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Here are the reviews of the professional of Starcasinò, brand of a historical industry company

  • More than 50 years of experience in the games sector
  • Hundreds of games available
  • Various payment systems
  • Customer support of excellent quality
  • More than 40 megaways slot machines
  • Excellent customer service that also offers a toll -free number in s
  • Payments are approved in 24 or 48 hours
  • It does not offer a poker section
  • Mastercard is missing as a withdrawal system

Starcasinò is a well -known brand in USA and as we will see also in these storcasino reviews, its reputation is improving year after year.

And honestly, also given the results obtained by the Stars Casino Reviews and its characteristics and functionality, it has proven to be an excellent casino. During this review, in fact, we will analyze in detail four fundamental factors for an online casinonull We will talk about the history of the brand, reputation and reliability, games and providers software, payments and, finally, customer support.

Starcasino: professional reviews

Reputation and reliability: Starcasinò is a guarantee

When you go looking for a online casino You must always consider reputation and reliability. These are the main points that make you understand if a virtual casino is really worthy of your attention or if it is better to stay away from itnull Obviously, the first point I paid attention to, and remember to do it too when you choose a new platform is the license of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, or the only authorized entity in USA to check the game at a distance and issue sites authorizations.

In the past it was Aams who played this role, and in fact the first authorization of Starcasinò had been asked precisely this entity. Then the ADM took over, but this still did not change nulle for Adm, since he continued to be absolutely legal in USA. First of all, the symbol of ADM on the site and the fact that it is indicated in the best way also what the number of license are also demonstratednull In this way you can also verify if it is actually authorized and if the license is authentic.

Below, to make the appropriate assessments, we will see the history of the storcasine brand, reliability and any legal problems.

Brand history

It is part of the Swedish group Betsson, founded in 1963 It is created to build and provide slot machines with restaurants in Sweden. Over time, however, its market has grown dramatically and has become one of the most important holdings in the sector. In 2003 the Cherry group acquired Betsson.com, one of the first online casinos in England. Only two years later, however, the company is divided into three different companies, so that each one could continue its waynull Let’s talk about Cherry, NetEnt, and finally Betsson Group. The latter settles in Malta and begins to deal with online casinos giving way to a series of acquisitions. In 2011, for example, he acquired Betsafe And then, in the following years, gradually he is interested in other markets and enters you by acquiring brands such as Casinoeuro, Nordicbet, Casinodk and Suomiarvat.

To date, just to give some exemplary number, the company has a casino in 18 languages.

Just during the acquisition of Betsafe, the idea of Starcasinò was born. The procedures for obtaining the AAMS certification, which at the time was the body in charge of the granting of licenses and the control of gambling, arrived in 2012null In this way Starcasinò enters the legal platforms in the country.

In USA it is a brand that, despite not being among the most popular, is continuing its growth in an important way. To testify it, just see the data referring to the GGR, or the Gross Gaming Revenue referring to the last three years.

In the 2018, for example, Starcasinò had grossed only 3.5% of all the money spent on the online casino platforms by the Americans. Only a year later, however, it has passed to 5% by already showing good growthnull In 2023 just over the 5.1% by now setting in a fixed way between the First 10 brands in USA As for casino games.

Star Casino Reviews: Reliability and legal problems

To avoid you every effort I personally checked if Starcasino has problems of reliability and, of course, everything is in ordernull Having the ADM authorization assures us that the site is totally safenull In particular, we have three points that give us tranquility.

The RTP of the games are average and therefore nobody will try to scam you trying to earn more than necessary with your gamesnull With RTP, if you don’t know, the Return to Player The percentage of money played that returns to the prize pool of the games. The remaining part, however, is the one that is destined for the dealernull Of course, the higher the value of the Art, the greater probability of winning a high prize are for the player.

The other equally important point, is the Random Number Generatornull In a nutshell, in fact, any software game is regulated by an algorithm, precisely RNG. If this is sure, nobody can intrude and therefore nobody can take advantage of it to always win, or make you lose about it, just as it can happen in non -legal online casino.

Finally, the winningsnull A legal online casino will always pay your winnings and will not create any kind of problem. And if even if he fails, ADM will think about compensating and protecting players who still had money on the game account.

The reputation and reliability of Starcasinò, however, also take into account other important aspects that certainly help to choose this game platform compared to others. We speak, for example, about the prizes won by this online casino, at least in USA, during its experience.

L’eGaming Review, For example, one of the best known magazines that naturally deal with casino games, every year delivery of the prizes to the various dealers for having excelled in a certain area. For example, Starcasin was awarded the Best Operator 2019 and 2023 awardnull He also won the prize for the best customer service, but I will talk about this later.

In 2017, on the other hand, he won the Award for Best Aams certified American online casino award by the American Institute of Quality and Finance (ITQF).

This too, of course, pushed American players to choose him as a casino online. In the previous paragraph we have already analyzed some data that demonstrate the constant growth of this online casino. We have seen that over the past three years the growth had been important, even if from 2019 to 2023, the trend had not been as important as the previous year, even if it must be said that in some months it also touched 6%.

The fame of Starcasinò, then, is also growing thanks to a famous television spot in which there was a beautiful actress, which then became the girl of Starcasinò. In fact, she became a real emblem of this online casino.

Now that we have all the most important information to establish the actual reputation and reliability of this site, we can say that there are few doubts. Starcasinò is one of the best platforms you can find onlinenull It has all the features necessary for a casino site in USA, that is, it is legal, the information is clear and are easily found, promotes the responsible game of its users and has also obtained several prizes. In a nutshell it is a five -star site and this is also the vote that deserves in the first of the Starcasinò reviews that we will do.

Rating: 5 stars

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Games and software: you are spoiled for choice MA Design Obsolete

I can say without too many problems that this is probably, among the most important topics for online players who are looking for a casino on which to find all the best games in the sector. Furthermore, the most experienced users are not only looking for popular games, but also the most unusual ones, perhaps made by lesser known software providers and that, however, can entertain them and perhaps win them.

That’s why in this section of our Starcasinò reviews we will discover everything that is importantnull I will not just tell you how many games are there, but we will see even if it is easy to find them and other characteristics that undoubtedly deserve a certain study.

Games and providers available on Starcasino

Let’s start saying that, as regards casino games, There are three entire dedicated sections: casino, slot and live messnull In addition, then, we find sports and virtual which however refer to sports betting. This is already a good starting point because the choice already begins to be simplernull If you want to play with a Croupier in live streaming you will have to choose the Live casinonull If you prefer, however, a slot machine, then you will have to opt for the appropriate section. Finally, for board and cards you will have to choose casino.

In the latter section you will find the most famous games such as blackjack and roulette, as well as other card games such as Baccarat or Caribbean poker. Obviously, I can’t talk to you about every game in depth because it would be impossible. On Starcasinò, in fact, there are really many games also grace to collaboration with several software provider (we will talk about these).

But I can tell you that, as regards the blackjack, both in the software version and with live dealers, we find 27 different tables to choose from. It means that there are possibilities for those who love to play with small figures just to have fun, or tables where you can get to really high figuresnull The latter are of course the favorite tables from the high roller games, or those who can count on a very high budget. But the tables also vary according to some variants.

For example, there is the table whose play with a single deck, or the multiHand, namely the one in which you can also play more hands in the same lap. This great variety was born, as mentioned also before by the collaboration with several professionalvider softwarenull Only for the blackjack, in fact, we find the games created by Evolution gaming, leading club in games with live dealers. Among the software, however, there are Play’n Go, Habanero, iSoftBet, Pragmatic Play e Shuffle Master.

Same great variety also for online roulette. In this we find 25 tables, between live and software, among which we can choose to play. In the case of roulette, having an excellent choice of games available is even more important than the blackjack. As you know, in fact, there are different variations of roulette, such as the French, American, and European. And that’s why it is good that players have more games at their disposal to choose from. On Star Casino, however you will have no problem because there are all the main versions and there are also more tables for each version, so that everyone can also choose based on the minimum or maximum value of the episode. Also in this case there is an important variety of professionalvider software that allows you to have all this choice at your disposal.

As I said, then, the players are also looking for new games and even less known than the most popular in the sector. And also from this point of view, we must say that Starcasinò has certainly conquered me. In the “table” subsection, in fact, we find 26 very interesting and certainly less known gamesnull In addition to Baccarat and Texas Hold’em, in fact, we find Also Dragon Tiger, Banco Punto, Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher, as well as several show game as First Person Football Studio.

This variety of games is certainly a merit and also an aspect that you will not always find in other online casinos. In addition, it allows you to understand that Starcasinò tries to do everything possible so that its players have all the possibilities available to them. This means that we are talking about a dealer that certainly aims to grow.

Let’s now see something about the slot machine onlinenull We will devote some attention to this section of Starcasino because we are talking about one of the most used games in the world and also in USA. Most of the players, in fact, chooses the slots to spend time in online casinos, but also in traditional ones, and that is why I will try to give you as much information as possible.

First, you have to go to the slot section. In this way you will have all easy life in finding the right game for you because you will have access to the various subsections that in order are: news, book slots, megaways, jackpot, vlt and classic slots.

In the first subsection you will find all the devices that have been recently published or that, however, they have become part of storcasino for less time than the others. Of course I cannot tell you which ones are because those who are there today may not be there anymore as tomorrow since many new games are published daily. However, if you are looking for not very popular games and you want to discover them first, then this is certainly the right section for you.

Have you ever noticed that there are many slot machines whose name starts for books? There is, for example Book of Ra, Book of Dead, But also Book of Secrets or Mayanull Well, now you know that all these games are enclosed within the Book section of Starcasinònull If you are a fan of this kind of games, made by many different provider software, then you have found the right place for you.

You are tired of the slot machines with five rollers and three lines and look for something even more particular and innovative? Then you too can certainly have fun with the megaways. We are talking about 42 online slot machines which, compared to other games, have more lines and rollers. This means that there are more symbols on the screen and, consequently, many more payment lines. Indeed, there are often thousands of ways to obtain a winning combination and that is why they are very sought after among the slot players.

I want to make you a small example, so as to make you understand how it actually works. If we try to play both in demo and with real money at the slot machine Morgana Megaways of Isoftbet, a game that of course you can find on Starcasinò, we see that there are six rollers and a mixed number of lines since the symbols have different sizes. This therefore allows you to have a different number of possible winning combinations that can even reach over 100,000.

When, on the other hand, you go to the search for games that, even in the face of a small episode, can give you a huge win, then you have no other choice than to aim to slot with progressive jackpotnull In a nutshell, these are online slot machines that are connected to each other. This means that everyone who plays us, from any part of USA to be, contributes to increasing its prize pool. A small part of the Art, in fact, ends up in the jackpot and therefore the more you play and the more you grownull On Starcasinò there are 11 games with these characteristics and, very often, the prize pool also reaches several tens of thousands of euros.

There is also the VLT and classic slots. Among the latter, we find those with three rollers or the Fruit Machinenull These are those games to which players linked mainly to land slot machines refer and who still do not have great familiarity with the world of technology.

The great variety of slots, as seen also for card games and tables, is given by the fact that this casino collaborates with dozens of different provider softwarenull And that’s why I support games less known as Book of Dead or Starburst you will also find less popular, but still interesting devices.

Small parenthesis, before concluding our speech on storcasin reviews, and in particular on games, I have to talk to you before the live casinonull This is one of those types that is acquiring more and more success for a series of reasons, And in particular because the players consider it the safest among the game modes and then because it almost seems to be in a terrestrial casinonull There are 25 games with dealers connected live streaming and are all offered by Evolution gamingnull This professionalvider software is one of those who have invested in this type of games first and therefore imposed itself as the leader of the sector. Of course you can play roulette, blackjack or baccarat, but also at several show game.

Before concluding the topic, we must highlight another point. All games, with the exception of games with live dealers, can be tried in demo mode and, therefore, without spending moneynull The main difference on Starcasinò and that we must not even register. Anyone can simply go to his game platform, choose the device that most interests them and click on “Play with virtual balance”null This is certainly another fundamental aspect when it comes to Starcasinò seriousness that allows everyone, even non -registered players, to have fun without spending money in any way and discovering the games before moving on to real money.

And my advice is to take this opportunity on the fly to play without stressing you and thinking about the lost money, both to analyze the game first and then decide whether it is the right one to focus onnull In addition, you can also take advantage of this possibility to test some strategy. As you know, in fact, in the world of casino games, although there are no techniques to always win, there are methods that could help you increase your possibilitiesnull Among these, for example, we find the martingal and the Alembert system for the roulette and the Card of cards for online blackjacknull In this way, therefore, you can test them directly on the field and find out if they work and if, above all, they are the right ones for you and for your finances.

User experience on Starcasino

The user experience on staercasino it is goodnull The platform is easy to use and, as mentioned above, all games are also available in a demo version, which helps the player to practice in the game without spending money.

However, The design is not the best, it’s not bad but it has not been changed for yearsand would need some updates. This leads me not to give him 5 stars but but 4.

Star Casino Mobile

Starcasino offers the mobile version for iOS, Android and Windows devicesnull It is not necessary to download the app, but it is sufficient to register.

Starcasino App Reviews

The Starcasino app is Available for iOS and Androidnull It is simple and intuitive to use, and it turns out to be an excellent method for playing from your smartphone.

We can conclude the second of the Star Casino reviews, this time on games and software. We have seen in detail all the sections relating to this casino, the various professionalvider software with which it collaborates, And we can say without too many problems that we are talking about one of the best casino in the sector regarding the variety of gamesnull This is because, in addition to having hundreds of different devices, it allows you to play in live mode without even registering and, moreover, there are dozens of different provider software. As mentioned above, however, The design is obsolete and could be improved, if I remember correctly it has been like this for a few years with a few changes. This leads me to give him 4 stars instead of 5, a sin because like games it is really excellent.

Rating: 4 stars

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Payments and bonuses: all without cost but times a little too long for samples

When we talk about deposit and withdrawals, users think that for better or worse, there are always the same on all the various online casinos and it must be said that they are also right. The payment methods, in fact, are often the same but some characteristics change during the game session can be very important. Among these, for example, there are the minimum and maximum amounts for both the deposit and the withdrawal, the times and morenull In this guide, however, we will analyze everything in detail and discover if the methods and characteristics present are valid.

Payment methods

Let’s start talking about deposits. To pay money on your game account you can use all the main systems such as Visa and Mastercard credit cards, Postepay and E-Wallet (PayPal, Skrill and Neteller). And alternatively there is also Paysafecard.

The main information we need to know are the credit times and the amounts. As for the times, All methods provide for immediate creditnull As you have seen, in fact, there are no bank transfer or postal bulletin, which are usually the systems that involve much longer times.

Point in favor of Star Casino, then, the minimum deposit. In practice, except with Paysafecard which includes fixed cuts that start from $ 10, With all the other systems the minimum deposit is 5 $null So it is practically accessible to everyone and there are obviously no commission expenses. The maximum amounts, however, arrive up to $ 2,000 with PayPal and the debit or credit cards or the postepay. You arrive up to $ 9,000 with Neteller E Skrill.

From this point of view, therefore, we can say that everything seems in order. The crediting is immediate, the minimum amount is excellent since it everyone in the condition of being able to deposit and therefore there are no problems.

Let’s now see, instead something more on samples. Among the planned methods we find Visa and Postepay paper, and e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller and Paypal) as well as bank transfernull Compared to deposits, therefore, we immediately notice that the credit and debit cards that have the Mastercard circuit are missing and this is certainly not an advantage for Star Casino. However, there is the bank transfer and this is also good because it allows much higher withdrawals.

il minimum withdrawal, in fact, is only $ 10 with all the systems presentnull For the Massimo amount we have a limit of $ 10,000 with Visa, Postepay and Skrill, only $ 2,000 with PayPal, $ 45,000 with Neteller. With the bank transfer, however, you get to have a limit of 100,000 $. This is certainly the best method to use if you have obtained winnings freak.

We must report, however, that the waiting times are slightly long. This is because there are times of approval of the payment envisaged by Starcasinò who are 1-2 working days to which, then, the transfer times must also be added. And if the request is made on Friday or Saturday, they will have to spend at least 4 or 5 days before receiving money on the account.

With the bank transfer, then, there can also be two weeks, considering that 9 working days will also be needed. But from this point of view I must say that the bank transfer is usually the slowest method and therefore one could not expect otherwise.

Starcasino bonus

By validating your game account within 48 hours of registration, you will receive $ 20 in no deposit bonus. In addition to this, on the first top -up, Starcasino offers a 200% bonus up to $ 100 and 20 free laps on the slot machine Book of RA Deluxe.

On the second top -up, however, you will receive a 50% bonus up to $ 200 and 30 free laps sulla slot Fruit Shop Megaways, mentre On the third top -up you will get a further 50% bonus up to $ 200 and 50 rpm free on Gonzo’s Quest.

We also reached the end of the third of our reviews Starcasinò and we must say that as usual it has favorably affected us. It must be said, however, that there are some points to highlight. For example, the lack of Mastercard cards in the withdrawals and the approval times of the deposit. Only for this, therefore, we cannot give our best, but it still remains an excellent result since for the rest we only found points in favor, such as the absence of commission costs and the minimum amount of the deposit of only $ 5.

Rating: 4 stars

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Customer support: one of the best

Every time I write about this point I feel I have to clarify that customer support, beyond what you usually think, It is an aspect to which it would be necessary to pay great attentionnull In fact, consider that if I had a technical problem, or no longer appears your credit on the account or do not receive the Welcome bonus, you will risk panic because you don’t know how to solve the problem.

At that point you will try to get in touch with customer service and find out that it takes hours to receive an answer or speak with an operator who, perhaps not even, understands you or makes himself understood. My wish is obviously that you should never customer service of an online casino because it means that you have no problem, but if I had one, You will be happy to know that the casino you are playing on has a very high level customer support.

Let’s see, then how storcasino works.

Let’s start immediately by saying that there are four methods to get in touch with customer service: Live chat, e-mail, toll-free number and call requestnull Let’s see in detail how they work.

E-mail: It is obviously very simple to understand that you have to send an e -mail message to the address [email protected]. This, at least in other sites, is often the system less used by online casino players because they are afraid that their request will end in the oblivion and therefore do not send even an email. With Starcasino, however, the situation is decidedly different. This dealer, in fact, also establishes an average response time of 30-60 minutesnull In this way, therefore, you will be happy to send a message especially if you can’t stay on the phone. Remember, then, that you have to enter the greatest number of information on the problem you have so as to put operators in the best conditions and ensure that they can give you the most precise answer. Also, always add the phone number too So they can you immediately if they need more information and also indicate the time slots in which you can answer.

  • Live Chat: This is one of the methods we prefer because operators respond in just thirty seconds. Obviously, when using this system you must also be aware that, If the right information is not given or the requests are placed correctly, hardly someone can help you. In general, however, operators always try to find a solution to your problem and do it in the shortest possible time. But probably, live chat is not the best system when looking for a solution to a technical problem.
  • Call request: You will hardly find this option on other online casinos, in practice, if you do not want to wait entire minutes while some operator returns available and can help you solve the problems, this solution is perfect. In practice, you can request to be recalled and therefore you just have to wait. As the casino itself indicates, we will usually have to wait from 15 to 60 minutes to receive a call. But it is certainly much better than waiting in line.
  • Telephone number: as if that were not enough, then, a green phone number is also at your disposal, or free: 800 789 995. You can call a fixed and cell phone number, and speak directly with an operator if you had a problem that you could not solve alone null Know that there will be a few minutes of waiting, as always happens when it is calling any customer support but, once they answer you, the operators will do everything possible to help you and solve the problem you have.

If you don’t want to call or speak with an operator, neither on the telephone nor through live chat, you can always use FAQ service. In practice, you will find dozens of answers to the most frequently asked questions asked by players. In this way, in fact, you can try, alone to give an answer to your doubts and solve a possible problem.

The other important point in favor of Starcasinò customer support is that it is a service available every day of the week, So also Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 24 in the eveningnull This means that you can him practically when you want.

Also on this last point of our Starcasinò reviews there is not much to say since it also passes in this case the exam with flying colors. And therefore it also seems clear to us why in 20128 this online casino won the prize for best operator by the AGRnull It has all the services that serve as well as having a theme of operators that responds in the short time possible and, above all, is prepared and kind. The latter are two factors to which we are not always used to since operators, from time to time, they just try to take time without knowing actually what they are talking about.

In this case, however, I personally tested customer support, also asking a fairly complicated question about provider software, and the answer was fast and impeccable. More, however, I also happened to find myself talking to people who had no idea what the software provider.

So, both for the quantity of methods and for the preparation of the operators, we can say that Starcasinò certainly deserves the Five Stars full.

VOTE: 4.5 stars

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Information on the starcasinate

Company name Betsson AB
Registered office Stockholm, Sweden
American branch BML Group Ltd (not only American)
American headquarters Malta
Foundation date 1963
International turnover (2020) $ 738 million (approximately)
American turnover (2019) $ 169 million (approximately)
AAMS license number 15230
Telephone number 800 789 995

4,5 rating

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