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I online casino And the various professionalvider software always create new games to involve players, entertain them and intrigue them. One of those who are enjoying good success is Casino Hold’em. As you can imagine, it is a game that refers to the Texan version of poker, which has become very popular in USA over the early 2000snull In this guide we will see in detail how it works, how to play and what are its main rules and characteristics.

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What is Texana?

Before starting to play Casino Hold’em, however, you need to make sure you know this game. This is the sporty version of the poker. It is said to be sporty because it usually takes place in large tournaments in which you pay a sum to enter and, once the chips are released, the game is overnull Two cards are given to each player and then five are shown in the center in three phases. At the beginning the dealer discovers three (the flop), then after a tour of episodes one (turn) and finally one last (the River). Obviously, who has the best hand wins.

Casino Hold’em: What is it?

It is a software version of the poker Texas Hold’emnull You have to know, however, that you will not play against other users but only against the dealer and that each hand follows a specific process. The first phase of game consists in the episode. On the virtual game table you will have two possibilities of episode called Ante and AAnull The first is the traditional episode, that is, to start playing you will have to position a chips in that circle to establish how much you want to play. In the other circle, the slightly smaller one, you can place a bonus episode that we will explain later.

Once the sum to be played is established, you don’t have to do others that click on Distributenull The dealer will give you two cards to you and, two of course covered and reveals the first three, that is, the flop. He recalls that both you can use the cards in the center to compose the final point.

At this point the dealer will automatically aim twice your doors and you have two possibilities:

  • Fold: Do not accept the episode of the dealer because the cards on the ground does not convince you and therefore loses only the ante.
  • You see: By clicking on this button you will accept the episode of the dealer and you will fear a soma equal to double your ante. So if you had focused 15 euros, the relaunch of the dealer will be 30 euros to see. The dealer will discover his cards and then distribute two more on the table, namely the turn and the River.

At this point there is another important phase, that is to decide whoever won, but not only. In Casino Hold’em, in fact, not only win the dish. If you close a high point you will get extra prizes that can also reach one hundred times the initial episode.

How to calculate the Casino Hold’em prize

Let’s assume that you played and won. If your point is a scale or a lower point, for example tris, double couple, win only the initial dish. If, on the other hand, between your two cards and the five on the table you managed to put together a high point, the ante episode multipliesnull That’s how:

  • Color: win double the ante episode;
  • Full: the triple of the ante;
  • Poker: ten times the episode of the ante;
  • Color staircase: twenty time the post of the ante;
  • Royal flush: a hundred times the ante.

The bonus episode

In previous paragraphs we told you about the Bonus episode on Casino Hold’em, without however deepening the speech. You must know that at the beginning of each hand you have the opportunity to aim a sum of extra moneynull It is called AA, because it is activated only when between the first two cards in hand and the three distributed to the flop you get at least a pair of axes or a higher point. In the event that you do not get at least two axes, the bonus episode will be lost. Here are the prizes you can aspire to:

  • Pair of axes or higher: seven times the episode;
  • Color: the episode will be multiplied twenty times;
  • Full: thirty times the mail;
  • Poker: forty times the mail;
  • Color staircase: the bonus episode will be multiplied by fifty;
  • Royal flush: one hundred times the initial mail.

Remember, that you don’t have to win your hand to bring this prize home.


Now it’s how to play Casino Hold’em and therefore you can decide whether it’s a game to try or not: if you still want to think about it a little, You can also choose to try the demo versionnull In practice you will play with a virtual account thanks to which you will have fun, without spending money.

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