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In USA more and more people go looking of a remote control empty slot or look for the internet guides to build it on the internetnull In this article we will thoroughly analyze the system behind this method and give some Useful info on how to build remote control empty artisan slotnull At the end of this guide, therefore, you will know with certainty if this is the remote control empty slot works or if it is better to abandon this idea before finding yourself in some mess.

Obviously, this kind of instrument is sought by traditional slot players, that is, those found in bars, terrestrial casinos or special roomsnull It is not possible to use them for the online gamesnull Before starting, however, it is good to underline immediately that This method is absolutely illegal, whether you use it for slot machines and in other electronic systems. As we will see later, in fact, It is a crime punished by law even seriously.

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Remote control empty slot how does it work?

The mechanism of these remote controls, also called Emp or Jammer, is very simple. In practice they are tools that generate electromagnetic impulses. These impulses, then, serve to interfere with the correct functioning of the slot machinenull There are two types of operation that depend on the type of remote control empty slot available. Let’s see some examples.

Some Emps have an antenna that can be inserted in the crack where banknotes or coins are usually insertednull At that point, then, you have to operate the remote control empty slot and look for the point where the machine is less shielded. To understand if the system is working, just see if the credits increase even without inserting tokens or coins. This is because the electromagnetic impulse has practically destabilize the slot and therefore made her believe that you yourself inserting money. In this case, therefore it will be played normally how money had been inserted. Of course, the winnings are not guaranteed, but in any case it will not spend even one euro.

Alternatively, then, the other usual use that is made of the telecomander, in this case without antenna, is that of Being able to find the right area in which to activate it to get money to the machine as if a win had been obtainednull Also in this case the impulses generated by the remote control interfere with the correct functioning of the slot machine. The machine, in fact, believing that you Having to pay a win, deliver tokens. Also, it is You can use this system together with the previous one.

The empty slot remote control is used, always illegal as we told you at the beginning of the article, Even on the machines change coins or even on automatic distributors.

Empty slot remote control works and where to find it?

If you are wondering if the remote control empty slot works, The answer is yes, in many cases this system worksnull You can also see it from many videos that you can find around the web. In the latter case, players intent on using the empty slot remote control in bars or slot salt are noted. It is good to emphasize that in the latter case a real crime is committed, but we will talk about this shortly.

If you are interested in buying this illegal tool, there are several sites on the web that offer it for sale. There are both homemade artisanal models and those who are more complex.

How to build remote control empty artisan slot

At this point we have reached one of the most important moments of our guide, or how to build an empty artisan slot remote control. Know that we will not tell you in any way how to build a empty slot remote control that works because it is completely illegal and, above all, dangerousnull In this regard, therefore, you can take a look at the next paragraphs thanks to which you will realize the actual dangers in using an empty slot machine remote control.

Empty slot remote control: risks

Now you know how the remote control emptying works slot machines works and which can actually bring an advantage. Everything seems very nice even if reality is very different from what it seemsnull You must know, in fact, that the risks are around the corner and now we will talk to you about the main ones.

Online purchase: first risk

Let’s assume that you want a remote control at all costs emptying online slot because you believe it is the right way to make money. But you don’t know how to build it alone, and then go to the web, browse a few page and choose to buy one by paying a certain amount alsonull At that point notes that the seller assures you that the shipment will be made in a short time, but the days pass and nothing comes to you. At that point try again to get in touch with him, but this not only doesn’t answer you, but practically blocks you. In a nutshell, he screwed you and took your money. Even if in reality it is not that you could expect a completely correct attitude by a person who spoils illegal objects to carry out a crime.

To the damage you have undergone, then, the mockery is also added. Because not only did you lose the money, But you can’t even report it, since you wanted to buy that tool to illegally empty the slot machines. In short, all you have to do is accept that you have been scammed, Take responsibility for you and abandon the idea of buying an empty slot remote control.

Online purchase: second risk

The risks in purchasing online a non -legal tool like the remote control that we are talking about you are not limited to the simple fact not to receive it. In some cases, in fact, you will also receive the remote control. Then all enthusiastic you will go to the slot room and try to use it, only to find out that in reality it is a simple telecomander without any particular functionnull Consequently it is completely useless.

Obviously, even in this case you cannot ask for a refund because, assuming that in the best of the cases the seller replied, imagine if it is available to accept your versionnull He will tell you that you don’t know how to use it or that you broke it, and therefore in any case you can say goodbye to your moneynull It is clear that, even in this case, you cannot the authorities and therefore you can never want to rivale on the scammer.

The third risk

The third and last risk of an online purchase, then, is even worse than the other two and we are talking about a real blackmail. Here’s how it works. The seller will send you the Emp and this actually works in the right way and therefore you managed to play for free or have winnings without any right.

The seller at that point completely friendly and proud of his work, He will ask you for a video to see if the remote control empties slot works correctlynull If it does not work well, in fact, it will replace it immediately. You, of course, will accept because the seller seems to you the best person in this world and therefore you will send him the video while you are intent on using the remote control. In fact, you have done nothing but send him a video in which you film to use an illegal tool and therefore while you commit a crime.

The seller, therefore, will begin to threaten you to publish the video on social media or to send it to the authorities and will blackmail you by extorting money. Do you really want to end up in one of these troubles?

Illegal practice

The worst of all the hypotheses, then, is when the remote control actually empties the slot works and then you go by turning for the various slot rooms to play for free or collect money illegally. If the manager of the room or the police are surprised, and you are sure that sooner or later they will do it, there is the risk of be reported for the crime of detention and abusive diffusion of access codes to computer or telematic systems.

Let’s talk about the article 615 quater of the criminal code which foresees up to two years of imprisonment by virtue of aggravating people. The tampering of electronic appliances, in fact, provides for a maximum penalty of one year of imprisonment, which however become two since they are tampering with the systems that refer to the state. And this is precisely the case of the slot machines that are under the management of the Customs and Monopolies Agencynull In addition, there is also a heavy fine that can reach beyond 5,000 euros.

The slot machines, then, are all connected to the central system of the ADM thanks to the Internet and therefore the managers of the management will immediately realize that something did not go in the right directionnull At that point they will understand that an empty slot remote control has been used and will kick off the investigation.

Conclusion on how to build a remote control empty artisan slot

Now you know both the possible benefits of the empty slot remote control, and the risks and dangers to be encountered. It is therefore clear that it is a system that could potentially work, even if at the same time it risks ruining your life. A complaint for a crime is not nonsense. And, although it will never go to jail, it still remains a serious stain on the criminal fee that risks compromising your futurenull For this reason, he plays honestly on online casino or in terrestrial rooms authorized by ADM and have fun.

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