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One of the most important characteristics to know, especially when you are new in the sector of Online casino authorized in USA, concerns the bonuses. These, in fact, represent one of the main occasions to play for free or, in any case, to have a lot of extra money to be used for the various episodesnull All the best players must always know how they work and, above all, how to get the greatest advantages. That’s why we thought of making this complete guide on online casino promotions, explaining how they work, what to be careful and also some terms that you absolutely must know.

In fact, the promotions of online casinos always have excellent points in favor. It is also true, however, that There are some conditions to be known necessarily And that, above all, could create a lot of problems.

We immediately begin our path to discover the bonuses and promotions of the casino destined both to the new players and to those who already have an account with an online casinonull We also see below where to play:

The main types of casino promotions

You must know that there are different types of promotions to which it is possible to aspire with i Bonus Casinonull We, to avoid any problem and confusion, We will talk to you about the most common and popular onesnull In this way, therefore, once you come to the end of our in -depth analysis, all you have to do is choose the promotion suitable for you.

Extra credit

This type is certainly the most widespread above all as regards the Welcome bonus with depositnull It consists of a cash prize that can be equal to a certain percentage of the first top -up, or fixed. For example, It is very easy to find online casino promotions thanks to which you will get a sum of money equal to 100% of your first top -up.

Obviously, there will be pre -established limits and that is the sum you receive cannot exceed a certain threshold, even if the amount is higher. Alternatively, however, it is possible to obtain extra money also based on certain steps. For example, you will have to top up from 10 to 49 euros to receive 20 $ of bonuses, or you must pay the account from 50 to 99 euros to receive $ 40 free credit.

This is the type mostly refined by users who have an important budget at their disposal. Being able to recharge a lot, in fact, You have the opportunity to get greater extra credit to use for your episodes.

Obviously, like all casino promotions, there are conditions to be respected, but we will talk about this shortly. Among the main strengths of this bonus there is the fact that these are extra credit which, potentially, could be used as you wantnull Also, getting it is quite simple, also because you just have to recharge the account. That money, then, remains in your availability but you have the advantage of being able to use that obtained through promotion first.

Among its negative points there is, however, the fact that presents different conditions to be respected, for example a minimum deposit and a precise period of validity time.

Free spin

I Free turns, on the other hand, are often part of the prizes for those who choose no deposit bonuses. They can only be used for slot machines and So if you don’t like these games, then it’s not the right offer for younull When choosing a promotion that presents free laps for slot machine, we always comply with giving you a look at the pages of the terms and conditions first, also because otherwise you risk not knowing that, for example, these tokens could be used only for certain games and not for everyone.

Of course, they are perfect for those who love virtual machines.


With cashback, we mean a reimbursement of the first games made during a precise data of timenull For example, an online casino could decide that as a prize for subscribing, you have deserved the possibility of obtaining a 25% refund on the games made and lost during the first week. Naturally, each dealer stability their conditions, which you find on the appropriate page.

Evidently it is one of those types that includes an initial charging, also because the cashback will only have after aiming.

Online casino promotions

Welcome bonus

This is probably the category of online casino promotions in general. You must know, in fact, that the most authorized game platforms are born who, the more there is competition. The platforms, therefore, battle to grab customers to the sound of promotions and offersnull Among these, in particular, there are welcome bonuses, or a series of promotions valid exclusively for players who decide to register for the first time on a casino games site. The first distinction we have to do is Between promotions online casino with deposit and those, on the other hand, which do not include any initial charging.

No deposit bonus

This type is certainly the favorite by the players with little experience and, above all, by those who have a small budgetnull Thanks to this type of offers, in fact, you can get a series of advantages, such as extra credit, free spin or cashback, without even having to carry out an initial deposit. Usually, in fact, just register and then validate the own game account, or send a copy of your document and the contract signed to the dealer.

Also, you must know that even if you don’t want to use the promotion, However, you will have to validate the account within a pre -established time span, usually 30 daysnull Otherwise, in fact, your game account will be suspended until you complete the procedure.

Among the documents you can send you will find the identity card, but also the license, the passport or letters at and BT, namely those who have the members of the police or public employees.

The main advantage of this promotion, of course, is that you will receive benefits without paying even one euronull The disadvantage, however, is that usually the benefits, compared to the promotions of online casinos with deposit, are certainly of a lower entity.

Online casino promotions with deposit

In this type, of which we have already mentioned something, We find the promotions both reserved for new subscribers (welcome bonus) and those for all usersnull In practice it is a bonus that includes a recharge. Without the payment, in fact, it is not possible to take advantage of the promotion and therefore it is perfect for those who would still have filed money on their gaming account to focus.

What to be careful in online casino promotions

Now that you know the main types of promotions that you find in online casinos, there are a series of things you need to know to avoid unpleasant surprises. Usually you can find them on the terms and conditions page. Not all players, however, pay close attention to this page, making a mistake, Since there is a lot of important information.

Fun Bonus e Real Bonus

This difference, for example, concerns in particular the bonuses with extra credit. This extra credit, in fact, is often disbursed in the form of fun bonus. That is, these are not withdrawable money as the potential winnings obtained are not. To transform it in real bonus, a series of requirements must be respected, including the bets that are a fundamental aspectnull In practice, these requirements indicate the number of times that you have to bet the value of the bonus in real money. For example, let’s assume that you have received in the form of fun bonus, a figure equal to $ 100 and that the betting requirements are equal to X20. It means that you will have to point the amount received twenty times and therefore, in total, you will have to play $ 2,000 in real moneynull Only once you have reached this threshold, your bonus will become Real.

With Real Bonus, however, we mean a bonus that as a bet requirement provides that the amount obtained for one time is played. In practice, the sum of money obtained will not be withdrawn, while the winnings obtained can be withdrawn.

The difference between Real and Fun Bonus is really important and that is why you must always check which category your bonus is part.

The other factors to check

When you want to take advantage of a promotion, you must always remember to check certain aspects. Let’s see some of the most important.

  • Deposit method to be used: in the promotions that provides for an initial charging, the dealer could establish that determined deposit systems are not valid. This usually happens for e-wallets like Skrill and neteller. Also remember to check what is the minimum amount you need to recharge in order to use online casino promotions.
  • Time frame: another factor concerns the time you have available to use the bonus, whether it is free spin, cashback or extra credit. If you pass the number of days indicated without using the bonus, in fact, you risk losing it totally.
  • Games available: It is not always possible to use the extra credit for all casino games, so it is better to check first on which to aim, so as to avoid problems. Same thing even when it comes to free spins. As mentioned, first, in fact, the available slot machines could be very limited.
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