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What are casino software? What are they for? Who produces them?

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Online casino software are a very important element to keep in mind when playing gambles online. If you don’t know what online casino software suppliers are, then continue reading this guide. Our Top-Us-Casino experts they created it to allow you to know too This aspect of gambling, often unknown, but which plays a really important role.

What are online casino software suppliers?

Each casino has its own offer of slot machines, table and papers games both in software and live version. Online casinos, however, do not create these games but simply tighten agreements with the various online casino software providers. The latter are creating the games and developing them, and then distribute them in the various platforms with which they collaborate.

The characteristics of the professionalvider software casino

Online casino software depends several features that we will analyze shortly. Once these qualities are recognized in one of the online casino software suppliers, it will be much easier to change the game and find one, produced by the same provider, that has those features if not betternull This is one of the reasons why you have to learn to recognize them.


It is perhaps the most important factor to know since it establishes how many of your money played end up in the prize pool, for example that of slot machines, and how many go to the dealer. Each device has its own Return to Player, and of course there could be suppliers who have a greater percentage and other slightly lower. Usually the devices authorized to operate in USA by the AAMS (I would insert links), they have a very high RTPnull For example, for slot and board games it must be more than 90%.


The possibility of playing from smartphones and tablets also depends on the provider software casino. It must be said, however, that everyone has now invested a lot in the mobile game, but some providers have developed Flash5 technology, which allows you to play without downloading any application. It is enough that you enter the casino from the phone browser, log in and you can immediately play with your account.

Bonus themes and games

Speaking of slot machines, we can say that for better or worse it is always the same game, right? You have to pull the virtual lever, turn the rollers and hope that the winning symbols are compared. So why are there tens of thousands of slots in circulation and because some have more successful than others? This certainly depends on a series of different factors, but also from the settings and bonus gamesnull And these two aspects depend in particular on the provider software that commit different resources to create the most exciting, attractive and never boring devices. There are horror themes, fantasy ones, or linked to the world of cinema or TV series. There is therefore a solution even for the most demanding players.


Each casino is spreading its offer also with live version games with a real Croupier who will manage the game, the episodes and interact with the players. Even these games are not designed directly by dealers, but relying on the Casino professionalvider software that create them. You will therefore understand that not all live games are equal to each other. For example, there is someone who has an setting more similar to a traditional casino, those who are managed by a croupier that speaks only English or more. According to your needs you can therefore check which are the professionalvider software casino that offer you the characteristics you are looking for and not abandon them anymore.

The best online casino software

If you never realized that the games you were usually created were created by a software provider casino, you probably don’t even know which are the most famous and popular, let alone their leading games. Here are three companies that you will find in almost all platforms.

Playtech casino software

This is perhaps among the most famous online casino software suppliers. It offers several hundred slot machines, video poker, and the main card and table games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker and its variants in addition to roulette. Among the main titles of Playtech Software casino there are Halloween Fortune, Lot Madness and Gold Rallynull Its offer has over 500 games available.

Netent Casino Software

Have you ever heard of the Starburst slot machine? professionalbably yes since it is one of the most famous in circulation and has designed it NetEnt Software casino. It is another of the giants in the sector who, in addition to hundreds of games, has also developed several versions of the live casino games with a wide success. Its reliability is also testified by prizes and awards attributed to him by the experts in the sector.


If you are a lover of the slot machines, then you will surely have played a device of this software provider casino. In the offer of Novomatic In fact, there is the popular Book of Ra saga, with all its developments. In USA only in USA has more than 2,700 employees and different offices, As evidence of how strong this group is.


Reached the end of this article, We are sure that you have understood the importance of knowing how to recognize online casino software and identify their strong points and any flaws. In this way you will know how to choose the best games for you with even more awareness. Knowing how to distinguish the various providers is also one more way to decide which device is better than another based on your needs.

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