2023 it loses only a 0.1%. If you don’t believe it is an extraordinary result, consider some Online casino within a couple of years are completely disappeared from the top 10 of the legal platforms in USAnull Eurobet Casino, on the other hand, has not only been in this ranking for three years, but is always placed in the very first positions, on par with other large and important brands in the sector.

And these too, of course, are aspects to keep in mind when we talk about reputation and online reliability.

A reliable platform, then, is also the one that wins of the expert prizes and, also in this case, Casino Eurobet is highlighted for his successes. In 2016, for example, he managed to conquer both the title of best operator in general and the one reserved for the mobile platforms of the EGR, or the e-game review. We are talking about one of the most important worldwide magazines regarding online casino games.

Has conquered the recognition for best mobile operator also in 2018, always by the AGRnull In the same year, then, she also deserved recognition as miglior software provider in housenull And therefore, even a platform that manages to highlight according to the judgment of the experts, certainly means something.

Another aspect to be highlighted is the presence of a special section on the responsible game and the possibility of imposing on the deposit limits or self -challenges both from recharging and to play.

Finally, I want to report another aspect that I consider first of all important, but also significant. Eurobet has the headquarters in USA, precisely in Romenull This means that if I wanted to waste some time and ask for information about a problem, you could do it without any problem by going directly to its headquarters. Obviously, nowadays no one would waste time and resources for such a thing, especially when there is an client service available, but it still remains a fact to mention, always demonstrating that it is a reliable mess.

We have reached the end of this before the four Eurobet reviews we will do. I can say that I am quite satisfied with the result. Eurobet, in fact, in addition to having a history of a certain importance in USA, is a completely legal site in USA since it has the license of the ADM. In addition, it has a decidedly reliable property, which is demonstrating day after day to focus on the players at the center of its projects. We cannot therefore expect better from Eurobet Casino, who in this first review deserves maximum votes.

Rating: 5 stars

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Games and software: how much choice on Eurobet Casino

The Eurobet platform works really well. I tested it for a long time and never gave particular problems, on the contrary, everything has always gone smoothly.

I tried several sections of the site, both in a desktop and mobile version, and it must be said that I have never encountered problems, bugs or slowdownsnull The search mode is also very intuitive and fast. And this is not always a fact that you will usually find in the various online casinos.

Available games and providers

We are now talking about games and providers software that can be found on Eurobet casinonull This is certainly one of the sections that players are more interested in. The goal, in fact, is to understand how large the selection of games available on Eurobet Casino is. If you have always believed that few games were enough to have fun, in fact, we can say that you are partly right. You have to consider that a player can also get bored when he focuses on the same device. So, the more games there are available, the greater the chances of not getting bored and continuing to find stimuli to play.

Giving first glance to the game platform, we immediately notice that there are several sections that concern online casino games: Vegas, casino, casinolegend, live casino and poker.

We start talking about the section relating to games with live dealers both because it is a very interesting section and because it is one of the most sought after by the players. This is because it has, in particular, two points in favor of software gamesnull First of all, it allows you to interact with a real person you can see directly on video. You can ask the Dealer for information, always about the game you are aiming for, and receive all the information you prefer. In addition, it also guarantees a certain tranquility from the point of view of safety.

Has it ever happened to you, even in the grip of anger or disappointment for an important defeat, to think that the system has made you lose matter? In reality, as you will have understood, this can never happen in legal and authorized casinos by Adm. But, nevertheless, the game with the Croupier connected live streaming offers a greater feeling of security than those in software versionnull This is because you will see the dealer directly distribute the cards or the ball launched into the roulette.

Speaking of games, there are dozens of different devices to focus on with streaming dealers. The games are mostly are made by Playtech and Evolution gaming, and we certainly talk about two of the best provider software that you can find in the online games sector. Evolution Gaming, then, was one of the first to focus on this game mode and, also for this reason, offers the best games on the market.

You can aim at blackjack, Roulette, dice, baccarat and many show game such as Mega Ball, Spin a win, Super Sic Bo and Deal or No Dealnull Having such a great choice of games, then, allows you to be able to decide the version you prefer, the tables with the minimum and maximum limits that are for you, the language of the dealer and much more. You can also try these games in live mode, but you must be recorded and have access. Another important characteristics of this particular type of games is that you can use them from smartphones and tablets, given that Casino Eurobet has invested a lot in this sector.

Let’s move on to the sections now Vegas and Casino of the site. You have to consider as two rooms of a different casino. In each of them, in fact, there are games that you will not find in the othernull In the Vegas section, for example, you will find hundreds of games, including over seventeenth century different slot machines, to which are added other seventy -five devices of the Premium section and one hundred exclusive games. In short, from this point of view you should not have any type of problem, also because there are games for every tastenull You will find the classic bar slot machines with three rollers and without particular animations. The most innovative slots with five rollers and those instead, which are part of the megaways category in there are six rollers up and have the latest generation bonus games.

In this category we play many different suppliers and one of the characteristics of this platform is that you can search for games on the basis of the professionalvider software you prefer. In addition to the exclusive games, in fact, there are Playson, NetEnt, Isoftbet, IIPT, Capecod, Habbanera and Gameart.

In addition, then, there are several card games and all the wheels you prefer.

In the casino section of the site, however, we find many other slot machines, over two hundred. This time, but almost all of Playtech which, as you know, is one of the most important provider software in the sector and capable of creating incredible successes, such as the saga of age of the gods. Also in this case, therefore, the choice is quite vast and surely you can find the eye game you prefer.

One of the most interesting subsections of casino, however, could be that Jackpotnull In practice, you will find all the games that have a progressive prize pool. These, of course, are the most loved by players who dream of making incredible winnings with a not very high token. You can try one of the eighty -five games. On the right side of each icon, you will find an increase with the initials JP, or progressive jackpot so as to know what the prize is at that timenull I can tell you that when I checked there were games that had a prize pool of over 300 thousand euros.

In the card section, however, we still find blackjack games, baccarat, Texas Hold’em, but also seven and a half.

In the area dedicated to roulette, however, there are ten different devices for some characteristics one of these games, for example, is the Superman Roulette di Playtech, obviously inspired by the well -known superhero. Finally, in the Casino section there is also the mini roulette and video poker such as Jacks Or Better and Ace and Faces.

All games, both in the Vegas section and in that casino, can be tried in demo mode. You will only have to have signed a contract and have access. This type of game, which allows you to have a virtual account and to play only for fun, can be tried both by desktop and by mobilenull I always recommend readers to do a few trial laps with this type of games. In the first place they will play and have fun without having the stress of losing money.

In addition, they can test the platform and find out if that game is perfect for them or if it is appropriate to find another. Finally, it is also the perfect solution for all players who also want to test some strategy to be used to experience their winningsnull For example the Card of cards in the Blackjack Or one of the methods for roulette, such as Paroli or Martingala.

The other section that deserves a certain attention both because it is interesting and because you will hardly find it in other game platforms, is casinolegend.

In practice, it is a sort of game in the game and allows you to win extra bonuses for each levelnull To start playing, in addition to having access, you will have to choose one of the six heroes you find. Then, every day there will be new challenges to face to conquer points and climb the levels of the ranking. More points of accumulation, the greater possibilities there are to increase their level and conquer ever greater prizes.

We can say that it is a sort of loyalty program. Once you arrive at the top of the ranking, then, you can start again and thus increase your potential winnings.

User experience

We can say that the platform is really very simple to use. There are no special technical problems or bugsnull This means that you will hardly encounter criticality when it points and, therefore, it is already an excellent start.

Eurobet Mobile Casino

If you are interested in mobile game, so from smartphones and tablets, with Eurobet there are two ways. You can simply access the site from the browser of your device, always entering the data you use from the desktop version, and play without problems.

Also in this case, we have not met uncertainties and you can aim, recharge the game account or request assistance as you prefernull You can also do these things from Eurobet app.

Eurobet App

Eurobet, in fact, thought of creating more apps to download, both for Android and iOS devices, so as to ensure that players interested in a single section of the site had no particular doubts. For example, you can download the casino or poker section.

The Eurobet apps then guarantee the same important result and, therefore, even from smartphones and tablets there are no problems. As for the casino games, it must be said that the choice is really so vast that it would be impossible even to try them all. This means that you can focus on any game you prefer because you will surely find it.

The diversity of the Eurobet App sections, then, allows you to extricate yourself quite easily among the available games, so you will not waste time looking for the device on which you want to focus. Finally, then, CasinoLegend, or the loyalty casino loyalty program is particular and intriguing, in addition to the fact that you can earn various prizes and various advantages.

Here we are at the end of this section of reviews on games and Eurobet casino software and I must say that, again, what I have seen pleasantly surprised me.

Having said that, therefore, there is not much to say except that even in this section of the Eurobet Casino and App reviews the maximum score deserves.

Rating: 5 stars

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Payments and bonuses: many services, fast times and no commission costs

Every time you start playing in a new mess, you always have to check what are the available payment methodsnull Do not believe that everything is always the same because there may also be the same services to deposit money on the account or carry out a deposit, but some characteristics could change important such as deposit limits and credit times, in addition to the presence or absence of various commission expenses. These, for example, are some of the parameters that I will take into consideration during this Eurobet Casino review. At the end of the paragraph, then, you will find the judgment on this section of the site.

Payment methods

We can start our Eurobet Casino and app reviews by speaking, first of all, what are the systems available for both the deposit and the withdrawal. Among these we find the credit card of several circuits such as Visa, MasterCard e Maestronull There is also the Postepay, or the most used prepaid card in USA and electronic wallets. Among the latter, for example, we find Paypal, Skrill and Netellernull But the deposit systems don’t end there. In addition to these, in fact, we also find the postal or banking bulletin. And finally, there are also Paysafecard and the recharge at one of the many traditional betting pointsnull The latter two systems, however, can only be used to recharge money on the game account and not to withdraw it.

The deposit with most of the systems just mentioned takes place immediately and there are no commission expenses to be paid. The only two methods that provide for the decidedly long times are the postal bulletin and the bank transfernull For both, in fact, it will be necessary to wait for money to arrive on the Eurobet casino account or on the app, and therefore it will also take seven days.

Finally, for all systems the Minimum deposit is 10 euros while with the bulletin you go down to 5 eurosnull In the latter case, however, keep in mind that there are small expenses to pay to make the transfer.

Also, it also recalls that if you don’t validate your game account after registration, or if you do not send your identity document, then you will not be able to pay more than 1,000 euros.

Now, however, let’s see what the conditions are to withdraw money from the bill. The methods, as seen, are those previously mentioned even if on the basis of what you use, different characteristics change. For example, if you use Neteller, Skrill and Paypal it will take a single working day to receive money on your personal account.

Be careful at this point because it is really important to emphasize that we are talking about a working day for the transfernull This means that if you request the payment on your account on Friday evening, practically the whole procedure will be set in motion starting from Monday morning.

With credit and debt cards and with Postepay, however, two to ten days will be needed, even if, in this case, not necessarily working. For all systems mentioned, however, The minimum amount is only 5 euros, and this is certainly a good point in favor of Eurobet, given that it makes a very low amount available to its customers. In this way, therefore, even the satisfied players who have won small sums of money can receive money on their account.

The maximum amount, on the other hand, changes according to the method but range from 1,000 euros with Neteller and 2,500 euros of the Postepay, and then moved on to 5,000 euros with Paypal.

There are no commissions expenses to face, at least from the dealer. However, rates could be applied directly from the method you use.

If you want to use the bank transfer, however, the minimum transfer limit is 25 euros but there is no maximum one.

When you pay money on the gaming account or take a withdrawal, there is always another aspect to be considered, that is, the one related to safety. The moment of the transfer of money, in fact, is what requires particular attention from the dealer. This is because there is a risk that someone can enter the system and steal the personal and bank data of the customers and so that he can peppered all his money.

So, in these reviews, I wondered if and which system uses Eurobet Casino to protect its players also on the app and I must say that the response received was really excellent. Eurobet casino, in fact it uses a 128 -bit SSL systemnull In a nutshell, every time someone makes a deposit or withdrawal, all information is hidden (technically it is said to be encrypted). In any case, they are illegible and, therefore, even if a hacker managed to steal them he would only know how unusable.

Point in favor of Eurobet Casino and app, therefore, since he is able to protect the data of his players in the best possible way.

Of course, on payment methods it is not possible to add many other judgments or data because all the most important information is the ones we have already reported. It is important, however, to consider another aspect. On Eurobet Casino there are all the well -clear information and that you can consult easilynull And this is never an aspect to be underestimated because it means that Eurobet Casino tries to always put players in the best conditions ever.

Bonus Casino Eurobet

Even Eurobet Casino, as we see in these reviews, offers many exclusive bonuses for its members, which are also valid on the app.

Among these in the reviews we must certainly mention the Welcome Bonus Casino, which provides $ 5 received immediately at the first deposit and an additional bonus of up to $ 1000, also valid on the app. In addition, other bonuses are offered to play on some specific games, or to make sports bets via the platform.

Now that we have reached the end of the third between the Eurobet Casino and App reviews, we can safely say that in this sector, too This online casino deserves almost maximum votes, since there are all the most important methods available to playersnull Times are quick and there are no commission expenses. In addition, the minimum deposit is 10 euros, therefore accessible to all players and the withdrawal, even, of only 5 euros. In a nutshell, there is really not very much to worry when you decide to withdraw or deposit money on the game account.

Rating: 4 stars

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Customer Support: Too bad you start late

Players often underestimate this section because they consider it useless. In the end what can customer service ever be used? In reality, I wish you never to use it because it means that everything is going in the right direction. Otherwise, however, know that it will be very pleased to know that the site you are playing on will have all the most efficient systems to answer you And, above all to solve your every problem.

Eurobet casino, for example, as we say in these reviews It has three methods that you can use if you find a problem with games, welcome bonuses, apps or any other problem with the game account: Telephone, chat and e-mailnull Let’s see in detail how they work.

  • phone: It is the most used system because it allows direct and is perfect when it comes to problems related to technical failures. To talk to an operator, who will answer you in American, you will have to call the phone number 06 90251550null I tried it for you, it is to be said that, in addition to seeming kind and polite, the operator who helped me was able to answer all my questions. I asked him for clarifications on the difference between the Casino and the Vegas section, and the result was excellent. The only flaw I found is that the service part of the 10th morning and ends at 10 pm in the eveningnull Perhaps the beginning of the service could anticipate an hour.
  • Live Chat: It is the perfect method for players who don’t want or cannot stay on the phone and, therefore, a conversation are starting via live chat. This method, however, is available only for registered users and who have made accessnull Otherwise, in fact, it will not be possible to use it. This system is also active starting from ten in the morning and therefore, in my opinion, there is the same problem for the phone. We also tested this service, and it must be said that it seemed very good and above all fastnull They initially put me in the queue, but I had only one person in front. After a few minutes I started talking to the operator (a real person and not a bot) and the outcome was satisfactory.
  • E-mail: If you don’t have time to stay on the phone or pc, you can send an email. In practice, there are three addresses for assistance, make a complaint or adhere to affiliation programs. The answer to your question will not come after a long time but it is not indicated if there is a time limit. In any case, when you write you always add as many information is possible and also the phone number. In this way, if operators need more details they can call you.

If you don’t want to talk to an operator, wait for them to answer you email or live chat, you can also take a look at the FAQ sectionnull You will find dozens of questions frequently asked by the players and above all many fairly complete answers. Thanks to these, therefore, you could safely solve your problems and dissolve any doubts you have.

In addition, it should be added that both the FAQ section and the live chat are also available from the mobile version and the Eurobet Casino apps.

Here also at the end of our fourth of the reviews on Eurobet Casino and App, and we must say that they satisfied us quite. There are three systems to be able to the operators who respond quickly and, above all comprehensively. The only flaw I found is the start time of customer support. Maybe ten in the morning is too late. For the rest, however, it is an excellent service that He deserves almost the highest votes.

Rating: 4 stars

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Information about Goldbet

Company name Eurobet Italia S.r.l.
Registered office Roma
Foundation date 1995
American turnover (2020) $ 252 million (approximately)
AAMS license number 15016
Telephone number 0690251550
Email [email protected]

4,5 rating

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