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The online casino scams are, unfortunately, always around the corner. The more the games increase on the various casino and sports betting sites, the more there are delinquents who try to take advantage of it. The techniques used to cheat The players are varied and therefore it is good to take a look so as to allow you to recognize the online casino scams, to understand what are the tactics and techniques used and how to avoid them.

The main online casino scams

Data theft

The first is the one that concerns the theft of personal and bank data. The criminals, in fact, attack the system of online casino And they try to steal the data. Obviously, if they manage to take your data and your account number, it would be enough to see all your money vanished. This occurs mainly on sites that do not focus on safety systems, For example the 128 -bit SSL one, capable of encrypting and therefore hiding all data during deposit and withdrawal operations. The best sites are obviously the legal ones and therefore authorized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency. This is because they must always guarantee maximum reliability for their players.

The site that disappears

Another typical problem that unfortunately in the past has also happened to some American players, it is the online casino, obviously not legal, who disappears from one day to the next, also bringing with him all the money to the play of customer accountnull This kind of online casino scams follows a precise process that we reveal you immediately. The first step is to present a new betting site that offers its new customers a Welcome bonus Really exceptional.

Of course, players also believe in it because they think that the new platform must naturally advertise themselves, and therefore register. At this point, the players, convinced of the fact that it is a splendid offer, pay as much as money is possible. And it is precisely at this moment that the error takes place. Once those who created the site put the money together, in fact, they close their doors and disappear into thin air.

Fair games: another nightmare between the online casino scams

This, then, is practically the nightmare of the players who approach the world of online games, such as slot machines, the blackjack And the roulette. If you are among them too, know that in reality it is a very frequent possibility when choosing non -legal and authorized game platforms in USA. No entity, in fact, provides for an initial control and above all verifies if there is actually a random number generator, or a generator of random numbers that it can really guarantee the maximum randomness of the combinations.

Playing in a rigged casino means losing practically without any possibility of being able to aim for a win.

The other case concerning the rigged games is when you have a really low RTPnull In practice, in slot machine online And in the other software games, for example there is a return value to the player who establishes how much money played must end up in the prize pool and how many to the dealer. In USA, in legal platforms, the RTP is over 90% therefore definitely good for players. In the other platforms, however, it could also be 80% or less, and therefore much less convenient for users.

Unpaid winnings

The other typical type of online scam casino delays the non -payment of the winnings. Let’s assume that you win a nice amount to the roulette. After a few hours you notice that the money is not credited to you. At this point customer service, however, who cannot give you explanations and tells you to send an email to a particular addressnull You do it but you do not receive any response, again, until you arrive a message in which you say that your win is under observation because it is considered suspicious. Moral of the fairy tale? You can also say goodbye to your money and you will not have anyone to appeal to you because the site was not legal in USA.

Improper use of data

The rooms from Authorized online game In USA, when they collect your data they undertake not to use them for other purposes. All this may not happen in unauthorized structures and this is one of the most frequent online casinos also because it is really difficult to recognizenull In a nutshell, the site takes your data and resells them to some other site, whether it is appointments, social or more. This is absolutely an illegal practice that also exposes you to risks. For example, they could be used for non -legal purposes and therefore you risk finding you in some mess without even knowing how.

How to avoid scams in online casinos?

In reality, the system, as you have had the opportunity to understand during the article too, and is to choose online casino authorized by who. These, in fact, to obtain the license they must demonstrate that they are completely in order in addition to paying also a surety of about 300 thousand euros to the body.

In practice, the efforts made and the remarkable volume of legal game make sure that the sites have the need to operate in USA and therefore would not make mistakes. Then there is a high important point to which you must pay attention, that is, that the online casino authorized by ADM (ex AAMS) could also commit irregularities and try to defraud their players, But in this case you would have a state body that will protect you. The agency, in fact, will safeguard your rights and, even when it could not recover the money, it could also pay the paymentnull All this does not happen if you choose to play in a non -legal casino in USA.

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