How to collect money from the online casino: full guide

Have you won a nice sum to the online casino and now do you want to take it? Here’s how to do it.

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Surely when you bet online you do it both to have fun but also and above all to win something and maybe make a big blow that can change life forever. So you must also know how to collect the money from the online casino. Obviously you cannot always win, for this reason it is advisable to play responsibly. Remember that before placing any bet you have to accept the terms and conditions of each platform and also you must be of age.

When the player bets online and gets a win, he must transfer the game capital (Payroll), from the online casino on your payment method usednull In this perspective it therefore becomes important to understand how to withdraw the money from the online casino and which payment method to use. Each site offers different ways, for this reason it becomes necessary to know the various procedures that we will see together in this article.

With what payment methods is it possible to collect the money?

Each online casino has a section in which it is possible to carry out the withdrawals. As previously said, there are several different Payment methodsnull Let’s now see how to collect money from casinos with the various methods.


This is one of the best payment methods. The best known and used e-wallets in online casinos are definitely: Paypal, Skrill and Netellernull The e-wallets are nothing more than electronic wallets that allow you to make safe transactions and especially in a short time. They are also much more reliable because they allow you to avoid entering the data of the debit or credit card on any platformnull To make the payment, just insert the email associated with the account and the momentary password that arrives on the telephone device associated with the account.

To deposit the money times they are very short while those of withdrawal are generally 1-2 days (unless the casino delays the delivery).

These certainly represent the fastest method to deposit and withdraw online safely.

Prepaid card

The prepaid card can be one of the best solutions to collect the money from an online casino. The More famous prepaid cards used by Americans in online casinos are certainly Postepay and Paysafecard (also available in shopping centers). At this moment there are many online casino that accept these prepaid cards.

Obviously the feature that distinguishes these cards from the others is who are not connected to any current accountnull So many times the players use them for safety reasons. In the event that someone manages to frowned their data, they would not face very large losses.

They are rechargeable cards, this means that the user will be able to spend the total money uploaded to the maximum, he will not be able to spend a higher figure.

A feature that distinguishes the Postepay that many players don’t like it is his plafond of 3,000 $. So in the event that a winning exceeds this figure it would be necessary to choose other withdrawal methods.

Credit and debt card

Another payment method is to use credit cards that are associated with a current account. I More famous circuits of debit and credit cards are Visa, Mastercard and Maestronull When a credit card is used, the player can also bet a figure higher than the amount on it. This on the one hand it can be convenient on the other can become a dangerous means. As regards the debit cards, it is not possible to bet an excess figure on the paper.

Are cards that They have a greater risk of the others. In fact, if they are used to withdraw money on online casino there could be the risk of undergoing a fraud due to a possible Hacker attack that may appropriate all private data that allow you to access the bank account.

Bank transfer

Another method to collect the money is the Bank transfernull Surely this represents one of the first methods used both to deposit and to withdraw money. The bank transfer is a Very safe method to collect your winnings from online casinosHowever, it also has negative sides.

The first is that Waiting times are longer than other payment methods, can also take several days. It is also necessary to support for the various operations of the expenses deriving from bank commissions that are sometimes really disadvantageous.


This is the last type of payment that some casinos have started to insert. The CYPTOVALUE They are having an increasingly important impact, for these reasons some casinos have started to accept them. In general, the most accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. When the withdrawal is requested, the value of the winning will be converted into the corresponding cryptocurrency.

You have to be very careful in making these withdrawals with this method so that the value of cryptocurrencies oscillates continuously and these movements could make you lose a lot of money.

How to collect money from an online casino?

Now that we have seen the various payment methods you will only have to choose one. You probably did an operation very similar to this when you filed money on your online casino account.

The procedure to withdraw them is practically the same, only that in this case the money will pass from the platform to your account. Ascertain every time you request the money to receive a levy confirmation emailnull Once received, all you have to do is wait for the money to arrive on your account.

How to collect money from the online casino avoiding commissions?

To make a withdrawal without paying any commission you will have to use a payment method that does not require commissions. In most cases they are free, such as when you collect through your debit card (not in all though). In other cases, however, there are commissions, for example with bank transfer and prepaid card.

In the latter cases before collecting the money from the online casino You must check what the commission rate of the payment method you are about to use isnull Our advice is to merge your victories and make as few withdrawals as possible, in this case you will pay the commissions a smaller number of times and you will also save a lot of money in the long run.

Obviously if you need money immediately you will have to submit to these commissions payments, the choice depends only and exclusively on you.

Conclusions On how to collect money from the online casino

In this article we have seen All different payment methods In the casinos that allow you to withdraw money from your winnings. In all cases we recommend that you consider not only the speed of transactions but also and above all the commissions that can make you lose a lot of money.

Taking from an online casino as you could see is a very simple procedure, very similar to that of the deposit.

You just have to choose the payment methodology most suitable for your needs and start taking the money from your winnings. Remember in all cases to also evaluate the terms and conditions of the casino site on which bets place the betsnull In fact, the withdrawal times could vary due to regulations imposed by the casino itself. Generally the withdrawal times should not exceed 2-3 days, with wire transfers they can also be greater.

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