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Which casino game does it allow you to win the most? Let’s find out together using the statistics.

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If you decide to subscribe to an online platform, you must also know the chances of winning the mess, so as to know which game is better than another, at least from this point of view. To know this information you need to know the percentages, the difference with the RTP and the RNG. By reading this article you will discover the game with the greatest probability of winning and all other useful information.

What are RNG and RTP?

Let’s start with two very important factors: RTP and RNG, two acronyms that will be definitely useful to you.

RTP and probability of winning the casino

The Return To Player is a percentage expressed value that indicates how much money bet ends up in the prize pool and those who go to the dealer instead. It is not purely connected to the chances of winning, but it serves to understand how much money will return to players in the form of a win.

RNG and game with greater probability of winning

The Random Numbers Generator, or the random numbers generator, ensures that the games are regular and not made upnull It is a software that guarantees complete randomness to the casino and therefore serves in all games. In a nutshell, if the ball of the roulette in the software version can end up in any slot without anyone being cheating, it is due to the generator of random numbers. In the same way, the opportunity to have the same chances of receiving an ace-jack at the blackjack compared to a seven-seven, is guaranteed by the ARG. Consider that the ARG algorithms must be certified by the entities that manage the game. In USA, for example, it is thewho, so play only in Legal online casino.

Now that you know these two important elements, let’s move on to the chances of winning the mess.

What are the most likely winning casino games

Here is a short but useful analysis on what are the main card games and table with the highest percentages. Read carefully and choose the perfect game for you.

professionalbability of Roulette winning

Let’s start with this famous game, a real emblem of traditional and virtual rooms. In this case, calculating the probability of winning is very simple. In practice, the European roulette is made up of 37 slots, ranging from numbers 0 to 36. The 0 does not fall within the equal numbers and is green in color, while the others are divided into red and black.

Here, therefore, that it is really easy to understand how much probability of victory you have if you play on one number. I am 1 out of 37, therefore 2.7%. A very low percentage which, however, is rewarded with a potential win of 36 times the amount played.

professionalbability of wining at the much higher roulette if you choose to play the columns or dozen, consisting of 12 numbers. In this case the probability of winning the casino is 32.4%equal, therefore almost a third. In fact, he recalls the presence of 0, which does not fall into the side bets, and can only be played individually, and considers that 0 is considered the real advantage of the counter.

professionalbability of winning the casino even higher if you play red/black and even/odd. In this case you will have almost 50% of the probability of winning (always remember that the 0 does not fall within these). Of course, the greater the probability of Roulette winning, the less the extent of the potential win. In the latter case, the potential win is equal to the episode played.

But be careful of another factor. If you play American roulette, The advantage of the counter will be higher and your most low winning chances of winningnull This is because the American wheel also has the double 00 (which works identically on 0).

professionalbability of winning to Blackjack

Calculating the chances of winning the Blackjack is certainly more complicated, also because it depends on some variables, such as the number of decks, or not to follow a reliable strategy, or not another card when the score is equal or 13 or 14. In short, , it would not be possible to establish it precisely, but in principle, playing consciously and without taking too many useless risks, The probability of winning the Blackjack is 49%, and of course that of the counter reaches 51%. This small advantage is given in particular by the fact that the player speaks first by allowing the dealer to have a clearer idea of the game. However, this very important advantage is attenuated by some rules, designed precisely to balance the situation. For example, the Mazziere must necessarily call paper if it is under 17, or stay if the score of him is equal to or greater than 17.

Having said that, once learned the rules and phases of the game, and perhaps after preparing a strategy, Blackjack is among the most probability of winning casino games.

How to calculate the probability of winning slot machines?

This is really a good question to which it is impossible to give an answer. The probability of winning slot machines, being a game in software mode with RNG, is really very complied to establish. It depends on the software providers that create them, on the online casino that host them. However, remember that every platform must be published the percentages of winnings on the siteSo try to take a look and verification of people. If you do not find them, the customer support that will surely help you in the search. However, the percentages of winning slot machines vary from 40 to 60%.


Choosing the game more likely to win is certainly one of the best ways to play in the right way. Those we saw in the previous paragraphs only Casino games with more likely winnings, but there are certainly others. Remember that you have the same chances of winning even if you play in the best mobile casinonull However, you can continue to follow our reviews and guides, discover other useful information, and become an increasingly prepared player.

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