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Are you lovers of the world of monsters, witches and magical potions? Then the Halloween Fortune slot, created and distributed by Playtech, can do for you. It is one of the best games regarding the horror category and for this reason many players always attracts. In this guide we will see in detail how it works, what are its main features, the symbols and much more. In this way you will know with certainty if it is the right game to try, or if it is better to take a look elsewhere.

Characteristics and graphics of the Halloween Fortune Slot

Halloween Fortune is a five -roller slot and three lines, so 15 symbols appear on the screen. There are twenty payment lines and one of the main features is that you can choose how many of them to focus, as we will see even later.

The RTP Halloween Fortune Slot is decidedly high, since it stands over 97%. Consequently, every time a player focuses 100 euros, 97 of these will return to the prize pool and therefore in the availability of the players in the form of a win. This is truly a factor that it is right to pay attention, since usually the average of the other online slot machines is between 94 and 96%.

Volatility is, however, low. So there will be many winnings even if their amount is usually low. This is an advantage for those players who love action.

The graphics of this game is really of the highest level, as it often happens with the slots designed by this software provider, which is certainly among the best in the world. The background represents a dark night with the full moon behind the rollersnull The game, then, is really interesting also because it allows you to immerse yourself totally thanks to the audio factor. The background songs, in fact, are really interesting.

How do you play the Halloween Fortune slot?

The mechanism of this slot is not difficult at all. The first step, as always we recommend, is to understand how the episode is set. In this slot, since you can decide on how many episodes lines to play, you can decide everything independently. Therefore, the number of payines, which ranges from 1 to 20 decidesnull As you increase them or decrease the number, you will see on the screen of the colored lines that represent the various payines so you can see it directly as they are. The next step is to decide how much to focus on each line. It starts from 1 cent up to 1 euro. The minimum episode is therefore only one cents while the maximum one reaches up to 20 euros at each spin.

On the high right of the screen, then, you find the turn button that you will obviously need to make the rollers turn. In general, then, there are three other keys that could come in handy. Here are what are:

  • Info: This is what you find on the left side of the screen. By clicking on it you will see all the most important information on traditional and special symbols, the value of the various winning combinations and the rules of the Halloween Fortune Slot.
  • Automatic: It serves to set the automatic spin for a number of turns that naturally depends on you. You can choose between 10, 25, 50 and 99 rpm. At any time you can decide to stop this function.
  • turbo mode: If you don’t want to wait too long for each lap you can click this button, also in combination with the Spin car, and have the rollers accelerate. In this way the games will last less.

Traditional and special symbols

Let’s see now what are the main symbols to know when you decide to play the Halloween Fortune slot. Obviously, being a device linked to the world of horror, the symbols are quite particular. You will find magical potions, crows, black cats and three witches. These three represent the symbols with the highest value And you can get to win 1,000 times the episode on the single line.

Which are then three special symbols:

  • Wild: a terrifying Halloween pumpkin It represents this symbol has the function of replacing all the other symbols on the slot, except for the run and bonus. In addition, it also acts as a traditional symbol and can lead to a maxi win of 10,000 times the mail when there are five in a payment line.
  • Scatter: It is the logo of the Halloween Fortune Slot Machine. When the potential winnings will come out in a payment line.
  • bonus: This symbol, on the other hand, is represented by a typical cauldron used by witches for their magical potions, and this is no coincidence. When this symbol appears on the slot, in fact, you will be entitled to free matches and multipliers.

Halloween Fortune Slot bonus game

When on the first or then roller of the slot machine appears a bonus symbol you can move on to another screen. Three witches will appear on this new page. The first wears a green dress, the second instead of red color, while the last bluenull You will have to choose one of the three clicking on it. At that point you will discover how many partite for free You won, and how many you could have won if you had clicked on one of the other witches. But it doesn’t end there.

Immediately afterwards you will find yourself having to choose one of the magical potions offered by the witch. These will be used to receive the multiplier that you will get during the games for freenull The witch will throw the chosen potion into its cauldron and a bubble will appear with the value of the multiplier inside.


Now you really know all the most important aspects of the Halloween Fortune Slot Machine. This will help you understand if it is a game that deserves to be tried or You can choose another devicenull However, if you still have doubts, you can always try the demo mode thanks to which you can play absolutely for free and without even having to register and download some software.

You can try the demo version, as well as the one with real money, of Halloween Fortune also from mobile, that is, whether from smartphones or tabletsnull You don’t have to download any apps, but you can simply play from your device browser. At most, you will only have to turn the screen horizontally to start playing but nothing more.

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