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Here are the professional reviews for William Hill, one of the most historical and authoritative casinos in the sector.

  • Brand with an extremely solid reputation
  • The online casino has been active since 1998 and the brand since 1934
  • Wide range of quality games
  • Captivating bonuses
  • Best customer support of any other casino
  • App available for iOS and Android
  • Every now and then it gives access problems
  • Poker section is not the most modern
Bonus availability Su William Hill
Bonus available to new players who have verified the account
200 free spin + 20 $ immediately and from 25% to 100% up to $ 1,000 depending on the deposit carried out.

William Hill is probably the casino with the best known brand in the world and also the most historical, since I have been operating for 87 years in the field of betting and games.

Born in London back in 1934, has quickly become aBetting icon in the United Kingdom, an integral part of English culture. To date, William Hill is a famous brand all over the world, present in 175 countries, with 2,300 betting centers and the online casino in 26 languages, used by millions of people every day that connect from all over the planet. Despite being the most famous international brand, it is not yet the most famous casino among the Americans, but its popularity is growing constantly.

His reputation, in fact, does not even disappoint with the Site on the American marketnull In our opinion, to date, the Best online casino in USA, not only for its history but also for the quality of the site, for theExperience offered to the user, for games available and for customer support.

But let’s see in more detail the Reviews by William Hill of each of our professional, analyzing the various areas of the reputation and reliability brand, games and software, payments and bonuses, and customer support. This content is part of our group of casino reviews drawn up by our Top-Us-Casino experts.

William Hill: the review of

Reputation and reliability: a brand, a guarantee

I really believe that there is not much to object to this: William Hill’s brand is probably the most recognized worldwidenull Although in USA there are brands with much more visibility and notoriety given their long presence on the national market, if we speak from an international point of view, I don’t think there is another brand so well known in the globe.

Is present In 175 countries, it has more than 2,300 betting shops, it has more than 16 thousand employees, the site in English does more than 14 million visits per day, and was translated into 26 different languages.

The story of William Hill

This is a historical operator who Already in the 70s, during the moment of maximum expansion of the Betting Shops and before there was online, he had more than 14 thousand stores. Today, moreover, It has much more than an online casino, Betting Shops and telephone bets: it is a sponsor of large athletes and also has a TV channel, the William Hill TV. In short, It is a mastodontic bookmaker which operates on a global scale.

In addition, William Hill Casino It is the most historical brand active in USA To date: he was born back in 1934, Before the Second World War! He was also among the first to create an online casino, since Their site has been online since 1998null During all these years, William Hill has made a strong reliable brand reputation. It is a stable company, which Since 2002 it has been listed on the stock exchange (Lon: WMH) And turnover more than one and a half billion a year. In 2019 they bought the foreign casino Mr. Green, which however is not available in USA.

One of William Hill’s historic shops in England

Finally, in November 2023 it was officially announced (and accepted by the Shareholders) theAcquisition of William Hill by the Caesars Entertainment Group, a colossal holding he has and manages some of the most iconic and prestigious physical casinos in the world, such as the Caesars Palace of Las Vegas. The European part of William Hill was also sold to 888 Holdings. The fusion of these colossal brands He could create one of the strongest corporate gambling groups in the world. Therefore, too William Hill’s future is in good hands.

William Hill review: reliability and legal problems

In this review on William Hill we certainly cannot avoid mentioning thereliability and possible legal problems related to the brand, e We can say that William Hill is a reliable brand. Although the brand is extremely reliable, in USA William Hill has yet to do a lot of road to remove the big brands from the throne for some time in our country. It recently entered the American market. Having acquired the ADM license n ° 15038 just over a decade ago, William Hill is still little known among the Americans, but he is making his way very quickly and It will become, in all likelihood, one of the favorites in our country.

Always remember that Choosing a completely legal online casino is the only way you have to be sure that nobody wants to scam. In this way, in fact, you can count on a Return to Player sempre efficiente And never to be the benefit exclusively of the dealer. If you don’t know what the RTP is, you must understand that it is a very important value. In fact, it indicates the percentage of money played that ends up in the prize pool and therefore again in the potential availability of the players in the form of prizes, and the part that, instead, ends the dealer. From this, therefore, you will understand by yourself that the higher the percentage of the Artp is the better for the player. For example, For each game you find on William Hill, the RTP is indicated. Just click on the “I” button and discover its value. In this way you can decide independently which is the best game for you and for your needs.

In addition, the Random Number Generator, It will guarantee you that everything takes place safely. In practice, when the symbols come out in one slot machine online or the ball stops on a roulette number, You must be sure that everything happens randomly and this can only be guaranteed to you by the ARGnull It is an algorithm born and created with the aim of ensuring players that everything takes place in complete safety. On an illegal casino you will never have this guarantee And therefore, it is much better to stay away to avoid unpleasant surprises.

On William Hill, then, the responsible game is sponsored and make sure that i Players who think they have a problem of gambling addiction always know how to get out of it or, at least, can ask for help to more experienced people.

The reliability of this dealer, then, was also born from the fact that a sistema SSL a 128 bit. In practice, it is a method created for encrypt all the personal data of the players And to ensure that financial transactions are safe. In a nutshell, too If any computer criminal entered the system would not be able to steal any data because they would be encrypted. This is an essential element to take into account when playing online. The Secure Socket Layer, at the moment, is the best method for the protection of personal data but not always all online dealers use it. And If a protection system is not used, it means that your data is not safe and credit or debit cards that usually use to pay money is not even so on your gaming account.

Having said that, therefore, we can safely say that William Hill certainly deserves maximum votes in this area, since it has all the cards in rules regarding reliability and reputation. Is legal in USA given that has the licensewhowho, Can count on the longest experience in the betting sector and also of the online casino. Has a Ristable RTP and a safe RNG and that nobody can use in his favor or against you. In short, There is very little to worry when we talk about William Hill Casino, because at the security level it is certainly one of the best in the sector.

Rating: 5 stars

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Games and software: a wide range of high quality games

I must say that William Hill has anExcellent range of choice of gamesnull It could have something more in the casino section, for example there are no certain famous slots that are present in other casinos. However, this is highly counterbalanced by the fact that the quality of the games present is really highnull William Hill works with Playtech, probably the best provider software of the industry.

In total, there are five sections dedicated to games: Casino, Live Casino, Slot, Poker and Vegas. Let’s see them together in detail and find out what they contain.

Games and professionalviders available in William Hill Casino

In the part dedicated to William Hill’s casino, we find several subsections, and this is already an excellent starting point. For the player, in fact, everything becomes simpler. In fact, it is possible to choose your favorite game easily.

It must be said, however, that the casino section is a bit of the one that collects all the games, therefore also The machine slot E which livenull If, however, you want to aim for roulette, you find five software version including classical roulette, the Age of the Gods roulette And the mini roulette.

Among the card games, however, we find the blackjack, il baccarat, Tequila Poker e Jacks or Better.

The section of slot online, Instead, it is the one that probably offers the greater choices to the players. Just consider that there are over 50 games, which as we have seen are for the most part made by Playtech.

In addition to these, then, there are another 50 online slot machines which, however, have the professionalgressive jackpot. In practice, they can count on prize pool to say the least exceptional that, in some cases, They also come to exceed one million euros.

The Poker sectionInstead, it offers various poker games that can be used after subscribing to the platform. Among the various types of poker offered there are: Twister Poker, Texas Hold’em, Omaha High Poker, tornei Sit & Go e Multi Table, Cash Games e Speed Poker.

In Vegas section, however, you can find a huge amount of slot, not only of Playtech but also of Netent, idges, barcrest, and aristocrat. In this part of the site, therefore, you will find other very famous online slot machines. Among these, for example, we cannot fail to mention Blood Suckers, also because it is one of those who have a RTP among the most important and highnull Then there are Starburst e Gonzo’S Quest which certainly include the best slots of the professionalvider software NetEntnull But also from the favorites by American players.

All games, then, can also be tried in demo mode, that is, with a virtual account thanks to which to have fun but without spending too much money. Know, however, that You must first be registered. We always recommend our readers to play a few games in the mode with fake money, both to be able to testing the platform and games, both to understand if the features present are actually really interesting as they seem or notnull In addition, you will also understand alone if the information we have given you is reliable or if in some cases we have been inaccurate. Furthermore, By playing with a virtual account you will not even have to worry about losing money and you can aim all the time What do you want both to online slot machines and to card games.

About the latter, the game in demo mode, available only for device with software and not in those with live dealers, It is also perfect for testing strategies. In practice, as you will know, there are techniques to try to increase your chances of victory, like strategies dedicated to roulettenull Thanks to Live mode, you can Test them firsthand and understand if, they actually give a certain advantage.

If you are a fan of live games, then, you don’t have to do others that click on the button Casino Live And choose one of the tables that interests you most. In this section there is really a choice because you find 25 different versions of the main casino games, such as Roulette, Blackjack but also Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo and 7 and a half. This is certainly a point in favor of William Hill and to take into account in this review, because it is enough to consider that This type of games is among the favorites of many players For a series of factors. First of all because it almost seems to be inside a traditional terrestrial casino, and secondly because safety, or rather for the semblance of safety.

There are players, in fact, that despite knowing that a legal online casino is totally safe, when they lose They always blame the software. In this case, however, it is impossible to blame your bad luck ad A person in flesh and blood which distributes the cards in a traditional way. Here because Many users, therefore, go in search of the best live games, and you can find many of these in the live section of William Hill.

William Hill reviews: user experience

From a point of view of user experience, is undoubtedly one of the best platforms that I tested. For the player there Navigation is very easy, and is suitable for everyone, even people who have less experience with this type of platforms. I noticed however Some problems with the access of the site via Chrome, since the site every now and then makes log-out or has some mistakes. And it does, in particular, when it changes between the various areas. Finally, the poker section is not the best. However, they are all smallness.

WIlliam Hill Casino Mobile

The Playability is perfect also from mobile devices from which you can aim directly through the browser of your smartphone or tablet, Both Android and iOS. You will not have to create any new account, but just log in with your credentials and start playing. From Mobile, then, in addition to playing you can carry out any other operation just as if you were playing directly from the home PC. For example, You can make deposits on the account or collect the winnings obtainednull You can request the assistance of an operator through the live chat or play in demo mode in one of the many games available on the game platform.

William Hill App

William Hill Casino’s app allows you to play and aim as a browser, and can be downloaded both on iOS and Android devices.

We have therefore also come to the conclusion of this too William Hill review on games and softwarenull Given all the things previously written, especially on the quality of the games and the playability of the platform, I can certainly say that William Hill Casino deserves a high score, maximum votes, namely 5 stars.

Rating: 5 stars

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Payments: there is everything you need

Every time you start playing on an online casino or you are about to register, I always recommend that you control the deposit and withdrawal methods available on the platformnull Keep in mind, in fact, that in any case you will have to pay money on your game account and, in the same way it is hoped that you will have to withdraw it. This means that they are operations that should have some interest for you, therefore, You have to know all the detailsnull When we talk about payment methods, in fact, many underestimate some aspects which, however, can be really important like The minimum or maximum amount, the credit times of the money or any commission expenses.

Payment methods accepted on William Hill

As for William Hill, there is no need to worry, since I will analyze everything for you and you will only have to read this review And draw your conclusions on this online casino.

For deposits on the game account you can use all the most popular systems. Among these, for example, you will find credit cards Visa e MasterCard, the Postepay, they e-Wallet eats Paypal, Skrill and Neteller Oltre to Paysafecardnull You can also use the Bank transfer. You have to know, however, that it is the slowest system seen. In fact, it takes from three to five working days, while for all the others the credit is practically immediate.

il Minimum deposit is for everyone 10 euros, while With Postepay it is only 5 euros. Higher, instead, with the bank transfer since it reaches 30 eurosnull Maximum amount, however, changes a bit for everyone. And they go from 250 euro con paysafecard ai 99,000 and 100,000 euros respectively with credit and debt cards and Postepay, and with Skrill. The maximum deposit, however, is possible with the Bank transfer, since you get to Ben 120.000 euro.

Finally, to close the discussion of deposits on your game account on William Hill, it must be said that A commission expenditure is expected for no method.

We pass, however, to analyze the withdrawals and the methods to be able to collect money from your game accountnull We must report, first of all, that the lack of the Mastercard circuit as a withdrawal system winnings have not yet been resolved. In fact, this is reported: “We are sorry to inform you that some American banks have recently changed their internal policy and consequently do not accept transfers of funds from gaming sites to some cards of the Mastercard circuit, including the Postepay Evolution card.”

l’minimum amount is really low, since we are talking about only 5 $ with almost all systems except the bank transfer. But as we have seen even before, the bank transfer has different costs and times also for deposits. L’Maximum amount stops at 8,000 euros with Paypal, 32,000 euros with Neteller, 80,000 euros with Postepay and credit cards and, finally, 100,000 euros with Skrill.

Having a low amount both for the withdrawal and for the deposit is one of those factors that makes you understand how much this dealer is interested in putting his players in the best conditionsnull In this way, in fact it is given the opportunity to play even if they have a Very small budget, like 5 eurosnull The same goes for the withdrawals. Some operators, in fact, set up some Really high minimum limits do not give players the opportunity to withdraw their small winningsnull William Hill, on the other hand, has established figures within everyone’s reach and this is certainly to be appreciated.

To actually receive money on your account you will have to wait One day with e-wallets, up to three working days with cards and postepay, and five working days with the bank transfer. Don’t forget that in this case too There are no additional costs applied by William Hill. However, there may be expenses that will be credited directly by the payment system that you use.

Another aspect must then be reported. As we saw in the samples, Mastercard is missing while it was present in the deposit systems. For players who, therefore, have deposited with Mastercard, only the deposit with bank transfer is provided. This is definitely to keep in mind at the time of choosing the payment system, as it could then create problems in carrying out the withdrawal from the game account.

Bonus availability Su William Hill

On the William Hill casino, moreover, there are various different types bonuses, valid on the different sections of the platform. Among the main bonuses, applicable to all casino games, it is certainly to mention the Welcome bonusnull This bonus is released to the first transfer of funds carried out for a game session.

The other bonuses to mention are the Bonus Sport, usable in sports betting that is sent directly to the player’s email, and the No deposit bonus for casino games that gives up to 200 free spins to be used on slot machines.

We have reached one of our mini reviews William Hill, this time on Payments and bonuses. I can say that it is a section in which William Hill Eccellnull There are all the main payment methods, and therefore, there is a wide choice. The minimum amounts are within everyone’s reach And even with Postepay you can pay only 5 euros. This is really A nice advantage for those players who have a small budget to be allocated to the episodes In the casino gamesnull The same goes for the withdrawals. Having available a method that makes you withdraw even 10 euros is not always available in online casinos, not to say very rarely, and therefore there are opportunities to be taken on the fly. Precisely for this, therefore, The Payments and Bonus section of the review of William Hill can only take maximum votes.

Rating: 5 stars

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Customer support: better than any other casino

Do you think it is useless to give so much space to customer support? In my opinion, instead, The quality of a dealer is also seen from the quality of his customer service. Have more methods available to users, in addition to to be able to count on kind and above all prepared operators, It is certainly an excellent point in favor of each site. In fact, consider that sooner or later you could find yourself forced to customer service for a problem. And Imagine your regret and frustration if you find out they are dealing with operators who not only do not understand you, but who cannot explain themselves Because maybe they don’t even know the sector perfectly. Instead, thanks to our reviews you will know even before you register if this service is really efficient or not.

I can say with certainty that William Hill’s customer support is the best, compared to other online casinos in USA. You can be the usual mail, or write to him through the system of live chat. It must be said that this method is to be appreciated, in addition to being really comfortable and above all fast. You can them even before being a registered user And they can help you solve any doubt or problem that can be presented in front of you. The operators respond very quickly and above all clear and concise. There is no automatic bot but you will be assisted by a real operator who speaks American, and who will surely be able to help you with what you need.

But the most interesting thing is the kindness and availability of operators. I have tested them several times with simple and complex problems, especially with the access problems that Riccardo mentioned in his review, and each time they were extremely efficient. In a test, I received a mistake when I tried to access the site with my account, so I asked him to help me. Not only did he solve the problem in a few moments, but he asked me to try to access while he would be online, to verify that everything was oknull Usually, the operators of other casinos would have said they tried and if I had problems recalling, making the user waste time and patience.

Later we also tried with i software provider, that is, we asked to know which suppliers were available on the sitenull This, although it seems very simple, is one Question on which we almost always encounter difficulties. Operators, in fact, very often don’t even know what they are And therefore they have no chance of answering us. In this case, however, Not only were they very precise, but they managed to give us all the most important information we needednull And they did it in a very short time.

Alternatively, you can also take a look at the FAQ sectionnull You will find, in fact, Dozens of frequently asked questions posed by the various users and as many very clear and well -explained answers in every step. Also from this point of view, then William Hill excels and, above all, puts its users in the best conditions. Not all of them can lose a few minutes to talk to an operator. In this way, however, they will know, that there is always a section with many useful answers to refer to. So, definitely five stars for me!

Rating: 5 stars

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Information about William Hill

Company name WHG (International) Limited / William Hill Malta Plc (da Novembre 2023)
Registered office Gibraltar / Malta (from November 2023)
American headquarters Milano
Foundation date 1934
International turnover (2019) $ 1.7 billion (approximately)
American turnover (2019) $ 40 million (approximately)
AAMS license number 15038
Telephone number 800 977 631
Email [email protected]

5,0 rating

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