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Here are the reviews of the pros for Lottomatica, one of the most popular brands in USA.

  • One of the best known brands in USA
  • It manages the Lotto status monopoly
  • Extremely safe and always monitored by the state
  • One of the largest and most solid companies in the world of gaming
  • Great choice of games, many products from themselves
  • Slow site, loaded more slowly than competitors
  • Paid customer support for mobile calls and not available 24/24
Bonus available on Lottomatica
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
Bonus Code
Valid Until: Dic 31, 2023
Bonus obtainable to the first minimum top -up of 20 $

Lottomatica is one of the most popular online casino in our country, as well as one of the most loved by the Americans, and here we write the reviews.

Without a doubt his fame derives from the fact that Lottomatica It is the only dealership in USA to manage the game of lot Which, in fact, is a state monopoly, practiced only and exclusively through Lottomatica. No other body is therefore authorized to do this, and it is precisely for this reason that at national level the brand is known well or bad by everyone. Even from those who do not play the lottery, lot or the various games available in their online platform.

Il Brand, so, It manages the various national lotteries, such as the scratch card and the 10eLottonull In addition, Lottomatica also has a section for sports betting and, for some years, He opened his online casino, complete with slot, roulette, blackjack, poker and all other games.

Over the years his monopoly exercise led the brand to remain imprinted in the minds of Americans as an equivalence of security and authority in gamblingnull But does this renowned lotto brand also satisfies expectations in the world of online casino? So let’s see the opinions and reviews of Lottomatica according to the professionalnull This content is part of the series of Casino reviews.

Lottomatica: professional reviews

Below you can see Four short Lottomatica reviews, written by our Top-Us-Casino experts, who will touch four fundamental points and of greater interest by the players of an online casino: Reputation and reliability, games and software, payments and bonuses, and to finish customer support.

Reputation and reliability: a solid brand supported by the state

In this short Lottomatica review I will tell you about the reputation and reliability of the brand, dividing it into two main parts: Story of the brand, and reliability and legal problems known related to the brand.

Let’s start immediately seeing The story of Lottomatica.

Brand history

Lottomatic society, Founded in December 1990 in Rome, was born as a consortium between BNL, Olivetti, Sogei, Mael, Alenia, National Consortium for Computer Science and American Tobacconist Federation.

In 2001 he entered the Milan stock exchange. In August 2006, Lottomatica S.p.A. has acquired Gtech Corporation for a figure of 4 billion $, thus forming the world’s largest group operating in the games and betting sector.

Subsequently, the June 3, 2013, Lottomatica Group S.p.A. has changed its name to GTECH S.p.A., keeping the Lottomatica name as a branch of the group.

The Lottomatica brand It is now owned by the International Game Technology group (often abbreviated with IGT), a multinational with various locations worldwide, including Las Vegas, after Gtech S.p.A. He acquired it thanks to an offer of $ 6.4 billion, and then continue to operate with the IGT brand.

Around you, IGT is owned by 52.1% of De Agostini, thus making it a trademark, but managed by the Americans. In general, Lottomatica has always been linked to American history. Founded in 1990 as a consortium between various American brands, He then expanded into the world by acquiring various brands and renovating the company in today’s IGT, which is based between USA, the United States and England.

Igt today is one of the largest gaming companies in the worldnull It does not only have lotteromatica, but it is also physical slot machine supplier and game software, used by many other brands in the world.

On April 7, 2015, the day on which Gtech completed the merger with Igt, the company left the Milan stock exchange to be listed in that of New York. In that year, International Gaming Technology itself invoiced almost 4 billion euros, with more than 12,000 employees. In short, it is a solid company, respectable and very close to USA.

Reliability and legal problems

In this paragraph I will tell you about reliability and possible legal problems that I encountered by doing some research on Lottomatica Casino.

Lottomatica is a guarantee of reliability. First of all, It is a brand connected and supported by the state, and therefore there is in no way the risk of unreliable scams or games, having always kept an eye on by public bodies. But this is not the only reason that leads me to say that it is one of the most respectable brands in the American panorama.

While the state collaborates with the brand, Lottomatica is however not owned by the state (which would make me worry, seen how the state has managed Alitalia and the State Railways …).

As for certifications, safety systems and licenses, I can say that Lottomatica has everything in order. He undertakes to guarantee the player a safe environment thanks to periodic checks aimed at guaranteeing high reliability standards.

The Lottomatica online casino has a random generator number (RNG), mandatory for the AAMS certificationnull This RNG is certified and approved with compliance tests performed by the companies Gaming Associates (GA) e GLI – Gaming Laboratories International.

Thanks to’algoritmo Blowfish Which allows encryption, the Lottomatica RNG creates random numbers without interruption. This serves, for example, to associate with each number a different result in the turns of the roulette, in the distribution of playing cards, or in the launch of the dice. When the player click to turn the roulette or distribute the cards, the software associates the result of the hand with the number developed at that precise instant.

The numerous tests carried out by The e GA To evaluate this Random Generator Number, they highlighted that all processes take random numbers generated by the same source. The state of the ARG, because it cannot be tampered with or modified, is constantly changed even when it is not in usenull In addition, both the keys and the data used for initial encryption are changed at most every 60 minutes.

The cryptographic data are continuously monitored and, The RNG is blocked in case of errors.

Now, briefly, I also tell you that I have not detected any legal problems of Lottomatica online casino.

In conclusion I can therefore say that, above all thanks to all the systems implemented for the security of the player on Lottomatica Casino, The platform deserves the highest score. 5 -star vote!

Rating: 5 stars

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Games and software: they produce their own games

In this Lottomatica review I will tell you about the various Games and software present on their platform. Questro, among other things, is also one of the topics that affects the most players, as reading the review will already know if they can find what they are looking for.

I will divide the review into various paragraphs to cover various parts relating to games and software: Games and providers available on Lottomatica, User experience, Lottomatica Mobile Casino and, finally, Lottomatica App.

Available games and providers

As Davide said previously, IGT, Lottomatica’s mother business, produces games as the main businessnull So, Lattomatic It is perhaps the only casino that creates many of his own games.

But it didn’t end here: to get a greater offer, Lottomatica also has games from other suppliers, such as Nettend, Playtech and Aristocratnull Also, as mentioned before, Lottomatica is the only online casino that allows you to play the lot, to the scratch cards and to various other online lotteries, all comfortably inside the site.

The Lottomatica online casino is Ideal for all those players passionate about slot machines and card gamesnull Has more than 400 games Between slot machines, minigames and live casino games, all playable from home with computer or smartphone.

Offers blackjack tables such as the Multi Hand, Casino Hold’em and Roulette who work like a live mess. For users of the Lottomatica platform there are also VIPs of the live casino, such as those of the Blackjack VIP.

Among the non -live games you can find the blackjack, the roulette, the video poker. There are also board games such as Baccarat in its various versions, the Banco Punto, the wheel of luck Dream Catcher, the Dragon Tiger Live and also the Poker Casino Hold’em Italia. All games are constantly updated with the latest news in the sector, such as the Lightning Roulette o The Xtra Blackjack.

Another particular table game on Lottomatica is the Football Studio Live, that combines a card game with live games.

As for the slot machines, however, the Lottomatica online casino offers different types with functions such as Free Spin, Jackpot and Bonus Game.

Very beautiful too The section dedicated to games with live Croupier, thanks to which you can aim live streaming, connecting with a real dealer that will manage the game phases. There are all the main and most popular games including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and also several show game. Among these, Crazy Time certainly stand out, Mega Ball and Dream Catcher Live. They are available both in USA and in English. Lottomatica reviews are really formidable by industry experts and users.

User experience on Lottomatica

The fact that IGT develops a large part of the games that it then offers on Lottomatica, obviously leads to greater compatibility between casino and games and, therefore, to one Best user experience, less problematic and with less bug.

It is a bit like the difference between the iPhones, with both software and hardware developed by Apple, or Android phones, with software developed by one company and hardware from another: in the second case there are often more errors. More or less the same applies to Lottomatica, which is a bit there “Apple del gambling”.

On a graphic level it looks very well, the background is white, the main menu is easily navigable and each item is characterized by a different color. On each screen there is a search box from which you can look for the games Available and, the games of each section are clearly visible and distributed on the pages.

In general, Lottomatica user experience is excellent: It is all smooth, simple and clear, with a quality design.

Lottomatica Mobile Casino

Obviously, in Lottomatica Casino You can access and play from the browser of your device, however, taking advantage of the whole quality of this online bookmaker and casino.

However, I encountered a minor problem that leads me not to give him 5 stars: The site is sometimes slow in loadingnull I have tried several times, with multiple devices and various types of connection, but I noticed that The Lottomatica site is slightly slower than competitors. I also carried out third -party speed tests, such as GT meters, and they also reported the same thing: the Lottomatica site has a 39%gt meter score, while for example william hill has a score of 63% and Digital game 61%.

I can therefore say that the mobile game of Lottomatica online casino could be improved increasing its loading speed.

Lottomatica app

Lottomatica casino also has, like almost all online gaming platforms, of anDownloadable app from which you can do practically anything as browser.

From the point of view of the Mobile playability with app, it can be said that everything is in order. Thanks to the relative application to download on smartphones and tablets, which can be found directly on their website, you can aim without problems for any game you prefer, also those present in the live section.

You don’t need to create a new account, but you can use your usual credentials. In addition, from the app it is also possible to withdraw or top up your game account, or request assistance through customer support. In short, It will seem to you to play as yourself at the PC at home, only you can do it where and when you want in maximum comfort.

One thing I want to clarify is that The Lottomatica app is currently only available for smartphones with Android operating system. While, for those who use iOS, the only chance of play via mobile device is directly from the mobile site.

So, above all Due to the speed of loading the site from Mobile, I just have to give 4 stars In this Lottomatica Review Online Casino. Too bad, because for everything else about the technical aspect, it is excellent.

Rating: 4 stars

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Payments and bonuses: safer than that …

Here, in this short Lottomatica review, I will tell you about payments and bonuses made available by the platform to the player.

Payment methods

Lottomatica allows you to deposit and withdraw with different payment methods, in an extremely easy and quick way. The deposits panel is the simplest I’ve ever seen. Also, being in partnership with the American state, The levels of control and safety offered by the platform are truly high.

As for the deposits you can, in fact, use the credit and debt cards that are part of the circuits VISA, MasterCard e Maestro And prepaid as postepay. There are also many electronic wallets including the most popular are certainly PayPal, Skrill E Neteller.

Furthermore, You can recharge the game account also in the many Lottomatic points located throughout the American territorynull And if this were not enough, in most cases, except for the bank transfer, The credit is immediate and there are no commission expenses (with the exclusion of top -ups in the Lottomatica points, where you will pay 50 cents to make the deposit).

As for the withdrawals, however, the methods offered are Lottomaticard and Paypal card, Mastercard credit cards and Visa, Skrill, My Paysafecard, Neteller, bank transfer, Paypal, and also directly in the stores. The minimum withdrawal value is always 10 $, while the maximum one varies from $ 950 to $ 10,000 Without any management cost, except in the case of bank transfer. With the bank transfer, the cost is $ 1.50, but there is no maximum sampling limit.

Requests for withdrawal through Lottomaticard, Visa and Mastercard credit cards, in the store, or with Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and My Paysafecard must be subjected to verification, and will be confirmed within 3 working days.

The withdrawals requested in the stores, however, they can be collected within 7 days from receipt of the bar codenull After these 7 days the request for withdrawal will be automatically canceled and the amount is re -credited to the game account.

Any request for withdrawal not yet confirmed can be canceled via the key “Cancel withdrawal”.

In the event that the document used to open the game account had expired, the withdrawal features from the game account will not be available. In this case one new copy valid for the document must be sent to Lottomatica, to thus allow the reactivation of the withdrawal functionality from the game account.

Bonus offered by Lottomatica

In this part of the review on Lottomatica I will tell you about the bonuses which offers the platform. Obviously, being that we deal with online casino and casino games, although there are many available ones I will describe only those relating to the casino.

I start talking about the most famous and most awaited by the players, namely the Welcome bonus from $ 30, available until the end of 2023 in the Casino section.

In the platform they can be found More than 400 games between slot machines, mini-games and live casino games, all accessible by an audience adults after registration, carried out with a valid identity document.

To obtain this bonus, both from smartphones and from computer, the procedure is quite simple. First of all You must enter your data as name, surname and date of birth, and subsequently you have to upload a copy of the requested documents.

Then, after receiving the validation of the documentation sent, the game account can be considered active and it is therefore possible to take advantage of the bonus. The welcome bonus of the casino section will be credited after carrying out the first deposit of funds on the account, Which can be of any amount, but must necessarily be carried out within 90 days from the opening of the game account.

In addition to this initial bonus, then, you can access a good progressive 125%, valid up to a maximum amount of $ 1000. This bonus it is nominal and is paid to brackets of 5 $, and thus allows you to also accumulate casino points.

Valid to accumulate these points are all the games made on instant games, from smartphones, tablets and downloads. For each euro Played on the newly appointed games, the player goes to earn 1 casino pointnull So, to understand each other, playing $ 10 earn 10 points. These points can be accumulated up to a maximum value of 1000 $null In addition, they are useful for reaching the 125%bonus. The balance of these points is visible in the item Welcome bonus within the profile section.

For those who, on the other hand, want to test their strategies in one of the various games in the casino category on Lottomatica, can register on the platform and take advantage of the No deposit casino bonus.

Already from the name of this bonus it is possible to understand that it is an amount that Lottomatica automatically accredited on the player’s account, without the need to perform a first recharge. In fact, the only existing condition to enjoy this immediate bonus is to complete the registration procedure correctly. Once the loaded documentation has been confirmed, the bonus is loaded on the game account.

This bonus is of a fixed amount Betting $ 15, linked to the validation of the document loaded during the opening of the game account. These $ 15 are paid within 3 working days from the date of validation of the identity document, and can be used Until the following 3 days of the accreditation date.

il No deposit bonus It therefore allows you to test your skills without having to invest money. In doing so, it is possible to understand the game modes and get used to the graphic interface, as well as, as mentioned above, test their strategies.

One thing that I feel I specify is that this bonus cannot be taken, It can only be used in the games of the casino section and, like the welcome one, it is not relieved to third parties as a name.

To access the no deposit bonus, you need to register.

In addition to the welcome and no deposit bonuses, Lottomatica Casino also offers other valid ones for a short and well determined time. As long as I am writing this review, for example, on the platform they are present:

  • Bonus up to $ 10 for the new Madame Destiny Megaways and Blirix Workshop slot: It provides for a reimbursement of 50% of the games lost up to $ 10 in the form of bonuses. The games must be made in the Instant web mode or game and mobile software. This promotion is active for customers who have activated the promotional code DESTINY.
  • $ 10,000 Bonus at stake at the Neptune Treasure and Parthenon Quest Slot: At the end of the period of validity of this bonus, a ranking is drawn up based on the total of the games in web instant mode, game software and mobile, carried out at the listed slots. To enter this ranking it is necessary that the player has accumulated played for a minimum of $ 1. The ranking is processed in decreasing order on the basis of the games made. Second of the position acquired in the standings, different bonus cuts are disbursed. The total of the bonuses payable is $ 10,000.

Finally, there are also on Lottomatica casino bonuses that can be requested with the points obtained. The highest is a bonus of 4000 $ requestable with 5,700,000 points of the diamond level. Then a 2000 $ bonus requested after obtaining $ 2,900,000 Diamond points. Another 500 $ bonus obtainable with 800,000 emerald points. One of $ 100 for 190,000 platinum points are needed. A bonus obtainable with 45,000 gold points worth $ 20. Another bonus of $ 10 for which $ 27,500 are needed. And, finally, a three bonus of $ 3, $ 1 and 50 cents of $, obtainable respectively with 12,000 silver points, 4,800 bronze points and 2,400 bronze points.

There is therefore not much to say: Lottomatica is a safe casino, which allows you to pay and deposit easilynull It offers practically all types of methods to make deposits and samples. Most of them do not have a fixed cost applied by Lottomatica and are carried out in quite rapid timing.

In addition, the bonuses available in the Lottomatica casino are many, e They continue to add new ones. The fact that there are also bonuses with a pre -established duration and for some selected games can be a point of interest for players passionate about that precise game. The bonuses obtainable through the points obtained during the game are also interesting. In addition to being something that Not all online casino platforms make available of players.

Rating: 5 stars

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Customer support: difficult to find and call for paid mobile calls

In the latter among the various Lottomatica reviews, I will talk to you, also giving you my personal opinion, of Customer Service offered on this online casino, methods, and response timing that are offered by each individual method on the platform.

Lottomatica’s customer service is good and, in some way, manages to meet the player’s needs. However, At first glance it is not very easy to find the customer support section, Since it is well hidden in the section HELP.

This section can be reached by pressing on the question point on the screen at the top right, or from the menu at the bottom of the page in the right column. In this section, in addition to accessing customer support s, It is also accessed to the section of the questions frequently asked by the players.

Looking for in these FAQs it is often possible to find the answer to what you are looking for, but not always, or at least they are not always exposed exhaustively. Precisely for this reason many prefer to , through the various methods made available, directly customer support.

There are 5 methods. Two of these dedicated purely to members, and the other 3 are available for everyone. The Lottomatica Customer Service is, then, available every day excluded at Christmas, from 7:00 to 24:00.

The 5 methods available for customers and future customers are:

  • Contact via call to toll -free number 800.900,009, available only from the fixed network.
  • Contact via call to number 06.29.29, available only by Mobile and at the cost established by the operator of the call.
  • A via email to the address [email protected].
  • Contact by direct message from the mailbox present in the platform, Available only for registered customers after they have made access.
  • Contact through live chat with an operator of Lottomatica. This is also available only for registered customers after they have had access to their game account.

After testing the various methods in this lotomatic review I can say that customer support usually responds in reasonable times. Too bad for the fact that it is not 24h out of 24, and it’s paid if you don’t have a landline phone numbernull Alternatively you can send an e-mail or open a live chat inside your game account.

The latter solution is really comfortable, because It allows you to speak with a real operator instead of an electronic bot. Among other things, through Live Chat, it is certainly possible to receive a response in very short timing and, therefore, a way to solve the problem that presented itself. The only flaw of the last two methods, as already mentioned above, is that you must be registered in order to request assistance in real time. If you are not yet, you will necessarily have to use one of the other available methods.

Therefore, for the reasons listed above, and for the fact that finding s on their site is not exactly immediate, in this review I would like to give the support of Lottomatica Customer Casino a total vote of 4 stars.

Rating: 4 stars

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Information about Lottomatica

Company name International Game Technology PLC
Registered office London
American branch Lottomatica Holding SRL
American headquarters Roma
Foundation date 1990 (Lottomatica), 2006 (IGT)
International turnover (2015) $ 4 billion (about)
American turnover (2019) $ 200 million (approximately)
AAMS license number 15017
Telephone number 800 900 009 (fixed) 06 29 29 (Mobile)

4,5 rating

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